Bigg Boss 16 6th January 2023 Written Update: Salman bashes Tina and Shalin

Bigg Boss 16 6th January 2023 Written Update on

Today’s episode start with Sreejita comments on Shalin and Priyanka. Priyanka replies. Shalin asks Priyanka why she is so rude. Shalin and Priyanka argue. Shalin claim Priyanka abused him. Priyanka defends.

Priyanka and Shalin at loggerheads. Shalin asks Priyanka not to irritate. Shalin leave with his food.

Tina asks Shalin what comment they made. Shalin tell about Sreejita and Priyanka. Tina hold Shalin responsible. She asks him to apologize. Shalin gets angry.

Salman Khan’s greeting. He talks about Bigg boss 16 extensions. Salman shows the task happened in the house.

Task start with Archana. Archana says Shalin and Tina are yet to come in the form. She calls them irritating.

Soundarya vote for Shalin. Abdu says Shalin is doing over acting. Soundarya says Shalin is confused and she can’t understand his personality trait.

Soundarya vote for Tina. She says Tina’s personality and relationship is confusing too.

Sumbul vote for Shalin. She says Shalin is not trustworthy.

Nimrit says Shalin is not trustworthy friend.

Shiv says Shalin has a confused and blurr personality. He don’t understand the closeness between Tina and Shalin

Stan vote for Tina. He says he don’t understand if Tina is good or bad. Tina says to Stan thus she asked to spend time.

Abdu says Shalin keeps doing acting.

Sajid votes for Sreejita and says she is a confused personality. Sreejita argues with Sajid.

Sreejita votes for Archana. She calls her unpredictable. Sreejita also vote for Sumbul.

Priyanka votes for Shalin. She says he is a confused personality. Priyanka says Shalin should have taken the responsibility of the last cancelled task. Shalin argues with Priyanka.

Priyanka says Shalin contradicts himself. Shalin push the foam bottle. Priyanka, Nimrit and Soundarya against Shalin. Shalin claim Priyanka was going to use the foam when he didn’t put the glasses.

Tina too votes against Shalin. She claim Shalin is confused personality and shows her aggression. Tina says Shalin is self-centred. Sajid asks Tina why she didn’t nominated Shalin last day. Tina says it was her call.

Shalin calls Nimrit. He claim Nimrit keeps changing her friendship. Nimrit defends.

Shalin vote for Archana. He says he gave two chances to her but she end up hurting him.

Tina confronts Sajid about his talk with Shalin. Sajid exposes Shalin. Tina calls Priyanka. Sajid says to Tina that she will get normal other than. Tina says she is clearing certain things.

Tina says to Sreejita that Shalin is thinking he is Shahruk Khan.

Sajid says to Shiv and Stan that Priyanka knows either Shalin or Sreejita will go thus she is trying to join mandali. Stan asks Sajid to not let Priyanka join.

Soundarya and Archana discuss about Shalin and Tina.

Archana talks with Sajid and says Shiv played game while nominating Shalin. Nimrit and Sreejita talk about Archana.

Priyanka and Sreejita talk about Soundarya and Archana. Soundarya and Archana says Priyanka wrote her character sketch

Shalin asks Tina if he can give him friendly hug. Tina refuses and calls him fake. She asks Shalin not to do things for camera. Shalin asks Tina why she has started to affect her. Tina and Shalin argue.

Sumbul asks Sajid why he claims she is fake. Sajid says Sumbul is very emotional thus she doesn’t make sense. Shiv side Sumbul.

Shalin asks Tina if she wants to keep the friendship or not. Tina and Shalin argue.

Sumbul decide to sit alone for sometimes post getting hurt by Sajid’s word. Sajid cheers up Sumbul.

Salman decide to talk with inmates a give them reality check.

Salman meet inmates and decide to confront Tina, Stan and Archana. He asks Tina if she is playing Bigg boss game or not. Tina says yes. Salman claim Tina is also playing love game in the task.

Archana, Soundarya says Shalin and Tina is doing fake.

Sajid claim Shalin and Tina are just friend. Tina says there is no love angle.

Salman lashes Tina and Shalin for getting close in Stan’s concert.

Tina says to Salman that she needs guidance. Salman gets angry on Shalin for causally saying I love you to Shalin. He asks Shalin and Tina to think about what he is saying.

Sumbul says Shalin and Tina are clever. Sajid says Shalin and Tina will patch up next moment.

Tina talks with Priyanka about Shalin. Salman ends the episode and says he will confront Archana and Stan who crosses the limit during the fight.

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