Bigg Boss 16 8th January 2023 Written Update: Tina decide not to befriend Shalin again

Bigg Boss 16 8th January 2023 Written Update on

Today’s episode start with Day 98 at 10 AM: Sajid asks Shalin if he is fine. Shalin talks about Tina. Sajid asks Shalin to play smart and show some dignity with Tina. Shalin assures Sajid.

Inmates gather to sing Bigg boss anthem. Sajid give hug to Abdu. Buzzer ring for Sumbul. Shiv wakes up Sumbul. He asks everyone to clap for Sumbul.

10:15 AM: Sajid joins Archana, Sumbul and Soundarya. He says Shalin regret getting close to Tina. Archana claim Shalin will again go close to Tina. Soundarya agrees.

10:30 AM: Stan, Shiv and Abdu share time together.

10:45 AM: Shalin and Sumbul fetch fruits and milk from store room. Sajid tells to Stan that someone took his coffee. He hides the coffee.

Shiv asks Sumbul why she didn’t hear the buzzer. Sumbul says she wasn’t sleeping. Shiv says he will raise the issue.

11 AM: Sreejita, Priyanka and Tina talks about Shalin. Tina says Shalin is trying to become devdas. She talks about her ex-boyfriend. Tina told how he used to slap her in aggression.

11:15 AM: Nimrit gets upset with Shiv and Stan. Sajid says to Shiv and Stan that Nimrit and Sumbul felt bad on their joke. Shiv says he is unaffected and will now crack joke on Priyanka, Sreejita and Soundarya.

Shiv apologizes to Nimrit. He tries to cheer up Nimrit. Nimrit complaint to Shiv about doing acting. Sumbul talks with Maahim. Archana asks Sumbul to leave Maahim as she wants to share a talk.

12:15 PM: Shiv tells to Nimrit that he apologized her and Sumbul. Nimrit hugs Shiv. Shiv decides not to crack any joke with Nimrit and Sumbul. Abdu destroys paper sorry.

Archana spend time with Maahim.

3:15 PM: Soundarya and Shalin talk with each other.

Shalin says to Archana that Tina fooled him. Archana asks Shalin to focus on trophy. She further asks Shalin not to become devdas in love. She asks Shalin to chill.

6:15 PM: Shalin share with Priyanka that Tina used him. He share their kids will be cute. Shalin regret being with Tina. Priyanka says he isn’t a kid. Shalin says Tina confessed she love him.

6:30 PM: Abdu falls for Soundarya. Soudnarya flirt with Abdu

Abdu, Stan and Shiv sit together. Stan and Shiv pulls leg of Abdu.

7 PM: Abdu fetches ration from Store room.

8 PM: Priyanka tells to Tina about her conversation with Tina. Tina gets stunned hearing Shalin’s talk. She says Shalin confessed he only like her but suddenly confessed in front of Salman that he love her. Tina decides to talk with Shalin.

8:30 PM: Tina and Shalin decide to talk with each other. They sit together. Shalin asks Tina if she ever loved her. Tina says to some extent. She says his gestures confused her. Shalin defends himself.

Tina says to Shalin that her character is being assassinated because of him. She asks Shalin not to put all the blame on her. Shalin says to Tina that he fought for her in front of Sreejita. He says to Tina that he wants to stand by her. Tina asks Shalin to give her time to think.

Shalin says Sreejita told that Tina love brands. Tina confronts Sreejita. Sreejita asks Shalin not to drag her in their fight. Shalin and Tina argue with each other.

Shalin calls Sajid to clarify if they were mocking at Tina. Tina claim Sajid and Shalin mocked her. Sajid and Shalin try to defend. He claim Tina doesn’t trust him.

Priyanka asks Tina not to talk anything about Shalin.

Sajid asks Shalin to stop worrying about Tina as he is looking fake. Shalin defend. Sajid asks Shalin to maintain dignity.

Tina says to Priyanka and Sreejita. She says she will hit Shalin. Tina claim no one can adjust with Shalin.

12:15AM: Abdu talks with Sumbul. He says peopleaking fun of her tears.

12:45 AM: Bigg boss asks MC Stan and Shiv to not talk silently.

Day 99 at 8:30 AM: Stan, Sajid, Shiv and Nimrit talk with each other.

Archana asks Shalin to show his importance to Tina. Shalin understands. He share with Shiv about her conversation with Tina.

12 PM: Shalin says to Sajid that life is full of surprises. Sajid asks Shalin to understand Salman Khan

Sajid asks Tina to stop giving importance to herself. Tina claim fans will call her fake if she will start talking with Shalin again.

1:45PM: Archana and Sajid discuss about pulses.

2 PM: Shalin fetch egg tray. Shekhar Suman addresses inmates. He host BB Bulletin and roast inmates in his style.

Shiv and Shalin acts as man and wife. They romance each other Inmates enjoy.

Nimrit share with Shiv and says she wants to share conversation with him but he cracks joke. Shiv and Nimrit clears their misunderstanding.

Tina says to Priyanka that Nimrit talks about girl power but bitch about her.

Soudnarya and Archana decide to bring Shalin on their side. Priyanka says to Tina that Soundarya polite with Shalin post her fight with Shalin

5:30 PM: Abdu, Shiv, Sreejita and Priyanka talks with each other.

6:30 PM: Sumbul collects ration and gets happy.

Nimrit reads about Hershey’s kisses chocolates task.

7 PM: Task started with Soundarya and ended with Sajid.

9 PM: Sumbul, Sajid, Shiv and Stan talk with each other. Abdu likes food made by Tina.

Sajid complaint to Sumbul about talking with Shalin. Sumbul argues with Shalin. Sajid says Sumbul tries to talk with Shalin. Sumul defends and gets teary.

12 AM: Sreejita asks Sumbul why she is sleeping in the garden. Sumbul says she just want to be alone.

Shalin asks Soundarya why she is emotional. Soundarya says bigg boss teach many things. She says to Shalin that she is afraid of getting change.

12:45 AM: Shiv and Stan calls Sumbul inside the house. Sajid promise to Sumbul that they will not interrupt her again. [Episode Ends]

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