Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 13th October 2020 Written Update: Velmurugan arguing with Suresh

Bigg Boss 4 13th October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts Day 9 at 9.50am morning wake up song plays. All housemates wake up and dance for the Ethir veetu heroine song. At cooking team were in kitchen. Suresh said to Aajeedh to arrane the things in strict tone frustrated Aajeedh shouts on him to not order him. Talk to him in normal and leaves from there. He says to Ramya he talked to him in normal way.

Ramya replies to him his tone is bit ordering way actually he done many work in kitchen. Aajeedh narrates to Bala what happened. He returned to Kitchen Suresh hugged him and apologized to him. At 11am all housemates were in living room Ramya reading Eviction free pass rules to the housemates. Those who nominated for eviction must discuss with each other and send out one contestant when count down end. Whom staying at the end will get the eviction free pass.

At 2.20 pm Nominated contestants were in one room. Suresh saying to the contestant that Sanam got the highest vote from housemates so he wish to send her out let people decide whether she wants to be in or out. Rest of the contestant agrees with him. Sanam shares her bitter past to them and her unluck she says to them that she has the confident people will vote for her and leaves. At 2.40 pm Sanam crying outside Anitha comes there and consoling her.

Aari advising to her its just a game only one person gonna win the title so take its easy. At 2.50 pm. Suresh pointed Shivani the second highest votes so he wish to send her out. Shivani replies to them she suffered a lot and has no cinema back ground though she has the faith to stay in the house till 100 days so she is leaving confidently. After her they ask Samyuktha to talk. She pointed she is an mother of a child. Rekha says to her she is also a mother so don’t point this out. Alaram rings so she leaves wishing them. Next Suresh said Rekha is a tough contestant to him so he wanna see her going out.

Ramya added that from the first day Rekha saying to her that she will evict soon so she has no faith to stay in. Rekha replies to them she won’t leave for Suresh. They take that point and says she still has no confidence so votes for her. Alaram rings she leaves from the room. After her Suresh says Gabrilla name is in next order she ask to them why should follow the order and narrated her sufferings. She has no recognation and she is fighting for daily life no financial support so this money will be useful to her. They didn’t convince so she leaves when alaram rings.

Gabrilla shares to the housemates he is not doing fair game there. When its Ramya turns she find out Suresh strategic. While their conversation played in living room. Housemates listen him talking back about Rio and Velmurugan. When Ramya and Aajeedh didn’t convice by his arguement Rio turns happy. Suresh leaves the room by wishing them. Ramya heard Aajeedh part of story and convinced by him. Aajeedh won the pass. Biggboss ask them to don’t share it with others.

Suresh comes in Anitha and Rio argue with him for his false statement against them. They lashes out him for his strategic play there. Suresh pretend to be nice with them but Velmurugan ask to him why did he lie to win a pass. He didn’t ask him anything but said its look good but he conveyed it to others that he begged him for that its totally unfair. He is looking down on him. Suresh didn’t heed to him and start to eat food. Aari takes him from there. Sanam gives irony reply to suresh by praising his mind game. Rio carried Ramya and Aajeedh in happy.

Rio reading the rules of Eviction free pass and announced the winner as Aajeedh. He pointed out the rules as he can use this card once for himself or can use for other housemates. He must take care of it from others. If its reach to other hand then its theirs. Rio carried him and wish him best of luck.

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