Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Grand Finale live Update: Aari Arjunan won the title of Bigg Boss Tamil season 4

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 17th January 2021 Written Update on

Bigg Boss Tamil season4 17th January written update

Today episode starts with Bigg Boss greeting to all Tamil peoples. He thank the audience for the huge support to this Season of Bigg Boss Tamil season4. He announced the winner is decided by audience. He informs how many votes they give for this season. Title winner card given to Kamal Hasan in his room. He takes it and place it inside his jacket.

He is introducing all the contestants of Bigg Boss. Rekha, Velmurugan, Suresh Chakravarthy, Suchithra, Samyuktha, Ramesh, Nisha, Archana, Anitha, Ajeedh, Shivani, Gabby, Sanam. Bigg Boss welcomed them to the finale episode happily. He ask everyone to welcome Kamal Hasan to the stage. Kamal entering into the stage with background music.

Kamal saying to all not only these finalist are the winners here. But also the people whom are watching this show for 106 days healthily without any diseases. He congratulated the team for the beautiful coperations. Its an big victory to the Bigg Boss team for lead this show successfully these many days in these 106 days under COVID time. He saying to the family whom came there. He felt very lonely when he conducted this show in this stage because he used to understand how the show going on from audience face but now its difficult to do it. He thank the doctors and nurses for doing great work.

Kamal asking to the contestants to share their experience once they went outside. Suresh says that he turned to be a Grandpa to all. Gabby says all are treating her like kid.

Shivani says that she felt very happy because all are praising her last task. Aajeedh says that he got the popularity again he even sang in one movie. Samyuktha said she went to mall many people showering love to her. Ramesh says that all are recognizing him now. Sanam says that she came here to win the title but she got peoples heart they accepted her as their house girl. Anitha deny to talk. Kamal ask her to speak. Kamal shares his deep consolence to her. Anitha says that her father felt very proud of her when she was playing well. She was happy when did she evicted from the house but her father is unlucky to meet her. Kamal boost her up. Rekha says all are praising her for the innocence. Nisha saying that she is very happy because she got new family. Archana says that she got many hatresness and love too. She thank meme creators for giving this popularity. Suchi says that she got weight. Velmurugan says that he was very happy and got new position from governement for arts. Kamal starts speaking with the contestants.

Ramya gives entry, Rio welcomed, Then Bala gives an dance move after him Aari at last Somu. They said that he is looking smart. Kamal says that they stay inside the house for 100 days so all are winners. He shares his happiness to them for being healthy inside the house. He says to them they are waiting for the result but they might wait some more minutes for it. He takes a break.

Kamal entered into the stage. He says that today Makkal Thilakam birthday. He shares few moments about him with them. He says that he released Kaalathai venravan for Makkal Thilakam. He shares this news to Finalist too. He appreciate them for being finalist. Kamal says that he send few gifts to them. He ask Rio to take his gift from store room. He gifted him trekking gift. He shows his family to him. Sruthi ask him to smile. He entered in like a entertainer so be happy and smile. Kamal praise their understand. He ask to Bala did he need prize or Family?

He replies gift first he will see his brother. He got Dumbell from him. His brother ask him to smile don’t be confuse and enjoy the moment. He ask him to cheer up this is nothing infront of the incident they faced in their life. He ask him to smile and don’t be confuse. Ramya going to take her gift. She collected organic seeds from store room. She thank him for this. Her brother saying to her that they came here 3years before to attend this show now she is finalist of this house. She is very proud contestants. Kamal Hasan talked with her brother and Mom. He gifted Aari one pen and Diary. He is talking with his wife and kid. He wished everyone best of luck. He is talking with his daughter Riya. Kamal gifted Somu the drums box. He is talking with his mom and sister. Kamal ask him to practice well. Kamal ask them to meet the housemates.

