Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 11th January 2021 Written Update: Evicted contestants surprise visit

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 11th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Day 99 at 8.10. Morning wake up song plays at the house.Housemates starts wake up and starts dance for the song ” Aasa viragaduppila” song and greeted each other.

At 10 .45 Bala saying to camera that he was so worried may people misunderstand him as wrong person. He used to controll his anger before but he changed when he came here. After breakup he showed anger here because they mentioned him as lazy. Playing dirty game and culture. Its made him anger he is out of controll. He was happy when they saved him and understand him. He thank them for voting him.

At 11.40 Bigg Boss announcing to the housemates that 99 days passed. They are the only contestants stayed in finale week. He wished them best of luck. Bigg Boss ask the housemates to share their best three moments they spend inside the house to all.

Aari says that he has three best times here. His first best thing is he won the ramp walk here. He wish to give that prize to his daughter. Then his captaincy task. Rio followed his way that made him very happy. Ticket to finale task winner will be one. Why should he fight for that? He was silent that time because he need a result of 99 days. He is very happy for the days he spend inside the house. Gabby saying that her best moment is everyone praised her dance. Then Bigg Boss find out her positiveness and make her move on. Last Bigg Boss council her that’s was really touch. Bala saying that he established himself once he entered into the house. He felt very happy when 11 contestants are against him. He just stared this as game nothing else. He used to think don’t hurt others. But he unintentionally hurt her. Her mom complained that he spoiled her game it made him feel low. When Kamal sir saved him he got his life back. Then Singa penne song played in the task he was pretty emotional and felt proud of them.

At 1.35 Rio says that he felt happy in the Ticket to finale time. Many persons doubts him will he go to final? He faced many stage. He wish to beat Bala in game but his body didn’t coperate with him. Rio says to them that he doubts his character is right or wrong? He even ask to his wife did she hate him? She replies she likes him more. Then Bala hugged him and praised him.

Somu says that everyone praised him that’s the best moment. He won the ticket to Finale task its wonderful moment for him. Kamal sir praised him for talking in less time. Then he talked with his mom on ticket to finale task.

Ramya says that she is a self made person. Her dad too passed away in her young age. Her best moment in the house is she gave the toppler card to Aajeedh. Her only intention not to give the card to Suresh. Then her best moment is gifting to Shivani on christmas day. At last singapenne song. She has back pain though she survived there. Their encouragement and praise smile still made her feel goosebumps. Its an best memory of her life. Bigg Boss says to them all these moments made him happy too. Housemates thank him.

At 2.40 Ramya is saying to Somu that his mom is sweet. Bigg Boss ask the housemates to stay in garden area. Evicted housemates enters into the house through store room. Rekha sit in chair. Nisha sit inside the cupboard and complaing to camera that she expected her to enter inside the house through main door with beautiful song but they disappointed her. Ramesh lay on bed silently. Ramya finds someone near the fridge. Housemates are checking her and enter inside. Seeing Archana they rushed near her and hugs tightly. Ramya then noticed Rekha there. All find each other and hugging happily. Rekha saying to Aari that he is playing good. He is rocking outside

Song plays at the house. Everyone rushed outside and starts dance for the song. Vaathi coming. Archana hugs Bala happily.

At 3.15 Archana saying to Ramya that she missed her so much. They are so connected with this show. Nisha talking with Ramya and sharing to her how did outsiders question her. They asked her Is it scripted show? Did they crying there using glycerin? They will help them washing their dress and iron it. No need to cook. Ramya question her whom said it?

At 6 .15 Aari sharing to Nisha that how much he done in this house but none giving the appreciation to him. Nisha saying to him that he is doing all not understanding anything. He says to her that he likes Bala a lot because he is getting anger on him its his age. Whenever he says some words against him he used to advise him that he is helping him. But his name is spoiling outside. He was broken when everyone said to him he was jealoused.

At 7.20 Bala asking to Rekha how did his image portrayed outside. If there is Hero and Villain also there. He is the villain and Hero. She only felt he fails to controll his anger. If she is here she may tear his ears and advise him. He scared thinking about his career. Rekha advise to him that everyone will forget this in 3 months.

At 7.45 Bigg Boss ask Archana to come to confession room. At 7.50 Archana reading new task rules. Boys vs Girl. Flour placed in the garden area. They wanna hold the card in mouth and fill the card with flour then exchange it with other. Whom filling the bowl first will be the winner.

At 8.10 Both team starts filling it slowly slowly. Girls are making fun of them. Buzzer plays. Gabby announced Boys team are the winners. Nisha asking to Bigg Boss to say something about her. Rio ask her to wash her face. Gabby poures all flour on her head. Bigg Boss says to her she looks good now. Gabby smiles and Nisha pout.

At 8 40 Rio is using Rekha hair style as mike and singing song there. She is laughing like hell.

At 9.20 Bala is talking with Rekha she is advising to him about the image portrayed outside. Here Rio is talking with Nisha outside and sharing to her what’s happening here. They tagged that and continuoued it.

At 10.30 Archana immittating Bala and saying to him that we 18 contestants were in here but 4crore people are outside they don’t understand what they are facing inside the house. Whatever happens she likes him. He kiss her hand she kiss him too. Then said love you to him.

Episode end.

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