Bigg Boss 16 28th January 2023 Written Update: Farah Khan bashes Tina Datta

Bigg Boss 16 28th January 2023 Written Update on

Today’s episode started with Farah Khan’s greeting. She meets inmates. Farah pulls Tina’s leg for using bigg boss, Archana, Priyanka, Shiv, Shalin and Maahim. She adds Tina thinks she is queen. Farah says she has never seen a contender like Tina. She says Tina is manipulative. Tina says she will take the criticism positively.

Farah asks Shiv, Priyanka and Archana about fight over room. She adds three of them were fighting but Tina like a queen was talking with Shiv and others.

Farah lashes out at Tina and Priyanka for bullying Shalin. She says Tina like a boss was demanding doctor. Farah says to Priyanka that Tina is used her. Tina throws an attitude. Farah says to Tina that she is her biggest enemy.

Tina defends herself. Farah refuses to listen to Tina. She bashes Shalin for not giving back to Priyanka and Tina for bullying her. Farah gets angry on Priyanka and Tina for mocking Shalin’s mental condition.

Tina explains to Farah that she demanded bigg boss but never forced. Farah calls Tina great.

Farah exposes Shalin for trying to talk with Tina. She says Shalin is fool for not listening to Tina’s manager Priyanka.

Farah tells to Priyanka and Tina they are most hated contenders as they mocked Shalin. She further raises the topic of Tina claiming chicken soup for her tooth decay. Farah asks Archana why she didn’t have her answer from Tina or not. Archana says she let go post Tina demanded chicken soup.

Priyanka apologizes Shalin for bullying him.

Farah decides to discuss Tina’s toothache. She says Tina demanded chicken soup. Farah says Priyanka and Tina are not looking good sitting together.

Farah counts Priyanka over not pointing Tina when she used wrong tone for Shalin while returning chicken. Priyanka realises her mistake.

Farah says Tina was wrong by mistreating Maahim. She tells Tina refused to clean Maahim’s poop. Farah says the whole show is on Tina’s

Shiv discuss with Shalin, Nimrit and Stan about Tina. He says Tina is throwing attitude by replying to Farah. Shalin decide to give back to Tina and Priyanka.

Archana tells to Nimrit that post her father visit she talked else she wouldn’t have.

Tina breaks down and holds herself responsible for everything. Priyanka and Archana console Tina.

Farah invites Kartik Arya. Kartik promotes Shezada. He turns producer. Farah takes Kartik’s audition.

Kartik meets inmates. Archana propose Kartik in her style. Farah enjoys Archana and Kartik.

Kartik praises Stan. He asks Stan to do rap as Mr. Touqeer. Kartik, Farah and Sumbul gets impressed.

Kartik asks Stan about his workout routine.

Farah performs the task with Kartik and ladies of the house.

Farah and Kartik perform a task with inmates. He asks contenders to choose image consultant for themselves.

Shalin asks Priyanka to take his consultancy. Shiv chooses Archana. Stan chooses Archana too.

Sumbul and Nimrit choose Priyanka. Nimrit also choose Tina.

Priyanka choose Shiv and Nimrit as her image consultancy.

Archana chooses Shiv. Lastly, Kartik performs the dance with inmates and Farah.

Mandali discuss about Archana.

Farah discuss about eliminate. She decides to perform speed breaker task with them. Farah asks inmates to choose which contender is the speed breaker in their journey.

Priyanka takes Nimrit’s name. Shalin and Tina call each other’s speed breaker.

 Sumbul takes Shalin and Tina’s name. Stan takes Archana. Archana takes Stan and Shiv.

Shiv and Nimrit takes Priyanka and Tina’s name.

Farah announces nomination. Tina Datta gets eliminated.

Tina meets Priyanka before leaving the house. Archana asks Tina to bid adieu to Stan. Tina asks Archana not force her.

Mandali laughs on Tina’s elimination. {Episode Ends}

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