After a break. Archana gives an marvelous dance for the song ” Naan than da inimelu”. Kamal enter into the stage and starts talking with the contestants. He is saying to them that we used to hear many words in COVID time. But this time we heard title cup many time. Mugen brings the cup to the stage and shows it to the finalist. All contestants touching it once and give back to Kamal. He shares to him that he done one movie it will release soon. He ask Mugen to enter inside the Bigg Boss house he will give one task to him. He says he wish to see everyone coming out holding the trophy.

Somu is singing the song using that drums box. Mugen enter inside the house and thinks many thing changed inside the house. They welcomed him. He ask everyone to touch the trophy. Bigg Boss welcome him he mentioned him as Guru natha. He praise their look.

Ramya asking to him seeing his face did Bigg Boss give any task to him. He nods and give one card to each of them. One door is there they wanna walk near it and which one card access it might go out with him. They sang one song together. They goes with him. Everyone card didn’t access it. They laugh like hell by asking did he teasing them. He said one more task. He gives mask to them. Then they sit in their favourite place and wished everyone good luck. Everyone wear the mask. Mugen is waiting there and asking to ring the buzzer. Buzzer rings but none went.

He says one card will be there one person will go out with him. Rio is scanning now. His access is denied. They clapps for him. Ramya goes there for scanning. Her access is also denied. Aari access also denied. Somu name says its as evicted. Bala hugs him and says he is a good human being. Rio hugs him and wished him good luck. Kamal ask Mugen and Somu to come out and meet him in stage.

Ramya hugs him. They are singing song with them. Somu is doing music Mugen singing lemme tell you kutty story song. He bids bye to them. Mugen wish everyone good luck. He gifts chocolate to Ramya. Bigg Boss calls him as somey. Then ask him to do what he said. They wish him good luck. He left the house with Mugen. Aari saying to Ramya he kept that chocolate cover safely. Bala says because of this he even lost the papers in paatti solla thattathe task. Ramya thank Som.

Kamal entered into the stage. He welcomed Mugen and Somu on stage. Kamal says that he done his job well. He replies that Bigg Boss ask him to create tension inside them. He bids bye to him. Kamal asking to Somu how was the experience. Somu says its really an good experience. He thinks he will go out in 50 days its bliss he stayed these many days. He says to him he liked this season a lot.

Everyone has good love inside the house. He appreciate Somu for being friend with all. Somu says its all because of his mom. Kamal says its an blessing he wish to get an chance like this. He played Somu send off video. He thank him. Som sharing about his past to him. He met many failures then he got chance to enter in this show. He joined here and hd become the top 5 finalist. Somu ask Rio to smile a lot. He praise Ramya look. He wished Aari good luck. He wished Bala good luck. He wished all the best to them. Kamal ask him to sit with those contestants. Somu thank his fans for voting him. Every contestants hugging him.

Aajeedh giving dance perform on stage for the song ” Enna mattum love you pannu bujji ” he is singing that song and dancing for it.

Kamal entered into the stage. He saying to all that Bigg Boss wish to give some titles to them. They all are winners here if they left the house in first week or last week. He called Suresh chakravarthy on stage. He praise his look. Suresh got Trend setter title. He explains that he played with all equally and fights with them. Made fun with them. Kamal agree with him. Kamal called Gabby next. She got sportive Gabbrilla. She explains that many things happened inside the house she take everything sportively. Kamal says that he saw the confidence in the house. He called Somu. He got clean Somu. Sanam says that he has clean heart. He calls Archana. She got best cook. She thank him. Kamal says that she added love in that cooking ingredient. Archana says love won. Sanam got most determined title. Sanam saying that she was adamant in many things. But she honestly and done adamant in good things inside the house. Kamal appreciate her. Nisha got stress buster. Nisha ask them to believe her. She says that she tried her best inside her house.

Kamal says he wanna see malaysia Nisha soon. Samyuktha got Good looking title. She explain that she may look good both inside and outside. Ramesh got mr. Don’t care title. He explains that he don’t poke his head in unnecessary things. Kamal says he is a chill guy. Anitha got Bold and Beautiful. Anitha explains that she take many bold decision inside the house. Kamal says she is beautiful inside her heart too. Aajeedh got lovable title.

