Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 15th December 2020 Written Update: Bala broke his own golden egg

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 15th December 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Day 72 morning at 8.05 am Morning wake up song plays in the house. Housemates starts to wake up one by one and dance for the song ” kokkara kokkara ko” and greeted each other.

At 9.30 Shivani is saying to Ramya that she is feeling that none giving job to her. She will be stay in vessels only team. She won’t do vessels washing often. Archana comes there Shivani explains to her that she is feeling that sometimes they are taking her work sometimes she is washing just two vessels. Ramya clearing it with Archana. Gabby too comes there and support Archana.

At 9 45 Aajeedh asking to Shivani how many shifts are coming? Ramya replies 5. He says its high. Work is heavy they need extra help. Ramya says to him she will do volunteer. Bala says to her he will also help her. Archana saying to Gabby that kitchen is not in her mind she feels like she stuck in her mind. Gabby replies to her that its not a problem she don’t wanna spend whole time in kitchen. That’s why she is doing this drama because no one should nominate her in worst performers right? Archana nods.

Ramya talking with housemates that Shivani having problems in vessels washing so she decided to divide two more group. She explains to them that she only wanna do vessels not cooking. Rio can join in cooking because he is comfortable in it. Ramya and Bala will do volunteer. Aari says to them that they can’t able to bring volunteer in best performing task. Bala says to him that he can’t able to influence others he won’t do it then don’t do it. Aari says that Bala the one said it before but he changed his thought again. Bala clears to him that before contestants are there equally to divide into team. But now we are lack of people so work is double. Archana says that we didn’t consider it before. If they can bring this topic then they can don’t influence others.

At 1.05 Rio reading the biggboss circular for luxury budget task. Biggboss House gonna turn to be a Hen’s farm. Each contestant will get a golden egg with their name. Hen wanna protect its egg from the fox. They wanna apply the pain before approaching the egg. Hen’s can put a deal with Fox to not touch it’s egg. If fox touch a egg then all the money will goes to fox hand. Whom having more biggboss currency will get special power. When hen approaching the egg they can touch it tail. Whose tail is touched will be out of the game.

At 2.30 Aari and Bala get’s egg. First they congratulate them.

At 3.05 Bala asking to them Will they can put a deal with them for 10rs. They didn’t accept it.

At 3.20 Bala saying to team that he will put deal with others. Aari puts an agreement with Rio for two terms and Somu for one term. Bala puts an deal with Somu for not approaching him for 50rs. Somu and Rio talked with each other about the Aari dealing. Rio understand that he is trying to save his egg using strategy. Rio canceled his deal with Aari.

At 3.40 Bala puts an deal with Archana, Ramya, Shivani and Gabby at last Gabby back off from her deal. He fix them for 25rs for each. Game buzzer starts Archana approaching Aari egg. Rio talking with all that we shoul’s approach as group. We wanna go one by one. Bala questioning Archana whom gonna approach him. She replies to him that whoever can approach his egg when he is not in the egg. Bala touch Aajeedh tail and out him. Then he touch Gabby tail. She says to him that she about to put an deal with him. He replies she didn’t said it in before playing buzzer. Anitha touched Aari egg he pushed her down. She gets 200 points. Bala gives the share to his team.

At 4.10 Aari turns to an fox he is arguing with Archana that they wanna declare it before approaching the hen. How can we stop them by all side. Ramya says to him its not in rules. Aari says then he will play aggressively like others. None can do this. He gonna play violently. Rio says lets approach one by one.

At 4.30 Archana ask to him did he is in the game? She ask him to approach the hen grouply. Rio replies to her if we do it then it will end up aggressively. We can go one by one..

At 4.50 Ramya gets the egg. Archana ask her to change soon.

At 5pm Ramya puts an deal with Somu that he can touch her egg. But he wanna give 125 rs to her and can take 75. She can do it in his turn.

At 5.55 Biggboss announce to Bala that he broken his egg himself so he can’t able to continue the game. He was playing well but he losted the game by his mistake. Bala replies to him that he sit on it he never thought it will be break.

At 6.20 Biggboss announce to Aajeedh that he touched Bala egg after its broken so its not taken into the count. He agrees to it.

At 7 pm Buzzer plays. Anitha says to Biggboss that she gonna sleep why did starting game now? Aajeedh and Somu gets egg. Rio says to Biggboss that many don’t have tail.

At 8.25 Aajeedh puts an deal with Bala that he wanna take care of his egg from behind. Somu puts an agreement with Ramya. Aari and Ramya discussing that we can divert Bala and touch Aajeedh egg.

At 9.05 Game begins. Aari touch Somu egg and Gabby touch Aajeedh egg. He gets angry on her that they are not giving space to them. Hereafter he don’t need any deal he won’t move little and lay beside the egg. Aari saying to Gabby that playing individual is the best we don’t need to share with others.

Rio arguing with Archana and team its in the rule book that we should approach egg one by one not as a group. Ramya clears to him its between the fox dealing. Rio agreed with it. So we don’t wanna declare to Hen that we gonna approach the egg but we should declare to the fox about it. They nods.

Episode end

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