Bigg Boss 16 6th November 2022 Written Update: Sumbul and Archana at loggerheads

Bigg Boss 16 6th November 2022 Written Update on

Today’s episode started with Day 34 at 1:45AM: Archana asks Tina not to go to the bathroom together. Tina asks Archana to respect other girls. She says bigg boss is seeing everything and she shouldn’t alert

Gautam, Ankit, Priyanka and Soundarya discuss about the eviction task.

Archana argue with Sumbul for spreading the inside news. Sumbul defend herself. Tina side Sumbul. She argues with Archana and exposes about giving audition and coming to the bigg boss house. Archana argue with Tina.

2:15 PM: Soundarya asks Sumbul why she is spreading about bathroom incident. Sumbul tells to Soundarya that she isn’t spreading false news. Archana and Tina argue about doing movies.

Soundarya and Gautam ask inmates to stop discussing about themselves. Archana says she was stopping Sumbul from doing the same.

2:30 PM: Nimrit, Tina defends Sumbul against Archana. Gautam asks Soudarya not to talk with Shalin, Tina and Nimrit. Shiv asks Archana, Nimrit, Tina not to shout.

2:45PM: Archana pulls Tina’s leg. She tease her with Shalin’s name Sumbul discloses Archana and Priyanka’s tweet. Gautam assures Soundarya that he will deal with Shalin, Tina and Nimrit.

Archana accuse that Tina and Shalin kiss each other. Tina asks Shalin to clear Archana’s accusation.

3 PM: Archana asks Tina and Shalin to love like Gautam in open and not in bathroom. Gautam and Soundarya ask Archana not to drag them.

Shalin argues with Archana. He asks Archana to stay away as she is smelling. Priyanka console Archana. Archana asks Shalin not to argue with her.

Verbal argument happens between Archana and Sumbul. Archana says Sumbul didn’t listen to her father thus nothing can be expected from her. Sumbul asks Archana not to drag her father. Soundarya and Priyanka not to drag Sumbul’s father.

Sumbul says if anyone will come to her father she will not spare.

3;15 PM” Tina asks Nimrit what is going on. Shalin, Nirmit, Tina and Sumbul tease Archana.

Shalin and Tina flirt with each other to irk Archana. Gautam and Sondarya says Shalin and Tina is deliberately teasing Archana.

Day 35 at 8 AM: inmates sings bigg boss anthem.

11 AM: Shalin asks Tina to ignore Archana. Tina gets angry on Shalin and worries for her character. Shalin tries to talk with Tina. Tina refuses to listen to Shalin. She misses her pet.

Tina asks bigg boss to alert Archana for doing character assassination. She promise bigg boss about distancing herself from Shalin

11:15 AM: Archana, Gori, Gautam and Soundarya talk with each other. Nimrit says if Archana will end up patching up with Gori.

11:30 AM: Nimrit says to Stan and Shiv that they can’t trust Gautam. Gori says to Gautam; Nirmit has a problem with her if she is around Shiv and Stan.

11:45 AM: Abdu sends Shalin and Shiv to the jail as a punishment. Nimrit joins them later

1:45PM: Gori talk with Stan and Priyanka. She says if Shiv is a friend he can come to talk with her. Stan says she is taking Shiv in a wring way. Gori says Shiv is throwing ego.

Archana decide to cook lady finger. She gets disappointed with Sajid for rotting vegetable. Sajid asks Archana not to lecture her. Abdu asks Archana to go. Archana asks Abdu to listen to her as she is speaking.

3:45 PM: Abdu, Sajid and Shiv talk about Gori. They decide not to trust Gori anymore.

4:45 PM: Sajid says to Abdu that he is a good captain and is popular outside thus inmates are scared of him. Abdu decides to talk with contenders.

6 PM: Tina tells to Shalin about Sumbul wearing his jacket. Shalin says he didn’t give it to Sumbul. Tina says but Sumbul told he gave her.