He is being himself there. Suchi got fearless title. She explain that she is fearless but avoide saying her opinion in the house. Velmurugan got Bigg Boss dude title. He thank Somu, Ramesh for calling him like that. He thank Kamal for mentioning him as doctor. He sing 4 lines song for Kamal and Bigg Boss. He thank him. Rekha got Brave heart award. She explains she shares everything open to them. Shivani got dancing doll. She says she used to dance well inside the house. He says he gave the awards to the winners. He takes a break.

Samyuktha giving dance perform on stage for Veera vinayakane song. Kamal entered into the stage. He says that five members reduced as 4. Now its time to less as 3. He called Kavin on stage for this. Kavin comes on stage and thank everyone. He thank Kamal for starting the cine production again. Kavin says that he too take COVID Test. Kamal asking to Kavin what did he done? He replies he acted in one movie ” lift”. He is waiting for theatre resume. Kamal ask him to bring the one more contestant on this stage. He nods. Kamal says let’s meet them on stage till then break.

Kavin enter inside the house and giving a performance for a song ” vaathi coming”. He making everyone happy there. Bigg Boss Welcome Kavin. Kavin thank him for giving wonderful life. Bigg Boss says he saw him at last time when he take suitcase. Kavin advise to them that all are perefect nothing to worry. Bigg Boss ask Kavin to search Rio. Kavin says to Bala he might be prepare to give sign to his fans. He says that he likes Ramya from cook with comali. Ramya replies that she fears she may loss her fan following. Kavin says its part of the show. Just look at him he faced many thing now everything is settled. Bigg Boss ask him to do his task. Kavin ask them to search the news peices which hiden there.

“Housemates are searching for it. They find it and reading it. Ramya name is mentioned on it. Ramya thank him. Bigg Boss ask Kavin to takes her out of the house. Kavin nods. Ramya saying that she came here happily and going out happily. She hugs everyone. Then Bigg Boss wished her good luck. They take group selfie. She bids bye to them and left.

Kamal enters into the stage and welcome Kavin and Ramya on stage. Kamal thank Kavin for doing his job. He thank him back and leaves. Ramya says that she will miss Bigg Boss voice a lot. She says to Kamal that she got a personal connection with him. Kamal appreciate her for playing well in the house not dropping down. She assures to him that she will do her best. Kamal plays send of video to her. Ramya thank Kamal Ramya brother saying to her that he is really very proud of her. Her mom too say it. She says that she met Kamal today because of her. Kamal gives Singapenney title to her.

Kamal enter into the stage. He is saying to all that he like to share books with all. Its his favourite work. In his family everyone used to read. His friends ask him to buy book and reads for them. He gifted all contestants book. Anitha thank him and ask him to say some song for them. His own lyrics. He ask Somu to beat music for him he is singing his own lyrics to them. Everyone clapps for him. Somu request him to sing a song Annatha aadurar song for him. He is singing for him. Somu is beating music for him. Somu says he will treasure this moment a lot. Kamal says that poor contestants. He ask to Anitha how is his song? She replies its super.

Bigg Boss thank Kamal sir for leading this show well. Bigg Boss play an video for Kamal Hasan for his participation. Suresh praised his continuous work shecdule. Suchi gives a song to all. Then Velumurugan give song to all. Kamal entered into the stage and says to them that one more guest is joining with us. Sherin comes there he ask her to enter into the house. He saying to all that this time 200 above crores votes for this season. Last week votes are 30above crores. Kamal Hasan saying to all that he opened one new shop for Nesavaalars. He wish to promote them. He takes a break.

