Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 10th October 2020 Written Update: Sanam gives heart break to Balaji and Samyuktha

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 10th October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Kamal hasan saying to audience that someone said whoever eating food with salt won’t stay inside still staying there , without voting one chose as Captain but do nothing there none ask the question what about the audience? He comes to the stage with his Njabakam varuguratha song at back ground plays. He says that many felt last week episodes are quiet because of life experience task. He explains to the audience this task conduct for a reason to know about every contestants. Many persons heart touched by their tearful stories. He comes to know about it through social media. He ask us to see the friday episode.

Day 6. 8.35 am Verithanam songs plays housemates dancing for that song . Everyone greets each other

8.55 am Suresh complaint to Rio that they are wasting things. Why don’t they use it according to their needs we must warn everyone there. Rio agrees with him.

At 6.15 pm Balaji is sharing about his modeling carrier to his housemates. He informs to them many struggles is their in that field. Modeling page is fake they have partiality. Sanam also a part of it she got angry hearing it so she leaves that place.

At 6.30 pm Sanam asking to Balaji in living area did he has any personal problem with her he replies as nothing. She says to him that she is also a model and a part of that field how could he look down on that show? He apologize to her if its hurts her but he didn’t notice her there. She keeps arguing with him so he says to her he will prove it to her once he leave the house.

Bigboss annouced the next task ” pukar kaditham” every housemates wanna write the complaint about each captaincy of the house. Every housemates wrote the complaint and put it in the complaint box. Rio teasing Ramya

12.25 am. Nisha sharing her feelings to camera and conveying to her husband. She ask to him to take care of the family and how much she is missing him and loving him. She wished him a happy wedding anniversary. She assures to him that she won’t cry and makes everyone happy inside the house.

Kamal hasan is on stage he says to us that everyone mask slowly slowly tored. He ask to show inside without showing him on screen he wanna check what’s going on there. Samyuktha doing ramp walk in outside garden area and another one set of group is in living area. Kamal praised Shivani for mingling with them. Everyone settled in sofa ang greets Kamal hasan. He says to them he is happy to see the crowd there. He ask Shivani to sing the Kanmani song for everyone there she sings for them. Kamal hasan tell them that he watched the life sharing experiment task its really touched him.

Velmurugan life is resembling many actors and directors life here. But his grandmother words is touching him. Kamarajar saw this early that is why he bring the sathunavu thittam in all school. We must thank him for his act. Then he praised Somu for coming out of his comfort zone its really making him happy to see him doing rap there. Stammering is not a problem but lossing oppurtunity because of this is worst even his friends faced it. He praised him for facing it bravely.

Kamal hasan says to Aari that he also faced the situation like him. When he returned to home his mom died if she is alive she may feel proud for giving importance to work.

He says to Sanam may that auto driver staring this show and feeling proud to save her from that accident. He says to them everyone representing the middle class so its resembling many persons life. He talked about Balaji dark life and praised his boldness to face everything. After a break he talked about the small clashes in the house Anitha and Suresh explaining to Kamal what happened. Suresh says to him he didn’t meant all news readers its just a joke but she took it seriously and being rude to him.

Kamal replies to him he is old so he can able to forgive kids. More then how could he look down on the people whom adding salt in food to eat. Spraying saliva is common. Suresh replies to him that he didn’t mean it. He talked to her rudely so its hurt him so he don’t wish to create more fights that is why he stayed quiet. Kamal hasan praise his act. Anitha shares her part of the story and patch up with Suresh infront of him. Rio advising to Anitha leave the topic here don’t dragg it more her name will be spoil.

Kamal hasan wished Nisha for her wedding anniversary. She thanked her. Kamal discussed about the bed matter. Suresh narrate to Kamal how did Rio talked with Bigboss and send him to bed actually he is comfortable with the settings which done by Rio and Somu. For Rio sake he went in to sleep there. Kamal hasan praised Nisha and Sanam sacrifice.

He ask Sanam to give heart symbol again infront of him. She gives heart to Rekha and Anitha for being nice with her and heart break for Samyuktha and Bala ji. Reasoning he looked down on her field and narrates the incident to Kamal

Balaji replies to him that he didn’t talked like that intentionally. He explain to him he just shared his experiment actually he is also from same field and he worked hard for to reach the place. He thinks she is playing victim role here.

Kamal says nothing to worry if they think they can end up the fight here or else can continue the friendship..he bids bye to them. Kamal hasan tributed his greetings to Aachi Manorama whom left this world after gifted many movies to us to remind her for lot of years. He bids bye to the show

In preview Kamal explaining to Balaji to respect other’s field too.

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