Bigg Boss 15 Weekend Ka Vaar 22nd January 2022 Written Update: Mithun Chakraborty promote ‘Hunarbaaz’ show on Bigg Boss!

Bigg Boss 15 22nd January 2022 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Salman Khan’s greeting. He talks about grand finale. Salman says soon season will get it trophy holder. He further tell about the happened task inside the house. Khan shows the clip of where contenders perform the task of tagging ‘which contender took support of other to reach the finale’. Pratik vote for Tejasswi, Rakhi. Shamita vote for Rakhi. Abhijit vote for Tejasswi and Shamita. Tejasswi and Pratik gets the most vote.

Salman decide to discuss about the happened task. He meet the inmates and discuss with them. Khan asks Pratik housemates claimed he took Shamita’s support to get ticket to finale. Pratik defend himself and says he disagree with them. He claims he has a journey in the show. Tejasswi speaks against Pratik and Shamita. She says they both don’t have their individual game. Shamita defends herself and says along with Nishant and Pratik she has an individual personality. She claim three of them has strong opinion.

Khan next ask Rakhi that inmates voted for her too. Rakhi says she is feeling bad. Salman jokes on Rakhi’s hair. Rakhi and others laugh. She further defend and says she is proud of her journey. Salman adds audience will decide the winner. He inform that next weekend is a grand finale.

On the stage; Salman welcome Mithun Chakraborty.

Mithun Da gets happy seeing Salman. Salman and Mithun discuss about their last meeting during Veer movie shooting. They share their memorable moment from the sets. Mithun Da praises Salman. Salman pulls Mithun Da’s leg. They both share fun talk. Mithun Da promote colors upcoming show ‘Hunarbaaz’.

Salman mimics veteran actor Dharmendra and Mithun Da. Mithun Da enjoys. Harsh and Bharati Singh joins Salman and Mithun Da on the stage. They crack jokes, Salman and Mithun Da enjoys.

Bharti asks Mithun Da if he is happy that they are hosting show with him. Mithun Da says he is happy sharing the show with them. Bharti says Mithun Da has put a clause that he wants to be around girls only. Mithun Da laughs when Harsh and Bharati pulls his leg. Salman enjoys too. Harsh asks Salman and Mithun to do expression battle. Salman says Mithin Da is expert. Bharti and Harsh explains the task to them. Salman and Mithun competes with each other.

Next, Bharti and Harsh explain ‘headphone’ task. Salman and Mithun have to guess the hook step of the songs played. Mithun Da meet inmates. Inmates gets excited seeing Mithun Da.

Inmates pays a tribute to Mithun Da. Mithun Da and Salman enjoys. Mithun wish inmates good luck and bid adieu. Afterwards, Salman asks audience to vote for their favorite contender. He promote ‘Hunarbaaz’. [Episode Ends]

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