Bigg Boss 1st October 2019 Full Written Update: Housemates successfully accomplish nomination task!

Today’s episode opens with morning 10 and housemates dances on ( Ruk ja oo dil Dewane). Afterwards Siddhartha Shukala, Shehanaz and Paras shares a talk. Further, Siddhartha Dey taunts celebrities for not having manners to use washroom. Asim sees it and gets ready to clean it. Other side, Paras and Aarti bonds well and talks with each other.

Devoleena and Siddhartha cooks. Later, Siddhartha Shukala and Siddhartha Dey gets into an argument over the food. Ahead, Bigg Boss voice over explains the rule about the nomination task. Siddhartha Shukala, Abu Malik and Paras was asked to come forward. Bigg Boss ask Siddhartha Dey and Asim not to perform this task because they received black hearts.

Rashmi was asked to start the task. She gives her heart to Paras. Kohena too gives the heart to Paras and explains why she is giving heart to Paras. Next, Shefali, Mahira too gives heart to Paras.

Aarti and Devoleena gives heart to Siddhartha Shukala. Further, Daljeet gives her heart to Paras. And Shehnaz gives to Abu. Bigg Boss says now it’s time to see whom boy’s will save from being nominated.

Siddhartha Shukala nominates Devoleena. And Paras nominates Rashmi, Kohena and Shefali. He gives quite funny reason for nominating Kohena. Bigg Boss ask Paras to be serious and further Paras nominates Daljeet too.
Ahead, Shefali lashes out at Paras for commenting about her. The duo does an heated argument. Later, Paras and Shefali patch up. Shefali cries and Paras hugs her.

Here, Daljeet ask Asim to use tea leaves less else it will get over soon. Paras interrupts. Asim gets angry on him.

Asim and Paras fights over tea. Devoleena and Rashmi tries to calm them down. But Asim and Paras continues their argument.

Aarti supports Asim over paras. Housemates discuss on tea. Later, at gym area Paras and Asim shares a light moment. Mahira and Shehnaz enjoys their talk. Shehnaz comments and says how cum they are not fighting with each other.
Other side, Aarti, Shefali and Siddhartha Dey talks with each other on nomination task. Further, kohena discuss on Rashan.
Later, Kohena blames Shehnaz and she cries. (Episode Ends)

Precap:- New task is given to the housemates to see their patience level. Here, Shefali hurts Aarti by asking personal question. Aarti cries.