Bigg Boss 16 31st January 2023 Written Update: Sumbul is accused

Bigg Boss 16 31st January 2023 Written Update on

Today’s episode started with Day 122 at 8 AM: inmates gather to sing bigg boss anthem.

8:15 AM: Archana asks Nimrit if she wants tea. Nimrit refuses and apologizes to Archana for their last fight.

8:30 AM: Stan asks Shiv what if was saying. Stan explains to Shiv. Archana offers food to Nimrit. Nimrit refuses.

Stan asks Sumbul if milk is available. Sumbul says no.

9:15 AM: Stan says to Shiv and Nimrit that Shalin is still doing acting. They discuss about Shalin.

Stan and Shiv complaint to Nimrit about patching up with Archana. Shiv and Stan decide not to argue on the matter Nimrit gets offended.

Archana and Priyanka talk with each other.

Shiv says to Nimrit that he can’t tolerate Archana. Nimrit says Archana wants to patch up because of nomination. Sumbul side Nimrit and Archana.

Stan asks Nimrit if he can say anything or not. Nimrit asks Stan not to talk rudely.

Shiv and Stan says Nimrit is trying to portray them villain. Nimrit says she didn’t patch up with Archana.

10 AM: Sumbul tries to stick a sticker on Shiv. Shiv gets adamant to stick on Sumbul. Sumbul gets hurt unintentionally. Nimrit says Sumbul got hurt.

12:45 PM: Archaa shres her marriage plans. She gets excited to become mother. Archana decide to send her kids in ICSE board. Shalin plays with Maahim.

Shiv, Stan walks away post Nimrit and Sumbul discuss about some web. Nimrit gets offended. She asks Shiv not to touch her face as her make-up will be ruined.

4 PM: Stan and Shiv asks Sumbul why she isn’t sitting with them. Sumbul asks Shiv and Stan why they walked out. Shiv says if they can’t joke with them.

5 PM: Stan raps for Shiv. Archana discuss with Priyanka and says Stan didn’t wanted to be a part of the show but his fans pushed him

6 PM: Bigg boss discuss the nominations. He asks inmates to make the teams among themselves.

Bigg boss explains the nomination task (Time Kya Hua?). Inmates are asked to count 9 minutes to get saved from the nomination.

Archana starts the task.

6:15 PM: Archana meets Ken. Bigg boss welcome Ken. He explains task to Archana. Ken and Archana is asked to discuss and latter has to predict 9 mins.

Archana gets teary seeing the tweets by her fans. Ken and Archana discuss the outfit.

Nimrit, Stan, Shiv and Sumbul discuss the task. Shiv predicts Archana over exceeds the time limit.

Archana predict her 9 mins. Ken asks Archana how she knows. Archana says her heart told. Bigg boss asks Archana not to discuss the task.

6:45 PM: Bigg boss asks Shalin to perform the task. Shalin gets excited to see Ken. Ken and Shalin shares the conversation. Shalin counts his 9 mins

Archana says to Shalin that he came early. Shalin says he counted 9 mins.

7 PM: Sumbul is called next. Sumbul meet Ken. Bigg boss read tweets for Sumbul. Sumbul count her 9 mins.

Archana tries to talk with Shalin. Shalin avoids Archana. Archana asks Shalin to stay happy as few days are left. Ken and Sumbul share a talk.

Shalin asks Nimrit why she is nervous. Nimrit says for Sumbul. Shalin predicts Shiv will count 9 minutes. Stan and Nimrit says Sumbul is exceeding the time.

7:15 PM: Sumbul continues her discussion with Ken. Shiv, Stan and Nimrit worries for Sumbul.

7:30 PM: Shiv is called to perform the nomination task. Archana and Priyanka talks with each other. Shiv meet Ken. Bigg boss reads tweet for Shiv. Shiv gets happy seeing the tweets.

Shalin tells to Archana and Priyanka that Sumbul exceeded the time limit.

7:45 PM: Stan performs the nomination task.

Lastly, Priyanka is called to perform the task. Nirmit wants Priyanka to get nominated.

8:30 PM: Nimrit is asked to discuss her outfit with Ken.

8:45 PM: Archana read poetry for Priyanka. Priyanka asks Archana to stop bothering about mandali.

Bigg boss gather inmates to the living area. Stan, Shiv and Sumbul gets nominated.

Archana, Priyanka and Shalin enter the finale week.

Stan, Shiv and Nimrit ask Sumbul not to trip. Shlin says Archana, Priyanka won because of him.

Nimrit gets disappointed with Sumbul counting 17 mins.

Archana and Priyanka dances.

9 PM; Sumbul avoids Nimrit. Shiv, Stan console Sumbul. Sumbul refuse to talk with Shiv, Stan and Sumbul.

Nimrit gets disappointed with Sumbul taking 17 mins. Shiv says Sumbul didn’t do intentionally. Sumubl throws attitude to Shiv, Stan and Nimrit. [Episode Ends

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