Bigg Boss 16 4th January 2023 Written Update: MC Stan regrets his action

Bigg Boss 16 4th January 2023 Written Update on

Today’s episode start with Day 94 at 9:45PM: Stan decides to take volunterr exit. Sajid asks for a girl. Stan says yes. Nimrit agree with Sajid. Sajid asks Stan instead of taking volunteer exit he should just slap Archana and leave.

Shiv controls Stan as he likes Sajid’s advice. Sajid goes behind Stan to calm him. Shiv asks Stan not to turn crazy. Sajid asks Stan what is the problem. Shiv says Archana’s mistake gets covered up ad they are proved wrong.

10 PM; Sumbul, Shiv and Sajid asks Stan to eat. Stan refuses to have food.

Soundarya says to Archana that she instigated Shiv about him thus Stan is mad on her. Archana agree.

Shiv asks Stan to come out. Sajid asks Stan if he wasn’t doing any idotic thing inside the bathroom.

Stan rude reply to Sajid. Shiv feed food to Stan. Stan calls Sumbul outside. He further throws chair.

10:45 PM: Sajid asks Stan to consider them as a friend and not expect them to be his baby sitter. He adds for his good he was asking him to relax. Stan argues with Sajid. He says he doesn’t understand his point.

12 AM: Abdu gives massage to Shiv. Sajid calls Abdu hot. He further asks Bigg boss to turn blinds.

Day 95 at 6 AM: Archana talks with Soundarya. She says mandalis is going personal. Archana claim Abdu ignored her. She calls Abdu is a flipper. Soudarya feels bad for Archana. Archana feels bad for her mother. She wants to go out.

8 AM: inmates gather to sing bigg boss anthem.

Soundarya asks Archana to make a new start.

8 AM: Abdu, Sajid, Shiv enjoys.

8:30 AM: Sajid, Sumbul and Nimrit sit together. Sajid asks Sumbul not to do overacting. Sumbl looks for milk. She steals something and keeps in her pocket.

8:45 AM: Soundarya tells to Sajid, Nimrit and Sumbul that Archana cried whole night. Nimrit says Archana is doing drama. Soundarya side Archana. Nimrit says Archana has a similar personality trait. Sajid tells to Soundarya that Stan was about to hit Archana and make a volunteer exit. He says they controlled Stan.

10:30 AM: Shiv asks Stan to move on from last night. Stan refuses to talk. Shiv boosts Stan’s morale.

Shalin and Soundarya talk with each other. Shalin says to Soundarya that he never hit below the belt.

Tina asks Sreejita, Priyanka if Shalin is talking with Soundarya.

Shalin asks Sumbul what she is expecting. Sumbul says she feels she is going happily this week.

Abdu turns girl and plays with Shiv. Shiv and Abdu enjoys together.

2 PM: Abdu asks Stan to cheer up. He asks Stan to ignore whosoever is talking bad about him.

Maahim gets close with Shalin. Shalin enjoys along with Priyanka and Sreejita.

Shalin asks Priyanka if she will be his girlfriend. Priyanka says he has a high hopes.

2:30 PM: Sajid pulls Sumbuls leg over Shalin. Sreejita tells 2 eggs are missing from their room

3 PM: Soundarya tells to Archana that Stan is very much affected after what all happened last night.

Tina complaint to Abdu that Sumbul hasn’t cleaned the kitchen. Abdu says Sumbul is not well. Tina asks Abdu to ask Sumbul to take her friend help.

Sreejita decide to change her duty with Priyanka

4:45 PM: Bigg boss talks with Maahim. He says only she listen to him without any interruption. Bigg boss asks Maahim to gather everyone in the living area.

Bigg boss explains BB Fair task. He asks inmates to enjoy the fair.

5 PM: bigg boss explains about BB ration task. Task start with Shiv, Archana, Priyanka and Sreejita. They are asked to prick the balloon to get a note so that one amid the one can collect ration

Sreejita wins the task. She chooses the door 1. Sreejita, Shalin and Tina loose the ration.

5:15 PM: Bigg boss asks inmates to find orange and white lollipop. Shalin, Soundarya, Tina and Nimrit compete. Tina wins the task. She fails to fetch the ration

5:30 PM:  Stan wins the task. Stan choose door 1. He gets cold drinks.

5:45 PM: bigg boss explains car racing task. Shalin, Soundarya, Tina and Sumbul compete. Sumbul choose door 3. She too gets cold drinks.

6:15 PM: Bigg boss cancel the task and claim inmates aren’t showing enthusiasm. He lashes inmates for not performing the task. He takes Archana, Tina and Stan name. Inmates pleads bigg boss to give them last chance. Bigg boss take their leave.

Priyanka hold Archana responsible. Archana argues with Priyanka.

Abdu keeps the ration basket in the captain room. Priyanka and Tina ask Abdu to keep the ration commonly.

Inmates decide to keep ration in the common room. Sajid gets angry. He calls others dirty. Abdu helps in distributing the ration.

7 PM: Sumbul asks Stan to apologize to Archana and end. Stan says he wants to apologize to Bigg boos and not to Archana. He regrets his action.

Shalin talks with Priyanka and Tina and says Abdu was there thus he side him. Priyanka, Tina and Shalin argue with each other. Sajid and Sumbul calls Shalin, Tina and Priyanka are crazy.

7:30 PM: Sajid, Nimrit, Sumbul boost Stan. Abdu says none is listening.

7:45 PM; Abdu tells to Shiv that Sajid is accusing him for not listening.

8:15 PM: Tina steals chocolates and cold drink from garden. Bigg boss asks Tina to return the stuffs.  Abdu gets angry on Tina.

Tina and Abdu resolve their issue.

9 PM: Shiv, Abdu enjoys in the bathtub. Nimrit, Stan and Sumbul get entertained.

9:15 PM: Priyanka, Tina, Shalin and Sreejita sit together. Shalin ad Tina argues again. Soundary talks with mandali. She adds Bigg boss is tearing apart Tina left and right.

`1:45 AM: Tina talk with Shalin. She says he is so desperate to be in the game thus he cross his line often. Shalin defends himself. [Episode Ends]

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