Bigg Boss 16 17th January 2023 Written Update: Shiv and Archana’s verbal argument over ration task

Bigg Boss 16 17th January 2023 Written Update on

Today’s episode start with Day 108 at 8 AM: inmates gather to sing bigg boss anthem

Nimrit asks Shiv if he is ready to take avenge. Shiv stops Nimrit from leaving. Nimrit beats Shiv with slipper. Shiv throws Nimrit’s slipper. Nimrit gets upset with Shiv.

8:45 AM: Archana and Soundarya discuss about Tina. They also talk about Sajid and say he has handed over the mandali to Shiv. Archana says Nimrit will look bad if she will play under Shiv’s shadow.

9 AM: Archana and Soudnarya discuss breakfast. Archana demand Soundarya to make paratha.

Archana tell to Nimrit that Soudnarya’s behaviour has been changed towards her. She says she has stopped jumping into her matter as little things hurt a lot.

Stan says to Sumbul and Shiv not to discuss about him with others.

12PM: Shiv and Sumbul walks to the tunnel. Soundarya asks Nimrit what Archana was bitching. Nimrit tells the matter. She says she asked Arhana to ignore little things in the friendship. Soudnarya says Archana keeps the grudges.

Shiv and Sumbul enjoys together.

1:45PM: Stan and Shiv is called to the confession room. Bigg boss talks with Shiv and Stan about the game. He gets sarcastic and asks Shiv and Stan to play individually. Stan and Shiv understands bigg boss.

Bigg boss highlight Shiv only doing dance with Sumbul. He asks Shiv to consider Sumbul as a competitor. Bigg boss asks Shiv and Stan about Priyanka and Shalin’s bond. Shiv says Shalin can do anything to win the trophy.

Bigg boss asks Shiv and Stan to wake up before it gets late. Shiv and Stan thanks bigg boss for waking them up.

Priyanka says to bigg boss that Maahim is sleeping. Shiv and Stan tell to Shalin that they praised him.

2:15 PM: Bigg boss pulls Sumbul, Nimrit, Shiv and Stan’s game.

Bigg boss asks Shalin to come to the confession room. He discusses Shalin about nomination. Shalin says others are targeting him for no reason. Bigg boss asks Shalin about Priyanka.

Shalin says he don’t understand Priyanka. He claim Priyanka is someone who degrades others to outshine. Bigg boss asks Shalin to be aware. Shalin gets confused over Tina and Priyanka’s behaviour.

3:15 PM: Buzzer ring for Shalin. Tina, Priyanka says Soundarya is sleeping. Nimrit asks Shalin not to sleep.

Tina asks Shiv why he isn’t active. Shiv says he isn’t getting oxygen. Tina pulls Shiv’s leg. Archana, Soundarya says Tina is cheap for eating sweet alone and not asking others.

Bigg boss gather inmates to the garden. He explain ration task. Bigg boss tells about happiness container. Nimrit become the task dictator.

5:15 PM: inmates wait for the ration. Shalin become the first contestant to reach happiness box. He does the shopping of ration task for himself.

Shiv reaches the shopping box. Priyanka question Shalin over getting coffee.

5:45 PM: Shiv again gets the opportunity to go inside the shopping cart.

6 PM: Shalin and Nimrit argue post she allowed Soundarya to go to shopping cart.

Tina says to Shiv and Priyanka that Soundarya don’t shout when she fight with Shalin. Bigg boss pulls Soudnarya’s leg over speaking English.

Archana argues with Shiv over doing the task. Shiv asks Archana to concentrate on ration instead of arguing. Shalin side Shiv.

Shalin and Archana argue with each other.  Both at loggerheads.

Archana complaint over Shiv not giving jalebi. Nimrit side Shiv. Soudnarya and Shalin corrects Archana over attacking Shiv personally.

Shiv claim Archana is poking him unnecessary.

Ahead, Shalin fetch the ration for himself.

6:45PMl Nimrit decide to fetch the ration from Shalin, Soundarya and Shiv. Shalin support Shiv. Priyanka claim Shalin wants to be in everyone’s good book. Shalin and Priyanka argues.

7:15 PM: Archana and Priyanka discuss about mandali. They claim they aren’t doing anything but will reach the trophy.

Shalin and Priyanka argue with each other over taunting. Both decide to brek the friendship.

7:30 PM: Archana and Soundarya argue with each other. Soundarya correct Archana over poking Shiv. Archana argues. She asks Soundarya if she wants to go to the mandali. Both at loggerhead.

7:45 PM: Shalin sit with mandala. He says Priyanka has an attitude. Archana and Shiv argues with each other.

8 PM: Soundarya refuse to take Archana’s help. Nimrit tells to Soundarya that Priyanka is instigating Archana. She says Archana wants to become loyal.

Archana share with Priyanka about her fight Soundarya. [Episode ends]

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