Bigg Boss 17| The top reasons why Munawar Faruqui is a famous contender as of now

The impressive so-far stint of Munawar Faruqui is ruling hearts. Apart from his popularity, here are the top reasons audiences are connecting with Munawar Faruqui.

His poetry: 


 This season will be known for Munawar’s situational poetry. Munawar’s poetry in every situation is a treat. The way he keeps his heart out in the form of shayari is heartwarming. Munawar is the star of the season.


Munawar is smart enough to catch the game of the co-contenders. His capability is helping him to be ahead and in the top 5. Munawar is Bigg Boss’s favorite. 

Secret Holder and a True Friend:

Munawar shares an organic bond; thus, from Mannara to Ankita to Jigna, the contenders are confiding in him. Lately, Munawar’s take on friendship has impressed his million fans out there. Sharing with Isha, Munawar says it is good to bow down in friendship and apologize instead of keeping grudges. His apology to Mannara left audiences in ‘aww’.

Munawar is the boss for a reason.

Pure soul:

The way Munwar opened his heart out to Neil and told him about his son and why he is playing the game with dignity as of now melted millions of hearts out there. 

Last day, Munawar got teary after receiving good luck on the occasion of Diwali from his son. The inmates consoled him.


Munawar has strong competition in the house. Since he is the Lockk Upp winner, the other contenders see him as a tough competitor. In the recent immunity task, Ankita voted out Munawar and said he was already powerful. Well, there is no denial that Munawar has a strong personality. He will surely be in the top five.

Let’s see what more you add. Tell us what made you a Munawar Faruqui fan. 

Munawar Faruqui has 7.7 million Instagram followers and counting. 

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