Bigg Boss 16 2nd January 2023 Written Update: Bigg boss questions Shalin and Tina’s relationship

Bigg Boss 16 2nd January 2023 Written Update on

Today’s episode start with Day 92 at 12 AM: Nimrit, Shiv, Sajid talk with Stan about Tina and Shalin. Nimrit says Shalin and Tina were trying to fetch lime light in the concert. Stan says he was shocked. Shiv against Shalin and Tina.

Archana talk with Soundarya and says Shalin and Tina was close during the concert. Sajid joi the talk and says Shalin and Tina fought last day. Archana says Tina was doing drama. Soundarya says Shalin is changing colors. Archana says Tina gets jealous if Shalin sits with Soudnarya. Soudnarya says Priyanka was unnecessary getting close to Stan.

Nimrit tells to Stan that Shiv befriend Priyanka. Shiv ignores.

1 AM: Shalin wish Priyanka Happy New Year. Sajid and his mandali comment on Shalin and Priyanka’s friendship.

1:15 AM; Archana talks on camera and says she will not fight with anyone from next.

1:45 AM: Archana and Soundarya discuss about Shalin and Tina. They say both keep double standards. Archana says public was making fun of Shalin and Tina. She claim to get save from nomination, Shalin and Tina are patching up

Tina demand apology for Shalin. Archana and Soundarya make fun of Tina and Shalin by imitating them.

Nimrit join Archana and Shalin. She says fans will tag them fake.  Archana asks Soundarya not to go back to Gautam. Soundarya assures Archana

Day 93 8 AM: Inmates gather to sing bigg boss anthem.

9 AM:  Abdu hugs Tina and Shalin. Three of them share a talk.

9:15 AM: Nimrit says Shiv and Stan got new friend Priyanka. Sajid agrees with Nimrit.

Archana and Soundarya question on Shalin and Tina’s hug. Alarm rings for Shalin, Sreejita.

Nimrit and Tina argue over kitchen duty.

9:45 AM: Tina tells to Priyanka and Shalin that Nimrit was asking Sreejita left onion peel in the kitchen. Nimrit argues with Tina over spreading fake news. Tina says Nimrit wake up. She calls Nimrit, Archana part 2.

Nimrit and Tina argue with each other.

Priyanka asks Tina to relax. Nimrit talks with mandali and says Tina and Priyanka is faking friendship now.

10:30 AM: Sajid says to Archana that licious tray is left on table. He says Archana is afraid of Priyanka. Archana says she don’t want to give footage to Priyanka.

Shalin talks with Tina and Priyanka and says in upcoming nomination all will try to nominate based on involvement.

Nimrit tells to Sreejita that Shalin and Tina framed her over onion issue.

Priyanka asks Shalin and Tina about their relationship. She asks why they choose party to resolve their issue. Shalin assures he will try to.

Sreejita confront Tina about blaming her for leaving onion peel.

Shiv, Stan pulls Abdu’s leg

12:30 PM: Shalin tells to Tina that she really means a lot to her. Tina asks Shalin to treat her like a good friend.

Maahim come. Tina and Shalin plays with Maahim.

Sajid asks Sumbul why she went when Shalin and Tina were talking. Sumbul says to take Maahim.

2:30 PM: Bigg boss address Shiv and Archana in the confession room. He asks them to tell apart from concert what relationship Tina and Shalin share. Shiv and Archana calls them fake. Bigg boss asks Shiv and Archana if fans will see their fakeness. Shiv and Archana says yes.

3:15 PM: Stan says even his friends asked what Shalin and Tina was doing. Soundarya says Tina and Shalin were doing drama. Nimrit, Sajid, Sumbul, Shiv and Soundarya bitch about Shalin and Tina. Sajid says he don’t understand why they choose concert to get intimate.

Bigg boss explains BB nomination task. Shiv becomes the dictator of the task. Bigg boss tells about week of chance.

Shiv can save for contenders and others will get nominated.

Shiv choose Tina, Priyanka, Sumbul, Shalin, Archana, Sreejita, Soundarya,

Sajid asks Shiv to take his name instead of Sumbul.

Bigg boss bring the wheel twist in the nomination to change the office.

Nimrit decide to nominate Sajid over Sumbul. Bigg boss asks the reason. Nimrit claim Sumbul is a strong contender. Bigg boss asks Nimrit if she mean Sajid is not a strong contender.

Sajid says friendship matters to him. Bigg boss nervous joke. Sajid says he isn’t afraid of nomaintion .

5 PM: Shiv turns the wheel. Sreejita save Priyanka and nominate Sumbul again.

Shalin choose Tina over Nimrit. Abdu chooses Nimrit over Tina.

MC Stan, Nimrit, Shiv and Abdu get saved from nomination.

Inmates thanks bigg boss for fair nomination. Bigg boss asks Priyanka because she got saved

5:15 PM: Sajid says Sreejita claim he is afraid of nomination. Sreejita tags Soundarya for doing chugali to Sajid. Soundarya and Sreejita argue with each other.

Bigg boss asks Priyanka what she thinks about Shalin and Tina. Priyanka says to Bigg boss that Shalin, Tina is not genuine.

Bigg boss alerts Priyanka about Shalin and Tina

Tina asks bigg boss to call her to the confession room too.

Bigg boss asks Abdu and Sajid to come to the confession room. He asks about Shalin and Tina.

Abdu and Sajid call their friendship fake. Bigg boss Abdu whom he wants to get evicted this week. Abdu takes Shalin’s name.

Tina, Shiv and Sreejita talk with each other.

8:30 PM: Bigg boss asks Nimrit and Stan about Shalin and Tina. Nimrit and Stan call them fake too.

Shalin asks Archana not to hold dumbbell else her suit will tear. Tina laughs.

9PM: Sumbul tease Stan and says he like Priyanka. Shiv and Nirmit pulls Stan’s leg. Stan refuse.

9:30 PM Sajid, Abdu plays together.

9:45 PM: Archana asks Shalin why he got close to Tina. She says he confused her. Shalin says he is just a friend of Tina. Archana disagree. Shalin calls Archana, Soundarya lesbian.

Soundarya gets stunned.

10:45 PM: Archana tells to Shiv and Nimrit that Shalin questioned her friendship with Soundarya. Nimrti advice Archana to stay away from Shalin’s matter. [Episode Ends]

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