Bigg Boss 17 11th November 2023 Written Update: Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s special Diwali

Bigg Boss 17 11th November 2023 Written Update on

Today’s episode started with Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan’s dance to the Tiger 3 song. 


Salman talks about the latest dhamaka in the house. He shows Khanzadi and Mannara arguing over steaming their dresses. Mannara asks Khanzadi to respect the cue and let her steam first. Khanzadi asks Mannara to shut her mouth. She loses her temper on Mannara. 

Salman wishes Diwali to inmates. He talks about the elimination. Salman says Isha’s one more boyfriend will enter the house. Isha laughs. Salman pulls Samarth and Isha’s legs.

Salman says Munawar and Samarth were bonding over wax. He pulls Munawar and Samarth’s legs.

Salman asks Aishwarya to imitate the one she was doing last day. Aishwarya mimic Ankita. Ankita copies Aishwarya. He further says the whole week was full of fights.

Salman says Aishwarya is in the game because of two people. He asks Aishwarya to guess the name. Aishwarya takes Salman and Bigg boss’s names. Salman says Aishwarya is wrong. He accuses Aishwartya of disrespecting Neil Bhatt. Salman says Vicky Jain disrespects Ankita too.

Salman says Aishwarya and Vicky will accuse Bigg Boss later. He says Aishwarya and Vicky’s video Salman asks Aishwarya what she wants to show the world. He praises Neil Bhat’s patience. Salman says Neil will surely blast at Aishwarya, as the latter is pushing him. 

Neil tries to defend Aishwarya. Salman says Neil and Aishwarya’s relationship will turn toxic. Neil and Aishwarya decide to work on

Salman disclosed to Aishwarya that makers heard her saying they were called to insult. Aishwarya defends herself. Salman taught Aishwarya and Neil to behave on national TV.

Salman says Vicky is doing similar with Ankita. He says it’s not the game, but Vicky’s action towards Ankita is equally unbearable. He alerts Vicky and Ankita.

Salman asks Mannara to speak up about what is going on. Mannara says that under pressure, her brain stops working. She confesses to losing herself because of the game. Mannara says she was not raised in such an environment.

Mannara says she doesn’t belong to the Bigg Boss house. Salman asks Mannara to take the name of the person who hurt her. Mannara says Jigna and Rinku backstabbed her during the nomination task. 

Salman asks Mannara to start ignoring anyone who is not troubling her. He asks Mannara with whom she is bonding. Mannara takes Anurag’s name. Salman says Anurag himself is not in a stable condition. He says Anurag goes to everyone for the gossip. 

Salman exposes Anurag’s game. He says Anurag gaslights the fights in the house.

Salman asks Munawar to set his priorities instead of pleasing anyone. He further asks Aishwarya to test Neil’s patience until he loses. 

Aishwarya claims Neil is calm because of the cameras. She apologizes. Neil asks Aishwarya to calm down. Aishwarya says Neil is double-faced. Neil tries to clarify Aishwarya. Aishwarya gets emotional. She accuses Neil for portraying her villain. 

Vicky feels bad after being compared to Aishwarya.

Anurag exposed Arun and says he called him before entering the house. Arun denies. Anurag and Neil argue with each other.

Vicky claims Ankita is playing the wife card. He decided to keep a respectful distance from Ankita.

Aishwarya asks Neil to leave her for a while. Isha tries to console Aishwarya.

Sunny asks Arun if he demeaned him. Arun asks Sunny to beat him if Anurag is proved right. Anurag says he has Arun’s recording. 

Salman welcomes Katrina Kaif on the stage.

Bharati and Harsh entertain Salman and Katrina Kaif. They perform a task with the actors too. 

Inmates dance to Katrina and Salman’s song to impress them. Salman promotes Tiger 3. He further performs a task with the inmates. They ask each other to compete to win a special gift from Salman and Katrina.

Samarth and Anurag start the task. 

Katrina’s team won the task. Samarth receives a message from his parents.

Isha and Mannara compete. Isha wins a task and receives a message from her parents. Katrina shows Mannara a message from her mother. 

Katrina inaugurates the Tiger’s Den area of the house. Salman asks Sunny and Abhishek to get ready in their gym wears. -Episode Ends

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