Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 18th October 2020 Written Update: Rekha evicted from BiggBoss

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 18th October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Kamal hasan enters into the stage and greet everyone there. He is discussing about the people whom not maintaining the social distance in the society to the audience. He assures to the audience they are running this programme after maintaining all safe guards. He then advise to them to wear mask in correct way.

 He then says to audience he has the eviction card with him. He starts to talk with housemates. He ask to the contestant to bring the mask and Badge from store room. Kamal explain the meaning to them mask reflects fake and badgr true self. Aari gives mask to Rio for hiding his feelings from housemates and badge to Archana for her open nomination and confidence.

Aajeedh gives mask to Rio for his consciousness for not showing his anger to others. Badge to Bala for his open minded. Gabrilla gives mask to Rio because he is restrict the anger from all and badge to Archana because she is frank. Sanam gives mask to Anitha reasoning she fears her media face will be spoiled.

 Badge to Aajeedh for his maturity and his confidence. Ramya gives badge to Suresh because he always says before doing something whether it is good or bad. And Mask for Aari because he is always showing his good side to others. Bala gives mask to Aari for nominating youngsters and playing safe game. Badge to Ramesh for being himself. Suresh gives badge to Samyuktha for being innocent and mask to Aari because he noticed some changes from him

Samyuktha gives Badge to Shivani she is same from the begining and badge to Aari because he used to advise all but not maintain it . Somu gives badge to Nisha because we can read everything from her face  and mask to Rio reasoning he is hardly controlling his anger.

Anitha gives mask to Rio reasoning she kept asked to him why didn’t he talking more then gives

Nisha gives badge to Rio because he always respect woman and controlls his anger mask to Velmurugan because he is silent after veshtti incident. Rekha gives badge to Shivani pointing she is behaving same from begining to till and mask to Aari reasoning he used to advise all not showing his real self and Badge to Velmurugan for his fear. Ramesh badge to Shivani she is behaving same and mask to Velmurugan for his silent after the incident .

 Rio gives mask to Suresh reasoning he thinks he using this koluthipodivathu as a strategy to stay inside the house and badge to Rekha for being innocent. Velmurugan mask to Nisha for not mentioning him as brother and badge to Archana for her confidence . Archana give mask to Sanam for fake and badge to Somu for being real .

Rio explain to Kamal that he was the one gave open statement he is hiding his face so everyone targetted him. Aari says to Kamal its unfair to give this mask to him because only close one can understand him not them. Rekha replies to him that its the feelings of housemates on him.

Kamal hasan again comes with complaint box about Captaincy. He inform to them most of the housemates mentioned about his ordering way. He is not mentioning his own mistakes but others its unfair. Kamal says to him that his confidence and dedication is appreciable for supporting Gabrilla. Its heart touching moment for many. He ask to Gabrilla why did she gave up. She replies to him that she gave up for his health. She don’t need that made him sick. She is disappointed with her friends even she conveyed it to them. Kamal hasan saved Gabrilla from Eviction later Samyuktha too. Housemates congratulate them while hugging.

Kamal shows the card to them Rekha name on it. Sanam saved from eviction she wished everyone to win the title. Housemates cries hugging her she wish them good luck. Then gives her plant to Rio and coin to Shivani. She leaves bidding bye to all. Bala cries more thinking about her. Archana too cries reasoning she was the only one very active in the house.

Kamal welcomed Rekha on stage. She shares to him that she is happy for leaving the house. She got what she want in it she kinda miss Shivani because she resemble her daughter. For her sending off video plays she feels happy and emotional seeing it. Then leaves from there. Kamal explain the housemates reactions comparing the historical story.

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