Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 11th October 2020 Written Update: Kamal conducting Heart and Heart breaking symbol task

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 12th October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Kamal hasan entered into stage and talking with audience that its pandemic situation many were staying home ladies having double work at home. In his childhood days he doesn’t even know to thank his mother for giving delicious food he used to ask her to prepare the same food tomorrow. She too cook for him. He failed to thank her before but thanking her in this stage. He ask us to check out what happened in house.

Balaji complaints Sanam for her twisting words to Kamal. He only mentioned about specific organization how could she lie to him that Bala mentioned womens there. Both were arguing each other for this matter from their own point of view. Housemates watching them and trying to calm them but they stands in their point of view is correct.

Kamal hasan shown in screen House mates greets him. He says to them he regret for not giving Solution because after the conversation also the problem is continued. He advise to Bala whatever the achievement is he can’t degrade the show or their success. He explaining to him that Bala is an body builder he won the title after so much effort what if someone look down on his victory and hardwork. Obviously its hurt him same way its hurted Sanam so don’t do it again. Kamal took his life as example. He started the heart breaking task from Rio.

Rio gives heart break symbol to Shivani and Aajeedh for not mingling with him. Heart to Rekha reasoning she is resembling someone from his family carefree nature. She starts to listen others now a days after her he gives it to Bala reasoning he said many situation which he didn’t shared yet.

Somu gives heart to Rio and Nisha for being close to him and he felt comfortable with them and giving heart break to Aajeed and Shivani to mingle more with him. Samyuktha gives heart to Aajeedh reasoning he is like a little brother to her and to Nisha for her humour sense. She gives heart break to Bala and Sanam reasoning many good things are there in modeling then why did they fighting over its demerits.

Kamal praised her way of giving heart breaks directly. Aari gives heart to Rekha and Rio ang heart breaks to Shivani and Aajeedh reasoning he is advising him but he left in the middle of conversation so he wanna learn discipline. After him Rekha comes there and gives heart to Aari and Nisha for being nice to her then she gives heart break to Gabrilla reasoning she needs more maturity. Then she gives heart break to Suresh for his tough competition against her.

Ramya pandiyan gives heart to Aajeedh because she found a bond in him after him she gives heart to Shivani reasoning last time she gives heart break to her not mingling with others now she is trying a lot so giving heart to her . She gives heart break to Rekha and Suresh for the misunderstanding in the kitchen.

Velmurugan giving heart break to Rekha and Suresh for not fighting each other and heart to Samyuktha and Som. Bala gives heart to Aajeedh for his confident and to Nisha for understanding him. He gives heart break to Sanam for misjudging him then to Samyuktha for complaining him. After Bala Jithan comes there he gives heart to Bala reasoning he is pure and straight forward then to Aari.

He gives heart break to Aajeedh and Shivani for not mingling with him. Nisha gives heart to Somu and Rekha for being kind to her. She gives heart break to Suresh reasoning he must reduce his anger then to Sanam for hurting her. Anitha gives heart break to Suresh for the recent incident and to Somu to mingle more with her, heart to Nisha because she is resembling her mom. She even shares her past incident to Kamal. Gabrilla gives heart to Shivani and Nisha and heart break to Suresh and Sanam. Likes this all contestants completed this task.

Kamal hasan meet the house mates through screen he shows the voting box to them for captaincy. He says in sarcasm they must choose the leader after thinking twice. Kamal ask to Ramya how did she feeling about her captaincy. She confessed to him its an u expected position according to her she tries her best but she couldn’t solve few problems. He ask Suresh, Rekha and Shivani comes forward because they recieved the huge heart breaks. He ask the housemates to choose the captain of the house.

Suresh got huge votes so he chose to be a new captain of the house. Kamal advise him to don’t waste food and keep an eye on everything he assures him back. He bids bye to housemates. Suresh choosing teama for cooking, vessel washing, house keeping and toilet cleaning.

Housemates agrees to his decisions

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