Bigg Boss 16 18th January 2023 Written Update: Verbal argument between Shalin and Tina

Bigg Boss 16 18th January 2023 Written Update on

Today’s episode start with Day 109 at 8 AM:- inmates gather to sing bigg boss anthem.

8:30AM- Tina asks Archana to smile and wish her good morning. Archana tell to Tina that whenever she is in trouble she prays.

8:45 AM- Nimrit talk with Stan and says Tina was taunting Archana over Soundarya.

9:45 AM- Nimrit asks Soundarya to sort with Archana. Soundarya refuses. She claim Priyanka and Tina instigating Archana. Nimrit agree.

10AM- Tina plays with Maahim. Nimrit talks with Stan and says Tina can do anything for camera. Stan says Tina was sleeping earlier but questions him.

10:45AM – Shiv and Stan talk with each other. Archana share with Shalin that she is changing. Shalin asks how. Archana says she used to be strong but she is afraid of Salman khan.

Tina talks with Maahim and says her life has become boring and she can not flirt with Bigg boss.

Shalin praises food made by Sumbul.

12:45 AM- Tina and Priyanka calls Shalin mean. They say Soundarya dont have any stand.

3AM- Bigg boss says post he give ticket to finale to Nimrit few out there was not happy. He asks inmates to discuss and tell who is not happy with the decision. Nimrit is asked to defend herself.
Bigg boss asks to give 2 names.

Priyanka takes her name and Shiv’s name for deserving ticket to finale contestant. Nimrit argues with Priyanka.

Archana vote for herself and Soundarya.

Shalin vote for Nimrit and himself.

Tina explain to Bigg boss why she better than Nimrit. Tina and Nimrit argues. Nimrit defends herself on Tina’s accusation.

Tina claim she palyed individually. Nimrit defends. Tina further says Shiv and Priyanka is more deserving for ticket to finale.

3:30PM- Shiv calls Stan and Priyanka deserving other than Nimrit.

Sumbul claim she is different thus she is deserving. She takes Nimrit’s name.
Priyanka says to Sumbul that she cant take Nimrit’s name. Sumbul and Priyanka argues with each other.

Stan takes Shiv’s name. He says Shiv is raw and deserves to be in finale.

Soundarya says show is about being onself. She calls Archana deserving.

Majority wants Shiv to compete Nimrit for ticket to finale.

Priyanka and Tina claim Shalin plotted to snatch Nimrit’s captaincy but he flipped. Shalin argues witb Priyanka and Tina. Tina call Shalin double standard. She calls fake.

Shalin says Tina goes to other boy if one ditches. Tina asks Shalin to stop else he will slap. Priyanka defend Tina. Shalin asks Priyanka to not jump into the conversation.

Tina says Shalin can not keep his wife’s dignity than one can’t expect more from him.
Shalin and Priyanka argues. Tina louds post Shalin raise question on her dignity.

Priyanka asks Tina not to talk about Shalin’s wife as she is her friend too. Tina says she is Shalin’s wife friend too.

Shalin and Tina argues with each other.

Shalin says to Shiv that it was Tina who wrongly potrayed his relationship with Sumbul.

Tina says Salman needs to take a call or she will leave this week.
Priyanka asks Tina to calm

Tina and Shalin at loggerheads.

4PM: Shalin clarifies to Sumbul that Tina only interpreted their relationship wrong. Sumbul says she dont care. She asks Shalin to stop dragging her in his fight with Tina.

Shalin talks with Shiv and says Priyanka is full of arrogance.

Stan says to Nimrit that if shouting the lungs out is called active than he is not active.
Nimrit talks with mandali.and says why Shalin and Tina don’t nominate with each if they have so much of problem with each other.

Shalin tries to talk with Tina. Tina refuse to talk with Shalin. Both argues with each other.

Priyanka tries to calm Shalin. She further asks Tina not to go personal. Tina decide to make voluntarily exit. She says she dont want to stay in the game on the cost of her dignity.

Soundarya says to Shalin that Priyanka is benefiting the fight. Shalin argree.

5PM: Tina clears to Soundarya that she didnt talked behind her back.

Shalin talks with Shiv, Stan, Nimrit and Sumbul. He says Priyanka is trying be nice for no reason. Nimrit and Shiv tease Shalin.

Elsewhere, Archana cries and says no one love her

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