Kamal entered into the stage and thank the contestants for wearing kadhars. Sherin entered into the Bigg Boss house. They are welcoming her. She is looking around the house and enjoying it. She is talking with the contestants. She is sharing her experience in the house with them. Sherin gives the key to them and ask them to open it. Aari and Bala get waiting message in it. Rio get evicted from the house. Bigg Boss welcome Sherin and thank her for coming here. She ask him to go with her he replies to her funnily that its her greed. He ask her to take Rio with her out of the house. Kamal says to them that Rio and Sherin come to this stage and talk with him. He takes a break.

Shering brings Rio to stage. Housemates clapps for him. Kamal says to him that he will get this appreciation outside too. He was dull there. He ask him to cheer up. Kamal gives Best Entertainer of the show. He says if people didn’t vote for him he won’t stay here. So peoples are loving him. He plays his journey of the house video to him. He thank him. Kamal ask him to join with the other contestants. Rio hugging all. Kamal starts talking with Bala and Aari. Kamal saying that his friends are here. But Kamal coming inside the house. Aari and Bala says he is feeling very happy. He takes a break.

Bigg Boss saying to Aari and Bala that its the last moment of them in the house. In this lock down period they chose this house and sit in lock down. He appreciate their thoughts and work. He ask them to share anything with him if they wish to ask him. Aari saying to him that he faced many failures in his life. When he came into this house its changed him a lot. He is feeling very proud of it. This show gives lots of memories to him. He is thanking him lot. Bala says that he faced many failures and success in this life. But his only disappointment is none recognized him. Now he believes everyone know him he got what he wanted? He played well here and he didn’t acted but showed his real self. He thank him. He thank the people those who voted him. He appologize to him for breaking the rules. Bigg Boss saying to them that they both are good competitor. Many appreciations are waiting for them. He says that Aari and Bala will be there in his heart. He thank him. He says soon this house will be silent. Bigg Boss saying to Aari that his thoughts reached to the audience. He thank him. Bigg Boss mentioned Bala as brother and says to him that don’t ever mention he has no one in his life. Peoples and including Bigg Boss will be his relative. He thank him. Kamal entered into the Bigg Boss house.

Kamal roaming around the house. He informs to them that he was the one took all finalist out of the house. Kamal saying to Aari that he used to doubt that did he really understand the game or not? He used to advise all it didn’t portray as strategy of him. Bala and Aari are poles apart. He likes both of their attittude. He is asking them to continue their questioning others quality. He is advising to them. He ask them to wear the kadhir dress. Bala and Aari takes the dress from store room. Kamal is roaming around the house. He is narrating to all whatever happened in the house. He appreciate their looks. Kamal takes Aari and Bala out of the house. All lights turns to off.

Kamal taking them into stage. He says to all that everyone waited for this moment. Aari says that he is so happy. He got 11th place in the house when he entered. Now he is here. He asking to them how was their dress. He played Aari journey of the house. He then played Bala life journey of the house. He says that he was beinf himself he never fake there. He liked this journey a lot. Kamal takes a short break.

Kamal entered into the stage. He informed to all how many voted they get. He announced Aari is the title winner of the show. Aari starts crying. He appologize to contestants for hurting them. He is here because of them and thank the audience those who voted for him. He touched the stage and thank them. Aari says that he never got 1st place in his life he used to get fairlure but today he got the title. He is very happy now. He get blessings from Kamal. Bala hugged him and appreciate him. Bala gives the trophy to Aari. Bala thank the audience those who vote for him. He says to all that he don’t know to hide anything he talked everything frankely. He appologize to all for his mistakes. He says to all that he is also good person trust him. Aari wife thank all the audience. Riya comes to stage. Kamal carry her and make her give the amount 50 lakhs to him. Everyone clapps for him. Kamal give the Game changer award to Balaji. Motivator award to Aari. Kamal advise them to keep fight hard to reach success. Its their duty to serve the peoples. Kamal ask the people to choose the correct leader to our Tamil Nadu. All contestants comes to stage and congratulated the winner.

Episode end.

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