Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 13th January 2021 Written Update: Anitha entered into Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 13th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Day 101 at 8 am. Morning wake up song plays at the house. Housemates starts dance for the song kaattukulle and greet each other.

At 11 Sanam, Aari and Velmurugan talking about the incident happening outside of the house. Velmurugan says that all are here but something is missing. Sanam says its look like first week but now its different everyone know their face not like before. Aari says that we housemates have some pressure because we have no idea about the outside. Suchi saying it. Rio says if she saying something he can accept it but if its wrong no need to do it. Aari says that accepting mistakes is good quality. Rio nods. Rio says we already talked about this. Rio saying to Aari that only 3 days left lets be happy and play the game well.

At 1.05 Siragugal veesi song plays at the house. Housemates are ready to welcome her. She starts crying seeing her. All are hugging her and consoling her for her loss. Velmurugan appologize to her for not visiting the place. Ramya ask her to be strong. Sam said dad will be proud of her. Nisha and Archana are consoling her. All are hugging her and consoling for her loss. Bigg Boss announce apologize to her for her loss.

Aari saying to Sanam that he is thinking that he was playing to destroy him. He didn’t play like them but he wish to see him showing his game out. Aari saying that his words are encouraging one to him but he is always misunderstanding him. Sanam says that she can see it. There is no one will understand it.

At 3.10 Rio saying to Gabby that all are sharing to us what’s going on outside but we can’t able to accept it. Its like demotivating us. Bala affected a lot. He is still standing in his opinion and all are supporting him its really giving negative thoughts to us.

At 3.45 Suchi and Velmurugan are singing a song. Rekha is giving acting for it. Archana is directing it. Rekha is nailing it there. Suchi asking Rekha to continue it. Velmurugan acting along with her.

At 4.10 Nisha reading the task name Naada Kaada. Swaraggapuri kings and Mayapuri devils gonna meet each other. Queen wanna send their family member outside. Devils wanna make that statue smile. Bigg Boss teased Ramya. Note they ask them to play this game happily. Suchi is queen, Samyuktha, Gabrilla, Anitha, Aari, Aajeedh, Archana, Ramesh are swaragappuri family.
Rio, sanam, Bala, Nisha, Somu, Rekha Ramya Velmurugan are Devils.

Suchi sending Aajeedh first outside. Devils team capture him. Buzzer plays. Devils team welcome him and make him stand in the circle. Buzzer plays but he couldn’t hold the smile so he laughed. Devils got happy. Bigg Boss announce to Aajeedh that he send dress specially but he can stand more atleat for it. Aajeedh smiles and ask one more chance to him.

At 5.50 Devils team are dancing outside there. King family send Gabrilla outside. Buzzer plays. Gabrilla standing like statue. They are trying their best to make them smile but she didn’t smile at all till the buzzer plays.

At 6.15 They are sending Suchi outside. After sending her their family are dancing for the song. Suchi hold her smile till buzzer plays. They welcome her in. They send Samyuktha out. Buzzer plays she is standing like statue but she laughed after few minutes.

At 6.50 Archana sending Aari outside. She is advising him to don’t smile seeing Nisha. Buzzer plays Aari standing there like statue. He didn’t smile buzzer plays. Bigg Boss announce that task is over. Three members didn’t smile from King family so they won the task.

At 8. 10 Samyuktha saying to Ramya its an beautiful memories they bring back to them through this task. On that task we have pressure but here no pressure so she laughed soon. Its cute. Ramya nods with her.

At 8.20 Aari reading new task. Blind fold football task. Finale contestants wanna play this task. Contestant wanna blind fold their eyes and put goal. Whom kicking more goals will be the winner. Housemates can help them.

At 9 Task begin Aari kicked one goal. They are helping them to put goal on net. Bala kicked 0 Gabby kicked 2. Rio kicked 1. Somu and Ramya kicked 0 goal. So Gabby is the winner. They announced Gabby is the winner. Bigg Boss congratulated them.

At 10 Bigg Boss announcing that everyone entered into this house unknown each other. They made Father, mother, son, daughter, sister, friend and brother inside the house within days. We are gonna play few moments of them through plasma tv. They played each and every contestant special video their happy moment and crying moment too.

At 10. 25 Rio and Somu are hugging each other. Here Suchi and Archana hugging. Ramesh comes there he hugs her. Gabby hugging Gabby and crying while hugging.

At 10. 30 Rio crying inside the bathroom and says doesn’t he say the same from beginig then why did he said like that. Somu says to them all its all like that only. Gabby says that they played it to make us happy for remaining 3 days. Let’s enjoy. Somu says that he is so happy.

At 10.50 Sanam talking to Camera that she enjoyed each and every moment in this house. She was broken when she entered into this house but when she went out she was very strong. This Bigg Boss house gave second life to her. She will be very thankful for Bigg Boss words its still ringing in her ears. She is a real warrior. She thank Bigg Boss.

Gabby is counting in reverse. All lights turns to off.

At 12.40 All housemates are dancing together in the garden area while singing.

Episode end.

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