Bigg Boss 17 15th November 2023 Written Update: Verbal spat between Isha Malviya and Abhishek Kumar

Bigg Boss 17 15th November 2023 Written Update on

Today’s episode started with Day 32 at 8 a.m.: inmates wake up to the Bigg Boss anthem. 


9:15 AM: Sunny says Arun is sleeping. He asks him to wake up. Anurag meets therapist.

9:45 AM: Mannara tells Aishwatra and Neil that Munawar is changing. She says he is being weird nowadays. Neil says Ankita and Vicky are unhygenic.

Arun complains to Sunny, accusing him of sleeping in front of Sana. Sunny assures Arun that he will be careful from now on.

11 AM: Bigg Boss talks about the nomination task. He asks Vicky to gather everyone.

12 PM: Inmates like the nomination task set up. Bigg boss says Vicky Jain is ready with his scripted nomination. He further asks inmates to nominate each other. 

Bigg Boss asks inmates to avoid nominations for Anurag and Rinku. He says Anurag is nominated for the whole season. Rinku has won immunity.

The task started with Anurag. Anurag nominates Abhishek and Samarth.

Neil nominates Vicky and Ankita. 

Naved nominates Arun and Sunny. He calls both of them aggressive.

Khanzadi nominates Arun and Mannara. 

Aishwarya nominates Ankita and Vicky.

Jigna nominates Arun and Sunny. 

Rinku nominates Mannara and Vicky.

Munawar nominates Munawar and Ankita. He comments that Ankita was unfair during the last nomination. Munawar clarifies that if Ankita nominates him, he will come to her. 

Mannara nominates Ankita and Khanzadi.  Ankita nominates Aishwarya and Neil. 

Samarth nominates Abhisehk and Mannara. Isha nominates Sunny and Khanzadi.

Abhishek nominates Ankita. He calls Ankita clever. Abhishek nominates Samarth.

Arun nominates Ankita for pointing the middle finger at Abhishek. He nominates Khanzadi.

Vicky nominates Neil and Aishwarya. 

Sunny nominates Abhishek and Samarth. 

Lastly, Sana nominates Khanzadi. She claims Khanzadi made an unnecessary issue of ghee. Sana nominates Sunny. She calls Sunny aggressive. Bigg Boss says Sana was instructed by Vicky. 

Bigg Boss says Vicky guided Sana not to nominate Neil and Munawar. Neil argues with Vicky. 

Bigg Boss says Ankita, Anurag, Sunny and Khanzadi are nominated as of now. He asks dimag house members to add one name. Vicky, Anurag, Arun, Sana, and Sunny vote out Abhishek. 

Anurag tells Arun and Sunny to set up the narrative that Vicky nominated Abhishek. 

Vicky explains the nomination to Abhishek. 

1:45 PM: Abhishek confronts Sunny, Arun, and Samarth. Arun says that she was against Abhishek the most. 

Aishwarya calls Ankita a fake.

2 PM: Isha asks Arun and Anurag why he said Sana was against Abhishek. Sana decides to confront Abhishek.

Arun gets adamant that Sana suggested Abhishek’s name first. Vicky asks Arun when he will learn to shut his mouth.

2:15 PM Vicky talks with Arun, Sunny and Anurag.

Abhishek argues with Ankita. He laughs at Ankita as she gets nominated. 

2:30 PM: Sana confronts Vicky about why he suggested her name in front of Abhishek. Anurag tells Vicky she said it. Vicky thanks Anurag for ganging up against him. Sana and Vicky argue with each other.

Abhishek confronted Vicky, stabbing him in the back. Vicky, Anurag, Sana, and Sunny argue with each other.

3:30 PM: Vicky tells Sunny, and Arun takes his name in the nomination.

Samarth and Isha discuss nominations.

4 PM: Arun and Sunny discuss and say Vicky needs them.

Sana gets angry at Vicky. Anurag, Arun, and Sunny discuss Vicky. Arun and Sunny are against Anurag for taking Sana’s side.

4:45 PM: Ankita decides to stay away from Vicky. She asks Vicky not to interrupt her game. 

6:30 PM: Sana, Isha, and Samarth argue with each other. Ankita asks Vicky to get over the game. Vicky says Ankita does not want to listen to him. 

Isha and Sana argue. Munawar, Neil, Abhishek, and others enjoy

7:30 PM: Ankita asks Vicky to give her attention. Vicky and Ankita argue with each other again.

Dil House members get excited upon receiving the Galaxy chocolates. 

8:30 PM: Sana asks Sunny and Arun to forgive her. Arun and Sunny argue with each other. 

Ankita smartly shares the chocolate with Vicky.

9:30 PM: Mannara comments on Munawar. Ankita shares with Isha that Vicky is practical; thus, he doesn’t understand her. Samarth copies Ankita.

Mannara flirts with Abhishek. 

10 PM: Abhishek tries to console Khanzadi. 

12 AM: Abhishek shared chocolate with Khanzadi. Aishwarya says Abhishek is doing wrong.

12:15 AM: Vicky shares chocolates with other inmates. Mannara tells Munawar, Samarth Ankita is sharing the chocolates.

1 AM: Ankita learns Mannara told Samarth and Muanwar that she shared the chocolate with Anurag-  Episode Ends

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