Bigg Boss 16 19th January 2023 Written Update: Soundarya instigate Nimrit against Shiv

Bigg Boss 16 19th January 2023 Written Update on

Today’s episode start with Day 109 at 5:45PM: Sumbul plays with Nimrit and Shiv. Bigg boss pulls Sumbul’s leg. He further explains ticket to finale week task. Shiv and Nimrit is asked to compete. Bigg boss asks inmates to perform and choose the captaincy between Shiv and Nimrit. Shiv and Nimrit becomes the dictator of the task.

Task starts. Tina support Shiv in the first round.

6 PM: Soundarya nominates Shiv and support Nimrit. Shiv and Soundarya argues.

Shalin support Nimrit over Shiv. He calls her deserving.

Bigg boss pulls Soundarya’s leg over her Hindi. Soundarya again gets a chance to get the bullet. Shiv loses the task to Nimrit.

Shiv and Soundarya argues with each other. Shiv calls Soundarya fake. Soundarya claim she already had differences with Gautam before he made an exit.

Soundarya claim Shiv that he is targeting her character. Tina says even Shalin and Soundarya raised question on her character. Soudnarya asks Tina not to jump into the conversation as she is talking with Shiv.

Bigg boss congratulate Nimrit for continuing her captaincy. Nimrit says others did. Bigg boss asks if Nimrit is talking about her game or the task. Priyanka laughs. Nimrirt gets offended.

6:15 PM: Soundarya claim Shiv raised question on her character. Shiv and Soundarya argues. Tina ad Priyanka support Shiv. Nimrit support Soundarya.

Priyanka and Archana say Soundarya want to take the camera attention. They claim Soundarya is active lately.

Shiv exposes Soundarya about doing bitching for Priyanka and Tina. Soundarya accepts. Priyanka and Soundarya argue with each other.

6:30 PM: Soundarya claim Shiv got irked post she supported Nimrit. Tina and Nimrit argues. Tina asks Nimrit not to do character assassination. Nimrit gets angry.

Shiv asks Archana to stop jumping into the conversation. He says he will not stand Archana as she plays women card.

Priyanka talk with Soundarya. She says despite talking behind their back she was not part of mandala not she respected Archan’s friendship. Soundarya argues with Priyanka.

Archana asks Nimrit to use brain as Shiv is supporting Tina because Soundarya supported her.

7 PM: Priyanka argues with Archana post latter question former about supporting Nimrit.

Soudnarya claim Shiv is character assassinating her. She breaks down in front of Shalin. Shalin asks Soundarya not to cry. Soundarya says Shiv and Priyanka has planned to indirectly support each other. Shalin agree with Soundarya.

7:15 PM: Soundarya asks Shiv not to talk about her character. She asks not to talk about Gautam. Tina talks with Priyanka that Soundarya is playing women card.

7:30 PM: Soundarya asks Nimrit to open her eyes. She says to Nimrit that she isn’t not instigating her but Shiv is playing. Soundarya says to Nimrit that Shiv took Stan and Priyanka’s name. She says Shiv and Priyanka is politically correct and playing smart.

7:45PM: Tina says to Priyanka that Shalin light the fight and stands side. Priyanka agree. Tina is thankful about not falling for Shalin.

Shalin talks with Stan and Shiv. He says he didn’t dragged Sumbul. Stan and Shiv proved

8:15 PM: Archana and Shalin says Priyanka is full of ego. Both says being colors face she is going to lift the trphy.

9:15 PM: Shalin asks Nimrit if she got who is on her side or not. Soudnarya side Shalin and asks Nimrit to open her eyes.

10:30 PM: Shiv tries to talk with Nimrit. Nimrit avoids Stan and Shiv.

11 PM; Nimrit asks Shiv if he is knowing what Tina and Priyanka is upto. Stan says they already tried to break the mandala. Shiv and Sumbul join the talk. Nimrit gets angry on Shiv for supporting Priyanka and Stan. She claim Shiv never does anything for her. Shiv says to Nimrit that Priyanka is player. Nimrit and Shiv argues with each other.

Tina says to Priyanka that Shalin will now talk with Sumbul again. She says Sumbul will get carried away as Sajid is not there to handle her.

Shiv says to Sumbul that she too talks with Archana against their wish.

 Day 110 at 8 AM: inmates gather to sing Bigg boss anthem

Shiv and Stan says when Nimrit talks with Shalina and Soundarya is fine but he can’t talk with anyone.

10:30 AM: Nimrit and Sumbul say Priyanka and Tina are arrogant and has done PHD over the show.

11 AM: Stan, Shiv and Sumbul talk with each other about nomination.

Nimrit, Soundarya and Shalin bitch about Priyanka. Nimrit says Priyanka should get best antagonist award. Shalin agree.

11:45 AM: Sumbul helps Shiv in trimming his hair.

1:30 PM: Tina regrets demanding to go out. Priyanka agree with Tina. Tina says to Priyanka that Nimrit picked up fight with her for no reason.

Soundarya says to Nimrit that Shiv is showing his true colors. Nimrit asks Soundarya not to talk about Shiv.

Priyanka crosses Stan’s path. Stan says to Shiv that he don’t feel anything about Priyanka and Tina.

6PM: Sumbul says to Nimrit that Shiv was complaining Nimrit was talking to Soudnarya and Shalin. Nimrit says Shiv keeps many things in his mind

8:45PM: Nimrit talks about promotional task. Tina, Shiv, Sumbul and Stan Team A. Shalin, Priyanka, Soundarya and Archana Team b.

Team A wins the task.

9:30 PM: Tina and Priyanka locks Archana in the store room.

12 AM: Tina tells to Priyanka that Shalin texted her before entering the house to be a team with Gautam, Sajid. Priyanka gets stunned. Tina says she refused to meet Shalin. Priyanka and Tina discuss about Shalin. [Episode Ends]

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