Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 15th January 2021 Written Update: Guest left the house

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 15th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Day 103 at 8.05 am morning wake up song plays at the house. Housemates starts dance for the song ” Aaluma doluma ” and greeted each other.

At 10.55 am Aari, Suchi and Anitha are sitting in garden area. Suchi asking to him will he miss this house? He replies that he will miss here a lot. He is having beautiful memories here. He used to sit there near gate. He talked alot in this sofa. He turns to be a strong person after he entered into this house. He says that he went to jail 4 times in this house. He was the first person to went inside jail 4times.

At 1.05 They takes Sree Sathya appalam from store room. Rekha reading the featutes of it and reading the task.

At 2.05 Housemates are cooking that Sree Saathya appalam. Velumuragan dedicating song for them to cheer the contestants. They taste the appalam and praise it.

At 2.40 Alaram rings. Suchi go inside to check the store room she says Sree satha send food for them. Samyuktha comes there to help her. Suchi said why did they send mat here and open it. She gets surprised to see Shivani inside it. Samyuktha hugs her. Somu said its different entry. Rio hugs her and wish her happy pongal. She hugs Ramya and jumping in happy. She said hai to Bala. Samyuktha, Ramya and Shivani shares the group hug. She hugs Archana then. Bala leaves from there. Bigg Boss mention her as Shivu and welcome her. She thank him. Sanam praised her last task.

At 2.50 Rekha praising Shivani singapenne task. Sanam said its really tough one. Bala comes there and question her how was the experience outside. She replies that she slept thoroughly. She ask to him why did he looking dull? Rekha replies he is not well always sleeping. He replies he is feeling dizzy often. She ask him to cheer up.

At 2.40 Housemates are eating. Nisha and Archana are serving to them. Someone knocked from store room. Aari says Thatha came. Sanam open the room. She shouts seeing Suresh. She hugged him. Ramya hugs him. He hugged Anitha and console her for her loss. She gives tight hug to Bala. Then Aari.

At 2.45 Housemates are in living area. Shivani reading new circular. Its Paatti solla thattathe task. Paatti is back. Her childrence and grand kids coming to pongal. This time they are here to take the properties in well manner. Bigg Boss says the relations details. He informs to Aajeedh he is gonna stole the papers. Rekha will help him.

At 2.50 Shivani asking to Bala why did he mentioned in last episode that she will understand everything late. Why did he mentioned her as school going girl. Bala says to her that he felt her mom way of behaviour is wrong. Because of her he felt bad and its affected the game too. Shivani says to him he shouldn’t talk like this and she is not a school going girl too and leaves.

Bala and Shivani talking about it in garden area. Bala says to her he doesn’t mean anything. He cries and apologize to her. Shivani says that she is seeing different Bala here. He says to her clearly he felt bad when her mother put pressure on her. Shivani says that he can’t blame her without knowing anything. He mentioned her as younger but actually Aajeedh is younger then her. She is enough matured in this house she clears to him many time but he is commenting her as kid. Sanam comes there and takes Shivani from there.

Bala crying. Suresh comes there and cheering him. He ask him to he cool. Don’t take her words to heart. Even he see the relationship of them inside the house but he don’t feel anything wrong in it he is even ready to say it infront of Shivani. He ask him to join with the team.

They are singing the song and start the task. Archana place thr property paper inside the almirah. Aajeedh is there to protect it.
At 7.50 Aajeedh saying to Rekha that they have already doubt on him so she might take it. Archana giving task to them to break the sugar can. They are breaking it. Archana counting the sugar cane pieces. Rekha saying to Velmurugan that he is roaming around it so leave here. She is saying to Suresh that Aatha won’t give property papers. Rekha stole the papers and give it to Velmurugan but everyone find out them. So she blames them and place it back there. They conducted sugar can eating competition. Ramya won the competition so Aatha gifted her one chain. Velmurugan singing there Rio peddaling cycle. Paper is missing so everyone checking Rekha she pretend like she gonna cut the tie with the family and leaves. Archana ask them to allow her to do something.

At 8.45 Bigg Boss ask the thief to introduce themself to Housemates. Aajeedh comes forward and calls Rekha too. All clapps for them. Rekha narrating to them how did she stoled the property pappers. Ramesh noticed it.

At 10.10 Archana saying to Bala that she always love him. Both inside and outside. She will be there for him. Bala too hugs her and says he loves her too.

At 10.40 Bigg Boss saying Anbirkkum undo adaikkum thaal. Housemates shared some emotional moment in this house we are gonna watch it again. Their emotional moment played through plasma tv. All housemates are crying seeing those clips. Anitha appologize to all if she hurts anyone there.

At 10.50 Bigg Boss saying that they lived in this house and he lived as voice here. All 12 guest can leave this house through main door after congratulate the finalist. Housemates starts hugging each other and congratulating them. Bigg Boss Announce that everyone whom participated in this show are the winners. They thank them and leaves. Sanam feeling so emotional and crying. Anitha talking to her passed Father that he may feel proud of her. Ramya says he will definitely feel proud. They bids bye to them.

Bala saying how will it feels like seeing people outside. All lights turns to off.

Episode end.

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