Bigg Boss 16 9th January 2023 Written Update: Bigg boss twists nomination task

Bigg Boss 16 9th January 2023 Written Update on

Today’s episode start with Day 100 at 8 AM: inmates gather to sing bigg boss anthem.

11:45AM: Archana talks with camera. She demands bigg boss to send someone so that she can be motivated.

Stan talks with Tina and Priyanka and says Archana is crazy. Archana asks Abdu not to sleep as he is a captain. Abud gets irked.

Tina asks Stan if he will meet Archana or not? Stan denies meeting Archana.

12:30 PM: Bigg boss address inmates. He asks inmates they are tired as they entered in 15th week. Bigg boss further tells room of 2 and captain’s room will be occupied by the VVIP’s. He explains the upcoming task. Bigg boss time to time he will ask inmates to freeze and release.

Bigg boss plays freeze and release task with inmates. He says if any contender will not follow the order than they will lose the ration.

Bigg boss welcome Farah Khan. Farah meets Sajid and gets emotional. She asks Sajid not to lose the ration. Farah asks Sajid not to cry as he is doing extremely well.

Farah meets Shiv, Shalin. She says she left one brother and taking back three brothers with her. Farah praises Sumbul for taking Sajid’s joke sportingly.

Bigg boss release Sajid. Sajid and Farah meet. Farah meets inmates for their game. She meets Abdu and hugs. Farah calls Abdu Sajid’s angel.

Bigg boss releases other inmates. Farah meets everyone.  She tells season 16 is hit.

1 PM: Farah tells to Sajid who all have sent message for him. Bigg boss asks Sumbul to freeze.

Farah says to Sajid that he is irritating when he ask everyone to relax.

1:15 PM: Farah shares a talk with inmates. She says Sajid don’t bother about nomination but Sajid’s mom wants him to be inside the house.

1:30 PM: bigg boss asks inmates to freeze. Shiv’s mother enters the house. Shiv gets emotional. Shiv’s mother meets inmates. She praises Priyanka, Abdu, Soundarya, Tina, Sajid and everyone.

Bigg boss release everyone. Shiv’s mother asks inmates to play good. She advice Shalin to play well as trophy is close. Shiv’s mother asks Shalin to make good relationship in the house

Shiv mother’s asks Sumbul not to cry. She spend time with Abdu, Priyanka and Stan.

Nimrit makes Shiv’s mother to see the house.

Sreejita talks with Shiv’s mother. She advice not to abuse anyone’s parent in the fight.

1:45PM: bigg boss freeze inmates. He welcomes Yogesh in the house. Priyanka gets emotional. Yogesh asks Priyanka not to cry. Priyanka introduces Yogesh to inmates.

Yogesh praises Priyanka’s game. Bigg boss says Priyanka, Sajid and Shiv will not perform any duty today. Priyanka gets happy.

Farah, Shiv’s mother and Yogesh meet inmates.

3 PM: Farah talks with inmates and says Sreejita tried to break the mandala but she didn’t did anything. Sreejita laughs.

Sreejita, Shiv meets Yogesh.

Farah says to Tina that she is much nicer to Mahim than Shalin. Inmates laughs.

Shiv’s mother tells to Tina that her mother got hyper. Tina says her mother is overprotective. Shiv’s mother says to Tina that Shalin did more than her.

Bigg boss send food for inmates. Archana decide to cook for Shiv’s mother.

Farah tells to Shalin that Tina used him for the game.

Shalin talks with Sumbul and tries to resolve their issue. Sumbul refuse to spend time with Shalin.

Tina asks Yogesh if outside it is seen that she is doing wrong with Shalin. Yogesh says both Shalin and Tina are wrong.

Farah tells to Tina that she is over touchy. Tina asks Farah to give her an advice. Farah asks Tina to try upon Shalin.

Shalin asks Tina to part ways. He adds there way for living is different from each other.

Farah tells to Archana that she has become famous.

6:45PM: Bigg boss address inmates. He talks about nomination. Bigg boss says Priyanka, Sajid and Shiv can’t get nominated.

Farah starts the task. She thanks bigg boss for giving love to Sajid. Bigg boss explains nomination tsak to Farah. He asks Farah to choose which category amid hyper, active and lost will get nominated.

Farah chooses Nimrit, Sumbul, Mc Stan and Sreejita [lost category] for the nomination. Contenders get 20Lakhs prize money.

Archana, Shalin, Soundarya, Yogesh, Tina, too choose Nimrit, Stan, Sumbul and Sreejita.

Shiv’s mother choose active members for nomination [Tina, Soundarya, Shalin and Abdu]

Sumbul , Nimrit, Sreejita and Stan choose active members for nomination.

Abdu choose hyperactive category for the nomination [Archana, Sajid, Shiv and Priyanka]

8 PM: Bigg boss tells to Farah that he fixed the washroom of V.VVIP room. Farah thanks Bigg boss.

Bigg boss says Sreejita, Stan, Nimrit and Sumbul get nominated. [Episode Ends]

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