Bigg Boss 17 13th November 2023 Written Update: Vicky Jain changes the game for Ankita Lokhande

Bigg Boss 17 13th November 2023 Written Update on

Today’s episode started with Day 29. 8 AM: inmates wake up to the Bigg Boss anthem.


10:30 a.m.: Arun tells Vicky about his last call before entering the house. Vicky asks Arun why he didn’t raise his hand. Arun says he raised his hand. Anurag jumps into the conversation to prove Sunny’s sister-in-law is called Abhishek. He proved Abhishek and Sunny had pre-planned the game. Anurag exposes Arun and Sunny’s game strategy. Arun told Munawar that Anurag said Mannara and Khanzadi were in his pocket. Anurag gets angry at Arun. Mannara asks Munawar to share a conversation with her. 

11 AM: Anurag claims Arun is making false promises to his daughter. Ankita shares with Naved that Vicky was compared to Aishwarya; thus, he is upset. 

Anurag yells at Arun. Verbal spat between Arun and Anurag. Anurag gets angry at Arun for dragging his sister into their fight. Arun argue with each other. Anurag holds Arun’s collar. Samarth drags Anurag. Arun asks Anurag to hit him. Anurag says he wants to go out after hitting Arun. Sunny and Arun complaints Bigg Boss. 

11:45 AM: Sunny says Anurag got irked because his truth is out. Arun says Anurag tries to be sane in front of his fans. 

Abhishek asks Anurag not to bring out outside talk here. Ankita asks Anurag to calm down. Anurag says Arun is bringing his personal life into the game. Arun says his oneliners, irking Anurag.

12:30 PM: Mannara and Jigna try to clarify their misunderstanding. Arun and Sunny decide to go out if Bigg Boss will not take a stand.

Ankita, Anurag discuss Arun and Sunny. 

Mannara and Jigna patch up. 

1 PM: Khanzadi gives Abhishek a back hug. Abhishek asks Khanzadi about the hug when there is no future. Vicky says Khanzadi and Abhishek like each other; they just need a name.

Aishwarya cries, thinking her love for Neil is being questioned. Neil consoles Aishwarya.

Abhishek asks Khanzadi to stay separated so that they their game don’t get affected. 

Anurag asks Arun not to set a false narrative, as he has a girlfriend outside. Ankita asks Vicky where he is. Vicky replies rudely. Ankita decides to talk with Vicky to solve their differences. Vicky and Ankita argues with each other. 

Vicky says Ankita Lokhande is always right. Ankita decides to forget their relationship until they are in the game. Vicky agrees with Ankita.

3:15 PM: Bigg Boss addresses Samarth, Abhishek, Sunny, Arun, and Anurag’s aggressive behavior. He counts them all as damaging Bigg Boss property. Bigg Boss says after today if he finds anyone damaging the property without a warning, he will give punishment.

11:15 AM: Arun asks Vicky to come to him. Vicky says Ankita needs him. Ankita asks Vicky to go. Arun mocks Ankita and Vicky’s relationship.

2 AM: Vicky says Salman likes Mannara and Abhishek. He says he is not Salman’s favorite anymore. Ankita calls Vicky. Munawar and Abhishek mock Vicky and Ankita’s relationship.

Ankita complains to Vicky that he has given him liberty, so others are mocking their relationship. Vicky and Ankita fights. 

Naved asks Abhishek if he loves Khanzadi. Abhishek says he can’t tell him. Naved, Abhishek, and Khanzadi enjoy it.

Ankita apologizes to Vicky. She says they are getting detached. Vicky ignores Ankita.

4 a.m.: Khanzadi kisses Abhishek. She gets confused over her feelings for Abhishek.

Day 30: 9:15 AM: Samarth tells Anurag that she is cooking separately. Arun and Sunny decide to cook for them.

Vicky, Munawar, and Abhishek discuss the game. Vicky says Ankita will be in the top 5.

10 AM: Anurag decides to enjoy Arun and Sunny’s cooking. Arun and Anurag argue with each other. Anurag breaks the coffee mug. Samarth, Munawar, and Vicky control the fight.

Neil cleans the plate. Abhishek and Anurag argue with each other. Bigg Boss closes the kitchen.

1:30 PM: Bigg Boss addresses the inmates. He says that because of Anurag, the kitchen will be closed until his announcement. He nominated Anurag for the entire season. 

Munawar, Vicky, and other housemates get angry at Anurag. Neil calms down Anurag.

Anurag explains to Mannara that, since his life is public, he can’t bear the consequences. Mannara says he brought his girlfriend’s name. Anurag tries to clarify. Mannara asks Anurag to cut off Arun, Sunny, and Khanzadi from his life. 

3 PM: Bigg Boss announces the room will be shuffled. The task started with Anurag. Anurag demands Bigg Boss send him to the dimag house. 

Vicky decides to change his room because of Neil and Aishwarya. 

Aishwarya says Neil can change his room. Neil says he wants to go to Dimag’s room. 

Ankita demands Bigg Boss change Aishwarya and Neil’s rooms.

Mannara wants to change her room. -Episode Ends

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