Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 12th January 2021 Written Update: Golden memories

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 12th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Day 100 at 8am morning wake up song plays at the house. Housemates starts dancing for the song ” vettayadave veri oda suthuren”

At 1.15 Somu asking to Aari why did he doing the work alone? Aari saying to him that he is feeling bored here after lunch. Somu ask him to join with all why did he working alone. He is feeling bored its finished. He ask him to talk with others.

At 1.45 Rio giving rose to Nisha. Somu asking to him why did he giving his. Rio says many stoled his too. Nisha accept the rose and gave one counter. None listen her and leaves to tease her.

At 2.35 Velmurugan entered into the house through store room. He is checking everyone there. Housemates shouts seeing him. Aari hugs him and Rio hugged him. All are enjoying happily. Next Sanam entered in through confession room. She is roaming around the place and thanking Bigg Boss. Ramya notice her and hugs her. Aari hand shake with her she says she is here to see him. Velmurugan questions where is Bala? She mentioned he is inside. They hugged each other.

At 2.55 Samyuktha entered into Bigg Boss through activity area she shouts. Everyone hugs her and greeted. Sam mentioned Ramya as mass. She saya none said like that to her. Sam ask to her where is Bala she didn’t meet him yet.
Suchi advising to Bala . Go out with a clean mind. He is almost in finishing line don’t give up. Nothing is there to confuse. Sam comes there with and fakely cough there to get Bala attention.

Bala hugged Samyuktha and says missing her a lot. Both hugging and consoling each other. Suchi said they met outside so there is no surprise. Bala again said missed you. Sam informs to him that all are used to interview her to question about Bala. Why did she supported him? Bala says that he can able to see Ramya future now itself. Ramya saying to Sam that she seperated both from fighting because she wish to avoide problem for that he said that he is her friend. They don’t even have a proper conversation with each other in the 100 days. Sam too agree it.

At 3.30 Bala apologize to Sanam for his deeds. She question him why did he apologizing again? He says to her that he felt guilt after she left the house. Sanam congratulated him for entering into finals.

At 5 10 Rio reading the new circular. All are happy right because all friends are back. Don’t think Bigg Boss won’t give any task. They gonna do the best of task again. Thangame unnathan thedi vanthen. Each housemates wanna divide into 5 team. Its important game.

At 5 15 Gabby is asking to the contestants to say ok. Aari is noding with head. Rio ask him to say yes. Rio announcing the team to Bigg Boss. Aajeedh, Ramya and Samyuktha one team. Rio, Gabby and Nisha one team. Bala, Suchi and Ramesh one team. Velmurugan, Archana and Somu one team. Aari, Rekha and Sanam last team.

At 5 20 Rio clearing his misunderstanding with Aari. He don’t like the way he respond to her. Aari says to him that he was playing with her to check her reaction he was the one came inbetween. Rio apologise to him for coming inbetween but he don’t like the way he respond to him.

At 5 45 Buzzer plays. Aajeedh, Ramya and Sam entered into the activity area. They took somethings. Aajeedh reading the list of items he picked. Then Ramya reading it. Then mittai, butter, mittai. Pulippu mittai.

At 6 15 Sujji, Bala and Ramesh entered into the activity area. Ramesh picked only one thing. Bala takes one Panchu mittai. Mysoor pack and chips.

Then Rio, Gabby and Nisha entered inside then says nothing is inside. They are reading their list of items. Jilebi, icecream, kazzarta, Rasagulla, Paani poori , kuzhi paniyaram. Sonpappudi.

At 7.10 Somu, Velmurugan and Archana are searching there. They are saying nothing is inside. She reads lessy, then mittai, butter milk. Vein, raisins. Murukku, biscuits.

At 7 35 Aari, Sanam and Rekha are searching there and complaints nothing is there. He reads the list sundal, gigarthanda.

At 9 50 Velmurugan saying to housemates that his family members trolled him. They said that they was searching him where is he inside the house. Aari and Bala scoring in the show he is not standing beside them then how comes they will find him? Family teased him a lot. Housemates laughing like hell hearing his comedy.

At 11.35 Bigg Boss announce to the housemates today is 100th day of Bigg Boss house. He congratulate them. He shares to them that he is happy to see them inside. He says to them that they shared many good moments inside they can see some good thing they are shared here through plasma. They thank them. They are watching the video and laughing like hell.

At 1.20 Rekha thank everyone for playing this happy video. She says to them that she didn’t share about her real feeling to anyone here because she felt someone will laugh hearing it. Hee daughter didn’t talk with her for not playing well in the house. She shares her emotional past to them. Her father don’t like her entering into the cine industry he diead alone. She is in very guilt for that life long. Housemates console her. Bigg Boss mention Nisha as Nishu and asking to her is she in diet. She ask him to say I Love you to her. He too said it. Nisha runs like mad in happiness. Then he says it as prank.

Nisha says that scientist task she liked a lot. Archana mentioned kula adi sanda task. Then anchoring with Rio was beautiful one.

Episode end.

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