Bigg Boss 16 11th January 2023 Written Update: Shalin learns Tina was using him for the game

Bigg Boss 16 11th January 2023 Written Update on

Today’s episode start with Day 101 at 5:45PM: Nimrit’s father throws chicken. Captaincy contenders collect the pieces. Shiv wins the second round too. He evicts Abdu and Archana from captaincy contender. Archana asks Shiv to evict Sajid as he isn’t playing.

Sajid gets angry on Archana’s comment. Sajid and Nimrit argue with Archana. Archana says to Sajid that truth is bitter. Sajid defend himself. Archana asks Shiv why he is evicting the contenders who are taking part in the game. Shiv argues with Archana. Sajid asks Gushan to handle Archana.

6 PM: Shiv, Priyanka and Shalin compete. Sajid predict Priyanka will become the captain. Shiv wins the task again. Shiv evicts Shalin and Priyanka. Sajid and Shiv competes for the ast round.

6:15 PM: Archana talks with Priyanka and says if Sajid isn’t playing Shiv could have evicted him. Priyanka says it is Shiv’s call.

Shiv wins the task and becomes the new captain. Bigg boss asks Shiv to handover chicken’s head to Shalin.

10:30 PM; Stan’s mother and Archana discuss about Stan’s fight. Stan says to Archana that Stan does work. Archana defends herself. Stan’s mother asks to play the game and do not abuse anyone’s parents.

10:45 PM: Nimrit talks with her father and says she didn’t like bigg boss put her in lost category. Nimrit’s father asks her to stop focusing on mandali and play her game. He says Sajid is running the group. Nimrit’s father asks to look beyond the mandali. He asks to befriend Soundarya. Nimrit gets irked with her father for treating her like a child.

Nimrit’s mother asks Nimrit if Shiv’s mother corrected her mistake. Bigg boss asks Nimrit to speak in Hindi. Nimrit asks her father to give her 10 mins.

12:30 AM: Nimrit’s father talks with Archana. He asks Archana to call Nimrit in her team along with Soundrya. He says Archana will backstab Nimrit. Archana tells to Nimrit’s father that Shiv and Sajid is playing in the group. They discuss about mandali.

Nimrit breaks down in front of her father for always keeping his expectation high and putting her down

Nimrit’s father tries to console. Nimrit complaint to her father for not understanding her. She refuse to talk with her father.

Soundarya asks Nimrit to pour her heart out.

3:30 AM: Nimrit’s father consoles her. He says her journey is very good.

Day 102, at 8 AM: inmates gather to sing bigg boss anthem. Shiv, Shalin and Gulshan enjoys.

9:15 AM Tina and Priyanka talks about Shalin. Tina says Shalin confronted her that he likes her

Archana talks with Gulshan and says Stan is sweeping seeing her mother in the house.

10 AM: Shalin and Gulshan compete in dancing. Shiv teases Shalin

10:15 PM: Gulshan, Shiv and Shalin enjoys at gym. Abdu tries to avenge Sreejita for pouring water on his head.

Gulshan plays with Maahim.

12PM: Nimrit’s father talk with Shiv. He says he asks Nimrit to change the narrative ‘Nimrit akeli kabhi na kehli’. He asks Shiv to let Nimrit play alone and he shouldn’t feel bad. Shiv agrees with Gurpreet.

Bigg boss asks Gushal, Vahida and Gurpreet to come out from the house. Inmates met three of them.

Stan, Archana thanks Bigg boss for sending their family.

12:45PM: Bigg boss asks Sumbul to freeze. Abdu teases Sumbul. Sajid and Stan pulls Sumbul’s leg. Bigg boss asks Soundarya to freeze.

Bigg boss freeze everyone. He welcomes Tina’s mother Madhumita. Madhumita hugs Sreejita in place of Tina. Sreejita gets emotional. Archana laughs on Madhumita. Sreejita gets teary. Shalin worries about Tina’s mother. Shiv says Shalin is afraid.

Madhumita finds Tina. Archana claim Madhumita hugged Sreejita thinking about Tina. Sreejita asks Archana not stop her rubbish talk.

Madhumita praises Tina for her game. She also hugs Priyanka for always supporting Tina. Madhumita decide to meet inmates.

Madhumita calls Archana biggboss material. Shalin avoids Madhumita.

Madhumita sits with inmates.

1:30 PM: Shiv teases Shalin. Shalin asks Shiv not to joke on sensitive matter.

1:45PM: Bigg boss welcome Shalin’s mother Sunita in the house. Sunita hugs Shalin and says she is proud of him. Shalin gets teary meeting his mother. Tina asks Madhumita to be nice.

Sunita meet inmates. Madhumita advice Tina to focus on her game as it is high time.

2:15 PM: Bigg boss welcome Abdu’s best friend Solo in the house. Solo meet Abdu. Abdu gets happy.

Sunita talks with Stan, Shalin and Sumbul. She reveal about fight with Mr. Touqeer.

Sunita tells to Shalin that Tina bitch about his back. Shalin gets stunned. Sunita tells to Shalin that take forward his alliance with Priyanka and others. She tells to Shalin that his alliance with Priyanka is liked more.

Sumbul worry for Touqeer. Sajid console Sumbul.

3:30 PM: Bigg boss shows Abdu’s father video message. Abdu gets emotional. Bigg boss shows Abdu a video of his family members.

4 PM: Madhumita talks with Tina about her dog. She asks Tina to win for her dog.

Shalin thanks Sajid for guiding him. Sunita tells to Shalin that Tina used him for the game.

Later, Tin and Soundarya wins Sofit hamper.

9:45PM: Archana and Soundara talks with each other about Nimrit’s father. Nimrit says she will give trophy to shiv. Sajid thanks Nimrit for proving him wrong.

12:30 AM: Sunita share a talk with Sumbul and Shalin. She says both looked good together. [Episode Ends]

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