Bigg Boss 30th September 2019 Written Update: Season’s first task for housemates by Amesha Patel

Today’s episode opens with voice over saying it’s mrng and Paras call Aarti and ask her to perform her duty.

Shehnaz explain to Abu Malik why she choose Paras. Here, few mates advice Asim to wear T-shirt. Further, Mahira, Paras and other talks about sleeping issue. Afterwards, Asim comments about something and Aarti interrupts.

Next actress Amesha Patel enters the house (kaho na pyaar hai song plays in the background). She meet and greet everyone. Bigg Boss welcomes Amesha Patel too. Further, she ask housemates to make her visit the house.
Amesha tells to housemates that to get the rashan they need to perform a task. She explains the rules to them. Each member of the house gears up to pick up the goods through their mouth without using their hands.

Bigg Boss ask Amesha to go out from the house.
Later, housemates decide about the performed task. Asim and Paras does argument. Siddhartha Shukala ask Aarti not to interrupt when he is cooking. Aarti and Siddhartha makes the tea.
Shehnaz and Abu Malik performs song while chilling with house members. Everyone enjoys their performance.

Aarti and Paras talks about Asim. Other side, Asim tells him what happened in the morning between him and Paras. Afterwards, Shehnaz says she and Asim will perform a rap. The duo performs. Later, Asim and Paras does a heated argument again.

Amesha Patel enters the house again in and does a sizzling performance in the pool. Housemates gets excited seeing her.
Ahead, Amesha gives the task to the girls of the house that they have to choose 2 men’s and make them remove their Shirt. Afterwards they have to write on their body the first bad impression they got seeing them. Amesha says Kohina is in charge so she can choose.
Kohina calls Abu and Asim. Girl’s performs the task as per the instruction.
Next, Amesha ask mates to play guess game. Siddhartha Dey and Paras is blind folded for the second task.
Further, Amesha ask Abu to dip in the pull and compose a song. Abu Malik dedicates a song to Ameesha. Next, She ask Siddhartha Dey to dip in the pool and do Shayari.
Amesha gives black hearts to Siddhartha Dey and second Asim. Episode wrapped up with Shehnaz and Paras talking to each other.

Precap: For the nomination, girls gets angry on boys for being unfair to them. Ahead,.Siddhartha Shukala and Siddhartha Dey does a heated argument.