Bigg Boss 16 1st February 2023 Written Update: Stan and Shiv gets upset with Sumbul

Bigg Boss 16 1st February 2023 Written Update on

Today’s episode started with Day 122 9:15 PM: Sumbul ignores Nimrit. Nimrit says to Sumbul that none is blaming her Sumbul says but everyone will blame her because she is at mistake. Shiv tries to console Sumbul.

Priyanka asks Archana how she feels reaching finale week. Archana says mandali’s game wil change. Priyanka asks Archana why she is bringing mandali in her happiness.

Sumbul gets teary. Nimrit says to Sumbul that no one is blaming her. She adds Shiv and Stan are calmly handling the situation. Sumbul says thus she is at mistake. Stan asks why Sumbul is crying. Nimrit says she is holding herself responsible. Stan asks Sumbul to chill as she didn’t did it intentionally.

Day 11 PM: Bigg boss confront Shiv and Stan on consoling Sumbul despite she is playing victim card. Nirmit talks about the task. Sumbul asks Nimrit not to act like a stubborn kid.

Bigg boss confront Shiv and Stan about consoling Sumbul from past 3 hour. Shiv and Stan realize their mistake. He says Nimrit and Sumbul are thinking their work is done thus ignoring.

Bigg boss asks Stan to show his six packs abs. Shiv and Stan funny talk with Bigg boss. Bigg boss talks about Shalin. Stan says Shalin has lots many characters. Bigg boss reveal to Stan and Shiv that Sumbul was doing ramp walk in the last task. Stan says he doubted she might be doing something childish.

11:15 PM: Stan and Shiv decide to speak their heart. Stan says Sumbul is playing victim. Shiv says Sumbul took 17 mins.

Sumbul tells to Shiv, Stan and Sumbul that she did ramp walk. Shiv and Stan asks Sumbul if she didn’t realized the time. Sumbul says she was counting. Stan says she exceeded the time.

Sumbul walks out. Nimrit, Shiv and Stan say they have enough pampered Sumbul.

Shalin asks Sumbul to chill as task is done and dusted.

Shiv and Stan says nomination was in their hand. Stan says Sumbul is not a kid, but a famous star.

11:45 PM: Sumbul refuse to eat with Nimrit, Stan and Shiv. Nimrit tries to console Sumbul. Sumbul gets adamant.

12:30 AM: Archana, Priyanka share a talk. Stan says Archana was giving lecture on staying without a fight as few days are left. He salutes Priyanka and Archana.

Shiv and Stan pulls Shalin’s leg. Shalin gets upset.

Day 123, 8 AM: inmates gather to sing bigg boss anthem.

9:15AM: Shalin asks Sumbul not to blame her. He asks Sumbul to be prepared as one amid the three will leave. Shiv and Stan gets upset thinking one amid them will go. They talk about the nomination.

Shalin talks with Nimrit about ration.

10 AM: Nimrit tells to Shiv, Stan and Sumbul- Shalin is trying to be like Sajid. Shiv and Stan asks Nimrit why she was talking to Shalin. Nimrit gets irked, and says she feel difficulty in sharing talk with Shiv and Stan.

Nimrit walks out. Shiv and Stan gets hurt with Nimrit’s behaviour.

12 PM: Nimrit apologize to Shiv. Shiv and Nimrit patch up. Stan console Nimrit. Priyanka and Archana talks about mandali.

4:30 PM: Bigg boss talks about task to revive prize money. Stan, Shalin, Stumbul and Nimrit become Team A. Shalin, Archana and Priyanka becomes team B.

Both the team competes with each other. Task starts with Archana, Shalin and Priyanka. Shiv, Stan and Nimrit decide to trouble team B in the task.

5:15 PM:  Shiv, Stan and Nimrit pour water Shampoo, foam on Archana, Shalin and Priyanka.

5:30 PM: Task continues, Archana, Shalin and Priyanka. Shiv cuts Archana, Priyanka and Shalin’s hair.

6 PM: Priyanka asks Shiv not splash water in her ear. Shiv, Stan and Nimrit targets Archana and Priyanka. Priyanka, Shalin and Archana competes the task.

7 PM: Priyanka says to Archana that if same task is repeated than she won’t be able to do torcher like them. Archana says she is enough.

7:30 PM: Archana,  Priyanka and Shalin makes the task strategy.

8 PM: Shiv asks Sumbul to understand they are upset to. Sumbul asks Shiv not to console her.

8:30 PM: Shalin asks mandali to make the task strategy.

9 PM: Stan and Shiv pulls Shalin’s leg. Shalin gets upset and walks away.

1:45 AM: Archana prepares for the task. [Episode Ends]

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