Bigg Boss 17 16th November 2023 Written Update: Abhishek Kumar accuses Khanzadi for using him

Bigg Boss 17 16th November 2023 Written Update on

Today’s episode started with Day 33, 8 AM: inmates wake up to the BB anthem.


8:45 AM: Mannara says Aishwarya House has most of the food. Aishwarya says Dum House members, out of greed, stored extra stock that got rotten.

Mannara demands Vicky give her some food.

Khanzadi, Ankita, and Vicky discuss eating chocolate. Rinku asks Vicjy to share the ration. 

9 AM: Khanzadi asks Jigna and Rinky why, without discussing, she asked Vicky to distribute the ration. Munawar jumps into the conversation. Khanzadi argues with Munawar. Mannara imitates Khanzadi. 

Munawar says Khanzadi has turned cold. Khanzadi says Munawar is out of Dimag House, so he got frustrated.

Abhishek speaks against Khanzadi. Khanzadi defends herself.

Munawar and Khanzadi argues with each other. 

Khanzadi decided to jump into Munawar’s issue next time.

9:45 AM: Sunny on camera says the BB ration is over. 

Khanzadi and Abhishek argue with each other. They call each other crazy. 

Arun and Sunny discuss ration. 

Khanzadi says Abhishek doesn’t listen or react. Abhishek asks Khanzadi to take her pills and go to sleep. Khanzasi gets emotional.

Sunny and Arun entertain.

Ankita shares chocolate with Naved.  Khanzadi says Abhishek is doing drama for the camera. Mannara asks Abhishek if he still likes Khanzadi. Abhishek says he counts on his mother; if she is wrong, then who is Khanzadi?

Khanzadi says Abhishek started the sukoon word. Ankita says Khanzadi should have taken the stand at that time.

11 AM: Khanzadi and Aishwarya argue. Ankita consoled Khanzadi. Munawar says Khanzadi has a new mother in the house. Jigna says Rinku, and she is saved.

12 PM: Khanzadi gets adamant about using the boy’s toilet.

Later, Bigg Boss locks the chocolate box given to Dil House members.

Mannara says Ankita deliberately distributed the chocolate. Aishwarya agrees.

Bigg Boss explains the BB Diwali bash task. Ankita and Mannara get the first invite.

3 p.m.: Arun and Sunny get the invite. Isha says if they do not get the invitation, they are strong. Vicky laughs. 

4 PM: Khanzadi, Abhishek, Anurag, and Sana get the invitation. 

Khanzadi gets emotional. Munawar apolozige to Khanzadi. 

Munawar requests Bigg Boss to give an invitation to Naved.

Jigna, Rinku, and Neil get the invitation.

7 PM: Aishwarya, Munawar, and Isha get the invitation.

Lastly, Samarth gets the invitation.

8:54 PM: Vicky shares with Muanwar that Abhishek’s game is getting predictable. 

 9 PM: The inmates are happy to get the invitation. 

 Bigg Boss asks housemates to zip their lips. He welcomes paparazzi for the Diwali bash.

According to the task, the paparazzi will capture the contenders. The task started with Samarth and ended with Munawr and Vicky.

Bigg Boss tasks about the BB ration task. He says inmates have to play cards and earn a weekly ration.

10:PM: Bigg boss asks Mannara, Neil, and Sana to start the task. Anurag and Munawar become the dictators of the task.

Mannara indirectly comments on Sana, Khanzadi, and Neil.

Sana indirectly comments on Munawar, Abhishek, and Naved. 

Neil indirectly comments on Samarth, Sana, and Mannara.

Anurag Munawar declares Mannara the winner. 

In the second round, Isha and Rinku become the dictators. Ankita, Aishwarya, and Vicky compete.

Isha and Rinky declare Ankita a winner. 

11 p.m.: Abhishek, Arun, and Khanzadi compete in the last round. Aishwarya and Vicky declare Abhishek the winner. 

Khanzadi cries after Abhishek mocks her health. Ankita consoles Khanzadi.

12 AM: Isha praises Abhishek. 

1:30 AM: Samarth and Isha argue with each other about getting comfortable with Abhishek.

2:45 AM: Ankita discuss about Abhishek with Arun and Sunny. -Episode Ends

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