Bigg Boss 2nd October 2019 Full Written Update: Siddhartha Shukala and others performs operation task!

Today’s episode opens with Day 3 at 6:30pm. Rashmi, Siddhartha Shukala and Siddhartha Dey talks with each other.
Ahead, Siddhartha Dey and Siddhartha Shukala does argument. Rashmi interrupts and calm them down.
At 9:45pm Siddhartha Shukala ask Rashmi why she puts pillows. Rashmi and Dalijeet sleeps on the floor and talks about Siddhartha Shukala.

Day4 At 8pm: Housemates dances on the music plays at the background.
At 8:15 Paras ask Shehnaz to take out the Rashan. Shehnaz brings tea leaves. After, Shehnaz ask housemates to first have tea than go for taking bath. Mahira misunderstands Shehnaz and gets angry on her.

At 12:30 PM Siddhartha Dey reads the instruction of the operation task.
At 2pm:- Bigg Boss ask Paras and Devoleena to go on board and can choose 2 people from another team
Paras and Devoleena choose Siddhartha Shukala and Asim to begin the task. Asim gets quits and team B gets the point. Aarti and Rashmi lashes out Asim for getting up without performing the task.

Other side, Devoleena and Paras treats Siddhartha Shukala and uses different ways to treat Siddhartha. Siddhartha patience is tested. Siddhartha bears the tourcher. Rashmi and Aarti cheers up from Siddhartha. Devoleena ask Paras to keep ice inside Siddhartha’s foot to make him stand. But Siddhartha completes the task.

Further, Paras taunts Asim for not performing the task. Asim gets angry and he gets into a heated argument with Paras. Shefali ask Paras to calm down. Later, Aarti and Shefali does argument on the way they treated Siddhartha Shukala for the task.

Dalijeet and Mahira gets the task to cure the patients by feeding them. Kohena and Siddhartha Dey comes forward to perform the task.
Kohena Mitra and Siddhartha Dey eats whatever Mahira and Dalijeet gives them. Siddhartha Shukala cheers them up. kohena and Dey successfully completes the task.

Further, Shefali and Shehnaz was asked to give ear treatment. Shehnaz screams in Aarti’s ear. Shefali to make it unbearable for Aarti ask her to tell about her and Siddhartha’s love story. She questions on her failed marriage too. Shefali ask Aarti to speak up.
Later, Shehnaz and Shefali shifts to Rashmi and gives ear treatment to her. Rashmi bears Meanwhile, Aarti cries and Shefali ask her why she is crying. She ask her to reply. Time gets up and Rashmi and Aarti too completes the operation task.
Aarti cries and Shefali apologises her and says it was part of the task.

Afterwards, Siddhartha Shukala ask Aarti why she was crying after the task. He further adds this mean Shefali won, as she made her cry with her words.

Other side, Paras, Shehnaz, Asim and Siddhartha Dey chill out. Later, Siddhartha Dey and Paras ask kiss from Shehnaz, as she has promised them. They teases Shehnaz and Shehnaz challenges Paras to go and take kiss from Mahira first. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Second team performs the operation task.