6:15 PM: Shalin confront Sumbul about lying to Tina about the jacket.

6:30 PM: Abdu talks with inmates and asks them to clean their coffee mugs.

Elsewhere, Priyanka clean kitchen. Archana asks Priyanka to clean post she does the cooking.

7:15 PM: Abdu corrects Priyanka about not performing her duty. Priyanka asks Abdu to check everyone’s work.

Nimrit make Abdu understand that Priyanka is trying to point out that he isn’t looking after everyone’s word. Archana decide to trouble Abdu.

Archana asks Abdu to point out Nimrit too as she didn’t have done her duty properly. Abdu gets angry with Archana.

Archana says to Priyanka and Ankit that Abdu will now avenge her. Abdu asks Priyanka not to help Archana anymore.

Abdu asks Archana to stop teasing him on Nimrit’s name

8:15 PM: Archana asks Priyanka, Gori, Gautam, Ankit and Soundarya to be one.

Abdu decides to expel Archana from kitchen duty.

10 PM: Sajid, Abdu, Nirmit, Sumbul, Shalin and Tina enjoys together.

Shiv, Stan and Sajid talk with each other. Sajid asks Stan why he came to bigg boss. Stan says for his fans.

Later, Archana talk with Soundarya and Gautam. She says Abdu is disppaointing him

1:30 PM: Tina confronts Shalin about Sumbul. She tells to him that Sumbul lied to her about his jacket. Shalin says is Sumbul trying to make her jealous. Tina says she is clueless

Day 36 at 9 AM: Abdu asks Archana not to make tea. Archana says she will make her own tea.

9:15 AM: buzzer ring; Archana asks Abdu to go and check if Nimrit is sleeping. Gori asks Archana not to tease Abdu.

Abdu gets irked with Archana. He calls her stupid. Tina asks Archana not to tease Abdu. Abdu decides to put Archana to the jail.

Archana refuse to go to the jail. Shiv warns Archana. Shalin, Tina asks Abdu to relax.

Abdu takes off his mike. Nimrit tries to console Abdu. Abdu says he is fine.

Abdu vents out at Archana. He calls stupid. Shalin asks Archana not to tease Abdu. Nimrit, Shiv argues with Archana on Abdu’s behalf.

9:45 AM: Archana, Soundarya and Gautam discuss about Nimrit and Abdu. Archana says Abdu is getting infatuated by Nimrit.

10:45 AM: Abdu changes the duty of contenders. He give bathroom cleaning duty to Archana

11:15 AM: Shiv teases Archana on cleaning bathroom

11:45 PM: Abdu calls Archana crazy. Shiv, Sajid and Stan joke on Archana

2 PM: buzzer ring: Abdu asks Ankit and Priyanka not to sleep. He further asks Archana not to sleep.

Abdu gets pissed off with Archana.

Shiv decides to talk with Archana. Archana ask Abdu not to bark. Shalin, Nimrit, Shiv side Abdu.

Abdu gets angry on Archana.

Abdu breaks down. Stan and Shalin console Abdu. Archana says she won’t let anyone rule her.

Shalin and Shiv decide to teach Archana a lesson for troubling Stan.

Inmates gather for bigg bulletin. Shekhar Suman along with puppet host the bigg bulletin session.

Shekhar pulls inmates leg based on their weekly performance.

5 PM: Priyanka says to Ankit that Shalin’s chicken rant is getting famous. Tina asks Shalin to not demand about chicken.

6:30 PM: Nimrit read My Glamm app challenge. Priyanka lead. Sumbul and Nimrit is second and third. Soundarya says to Gautam and Gori that Tina got jealous.

Tina says to Nimrit that Sumbul don’t even do the makeup.

Gori asks Sajid to tell her directly if he is upset with her. Sajid complaint Gori about sitting with other team. Gori and Sajid decide to play separately.

Priyanka complaint about less food. Nirmit and Priyanka argues with each other. [Episode Ends]

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