Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 16th January 2021 Written Update: Kamal boosting up the finalist

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 16th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Kamal Hasan enter into the stage and greeted everyone. He says yesterday Military day today Farmers day. He is saying some Puranaanoor words and narrating it to all comparing with contestants. He ask us to check the friday events.

Day 103 at 10.10 morning. Wake up song plays at the house. Housemates are dancing for the song ” kabadi kabadi” and greeted each other.

At 11.45 Somu is staring the greetings which send for his birthday. Rio asking to him what did he doing? He replies just staring the things casually. He shows Gabby picture and mention her as mental.

At 12.35 Beauticians doing pedicure and manicure to Ramya pandiyan. Then hair cutting for all male contestants

At 4.10 Aari saying to camera that whom gonna win the title he has no idea? He is happy those who gonna win the show. He didn’t study well after 9th because of circumstances rest all life experience. He is waiting for the result.

At 6. Pm Ramya reading the new circular. Bigg Boss ask the contestants to share about Raanuvam and Farmers infront of all to respect them.

Bala saying to them about farmers and raanuvam are inspiring peoples. He likes Nethaju subash chandrabose. We indian people has the world’s second largest army. They are working hard for us. They are spending sleepless nights to protect us we might thank them. Farmers are our backbone to our country even Gandhi said about it. They clapps for him.

Somu says that Tamil is world oldest language in the world. Thirukkural is the only book translated in many language. His family is a farmers family. He is respecting it. He saw many army peoples. They proudly shows their wounds to him its inspired him a lot. They clapps for him.

At 6.30 Ramya about Uzhavar dinam. We might respect farmers. Because only food will satisfy their hunger not money. We wanna do something to encourage farmers and farming. She is saying about her past days. She will pray for them and thank them for providing food for us. She thank soldiers whom protecting our nation. Her grand father was in military. Disipline is must we can learn from there. Her grandfather used to say two years everyone wanna go and learn military training.

Rio saying that farmers working hard to feed us. We wanna thank them. Soldiers protecting us and our nation without expecting anything in return. Thiruvalluvar said many useful kural to us. We might proud of it.

Aari saying that everyone has one ellai saamy. Soldiers also same they are the real god to us. Whom protecting us from our enemy. We might teach our kids the sacrifice of army peoples. They are not sacrificing clothes but their lives. Patriotism is very important to us. Farmers are gods to us. He thank the Bigg Boss platform for giving chance to him to talk about it.

At 9.45 Bala is talking with camera that this show is game and little fight will come this is what he thinked about it. But its like a mirror reflecting himself. He learnt manythings here. He is very happy because tomorrow is finale. He going out. He used to think whatever he done he didn’t get enough popularity hope everyone know him now.

At 9 55 Somu and Rio enters into the room. He ask to Bala did he gonna wear it? Bala gives gift to him.

At 10.20 somu saying to Rio that he is hearing Gabby voice. He is missing her a lot here. Rio too says the same.

At 11.25 Ramya asking to Bigg Boss why did he off the light.

Kamal entered into the stage and greeted all. Kamal saying that they send old contestant in. Its unlike other season instead of happiness all are unhappy here. Kamal starts speaking with housemates. He question them how was their experience after they came? Ramya says that first day she is very happy. But after that she felt down when they shared something happened outside. When Sam came she shares some positive moments then only she came back to form. Bala says that he was happy for everyone entry but after that he was down after listening everything happening outside. Somu says he felt positive nothing bothered him but only one thing he was hurt when Gabby went outside its totally unexpected one. But he thinks alot and understood its good decision so he send her out proudly
Rio says that he was disappointed when Nisha and Archana question him that will he continue being as their brother? It seems they lost their trust on him. He will treat her same out. Kamal says that none can change himself so keep going nothing to worry. He shares them M.N nambiyar story to them.

He asking to Somu did he feeling low? He replies as no he is good. Ramya says that she got too much love outside in Cook with Comali show. She mentioned in kadanthu vantha paathai its risk though she taking it. So she has no regrets. Kamal saying to them nothing to worry. They taught them whom they are in this 100 days. Those whom loving them will remain as true to them because they liked them after understanding them in these days. They got the recognization from this show. Everyone expected to see people recognize them? Now everyone knew them. All are watching. Its an good appreciation.

Kamal asking to them did anyone solve their problem with them in the reunion? Aari says that Anitha felt very bad because her father like him a lot when she argued with him he was disappointed so he wish to talk with her but it didn’t happened so she appologized to him. He always felt her like his sister. Ramya says that she don’t have any problem with anyone here. Its happy reunion to her. Bala says that he used to fight a lot with Aari. When seeing from his side he is vaillain of his game and from his side he is villain of him. So its all game. Somu says that he don’t have problem with anyone but one time Bala argued with him but he appologize to him for that. Aari said one word to him in Robo task that hurts him a lot now its solved he missed his friendship. Rio says that he don’t like Aari talking a lot and their game play apart from this he likes them. He is now comfortable with him. He knew well how he gonna treat him out. He appologize to them. Kamal saying to Rio he was really a entertainer of this season. He says that one person left the house with cash we can meet her here after a break.

Kamal entered into the stage and welcomed Gabby. He praised her look. Kamal says its so surprising to see her decision. Many contestants are there but she went and took it when all are there. When money came she is not in the mood to take it. But something made her take that money, Rio comes opposite to her it make her so hurt. Gabby says that she decided to move. Kamal says its an smart move she may understand it once she is out. Her parents are proud of her. She said that she is confident and satisfied because she is finalist. She was not evicted but went out. Gabby starts talking with the contestant. They praise her sarie look. She greet them. They said that all are missing her here? He informs to them that he will come tomorrow with result. He played send off video to Gabby. She thank him. He wish her good luck and bids bye to her.

Kamal says that final is tomorrow. Five contestants are remaining. Like audience he is also excited to see the result. Tomorrow it gonna telecast 6 hours. It will start at 6pm.

Episode end.

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