Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 17th October 2020 Written Update: Kamal saved three contestant

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 17th October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Kamal saying to audience that everyone mask tore one by one. Whom we thought were good turned out bad and bat to good. Different emotions and feelings. He says many groupism is inside the house.

Day 13 at 9am morning wake up song plays for contestant. They wake up and start to dance for a song Sokkama sokkama. They greeted each other. At 11.35 Rekha got something from store room for her she shows it to other housemates. Archana teasing them by saying Biggboss loving this Meenukutty not her that’s why sending to her. From this she find out BiggBoss age. Nisha too teasing her and says i love you to biggboss.

At 1.40 pm Rekha informing to housemates she wish to share everyone equal fish. Balaji saying to her if they keep it in fridge its taste will be better. Sanam replies to him they will get only one piece then. He ask her to don’t poke her nose in it. She got angry and ask to him why should she keep mum when everyone has the rights to speak. Sanam complaint to Suresh about Bala behaviour. He replies on her face he don’t like her talking about him and interfearing in his matter. Sanam says she won’t speak to him again and leaves.

At 2 pm Anitha announcing new set of information to Housemates from Biggboss. They will give one piggy bag and one coin for everyone in the house. We wanna choose the piggy bag by giving one reason for choosing it. Soon alaram rings. Rio and Velmurugan bring the piggy back and coins to living hall. Rekha choose fish picture piggy bag because her nick name is fish. Anitha, lion reasoning she faced manthing alone like this all housemates chose their one.

At 7pm. Biggboss ask every housemates to give the complaint against Captain in the garden area complaint box. Hearing it Suresh says everyone gonna complaint him what’s the need to conduct this?

Kamal hasan talking with contestants. They praised his new look. He says to them slowly slowlt face mask is removing in the house. He welcome Arachana to biggboss house and praised her task giving title to contestant but he complaint to her that she used his word people’s man in it. Archan replies to him he is always the people’s man. He ask to Rio Is groupism exist in the house he blinks there. He then explain to him that Suresh tries to give example of him not targetting. Rio nods and sits. He then talked about Suresh strategic plan and the fight between Velmurugan and Suresh for dhothis. He praised Sanam and Bala judging for the ramp walk task together forgetting the fight.

After a break Kamal ask to Balaji Is he satisfied with the title. He replies to him as no. Archana says to him that he is always doing excersise here its looking bore here its seems he don’t know to do something else. Bala glares Archana. Kamal says to her now he glared her. Balaji reasoned to him he is straightforward in all matters. Kamal says its actually not a bad habit. Archana says she gives tough competitor title to Ramya and Rio. Kamal says to them its actually a twisted title because its have both positive and negative impact in it.

They can take it any way. Archana says she gives missing titles to Gabrilla and Aajeedh. Kamal says to them they are youngest here so everyone targetting them so be aware and show to them they are here. They nods smiling. Archana says she gives the Atmosphere actor title to Shivani and Velmurugan. Kamal says to them its not a bad title its actually has many meaning behind it. They must keep the positive side in it and go on with the task. He gives his life example for it and explain in different way. Archana says she give a Namathu pona pattasu to Sanam and Aari.

Kamal ask to them is they satisfy with the title. Sanam replies to him that she gives the reason she is creating one arguement in high expection and ending up it agreement. She assures to him that she is trying her best here. Kamal says to them don’t understimate the power of pattasu if its dry then its start to explode. Yes man title to Nisha and Ramesh. Its also good title nothing to worry.

Jithan says to him that he always say everything on face but he has no idea why did she give that title to him. Kamal explain to him its may be for his decision in all problems. Trending title to Anitha and Suresh. Its can be either positive or negative. Its your wish to choose either one of them. Then about Samyuktha and Somu were titled as Showcase doll. Kama says to them its actually praising them. Nothing to worry about it but be active more.

In the house Anitha speaking with Sanam that her image may portrated badly to the people for shouting on Suresh. But actually she done right according to her. Sanam explaining to her its all in people hand to take it in good or bad way. Balaji saying to Aajeedh to understand the dot connection of Kamal words. He replies to him he can’t understand him his words are twisty. Bala replying to him he can’t able to say anything directly that’s why.

Kamal asking to Aajeedh how is he feeling about Eviction free pass did Ramya really give it to him for love on him or some intention behind it. Ramya replies to him that her only intention is to win Suresh nothing else she give this pass to Aajeedh out of love as a brother.

Kamal hasan ask Rio to bring the eviction boss there. Three green box and four red boxes are there. He ask Archana to reveal the saved list. Aajeedh , Shivani and Ramya are saved from eviction.

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