Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 1st January 2021 Written Update: Rio the new captain of the house

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 1st January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Day 89 at morning 8.05 am. Wake up song plays at the house. Housemates starts dancing for the song ” Adiye adiye ivale song ” then greeted each other.

At 11.05 Bigg Boss announce this week Freeze task completed. He ask them to choose two person to nominate as a worst performer. Aari mentioned Bala reasoning that he didn’t follow the freeze task and 85 days completed still he is not doing his work properly. Bala says to him that Bigg Boss ask to mention about This week what’s the need to mention about last week. Aari ask him to complete his nomination. Bala defend it that what’s the need to allow him to talk about it. Aari mentioned him in disrespectful way so he got angry and ask him to put down his finger don’t raise it. Aari nominated him for breaking Freeze task many time and Shivani reasoning she is down after her mom left.

Bala nominated Aari reasoning he gave permission to clean it and bring it as a complaint here. Aari defend it so Ramya said he is the one said to don’t interrupt the nomination. He complaint that he didn’t even fold his bedsheet if we check too he will never do it. He never give space to dry our clothes and place his clothes for last three days. He is not cleaning the waste banana. He was the one throw it out. Aajeedh nominated Bala and Ramya for breaking freeze. Shivani nominated Ramya and Bala for down in the task. Ramya nominated Shivani and Bala. Aajeedh nominated Bala and Ramya for breaking freeze task. Gabby nominated Aari and Bala. Somu Nominated Bala and Aari for performing less. Rio nominated Aari and Bala for the arguement in the house. Aari saying to Bigg Boss that Aari and Bala going to jail.

Bigg Boss ask them to nominate three person for the best performer of the week. Gabby ask them to nominate with two then we will get number 3.

Somu nominated Aajeedh and Gabby reasoning their freeze task was good. Ramya nominated Rio and Somu for doing good in freeze task. Aari nominated Aajeedh and Somu for performing well in house hold and for not breaking in freeze task. Bala nominated Aajeedh and Somu for not breaking the freeze.
Shivani nominated Aajeedh and Rio for doing good in the freeze task.
Aajeedh nominated Rio and Somu for doing the freeze task well. Gabby nominated Rio and Aajeedh reasoning they did the task well. Rio nominated Aajeedh and Shivani. Reasoning his performance is well and he likes the way Shivani boost up herself after her mom left.

Aari announced to Bigg Boss that Aajeedh, Somu and Rio nominated as the best performance of the week. Bigg Boss congratulated them.

At 12.55 Aari saying to Ramya that may members are less here though love bed still going on. He don’t like the way Rio nominated him.

At 1.30 Aari saying to Ramya that he likes the way she is locking the room. Ramya teasing him. He ask her to call Rio.

At 1.50 Aari asking to Rio he don’t understand that what he mentioned in the nomination. Aari explaining to him that Gabby nominated him with valid reason he admit it. But what did he done was purely safe game. Rio explain to him that Aari is used to find Bala mistakes and put it infront of all and Bala also doing the same. Why don’t he doing it for others too. Aari mentioned Bala as lazy so Bala got angry and lashing out at him.

At 2.30 Aari says that Rio nomination felt like safe game. Aari keep complaing to him about his nomination. Rio explaining to him that he can nominate in his wish. Aari brings Shivani and Gabby nomination in it. Rio saying to him that everyone have their seperate opinion. At 5.50 Ramya reading the new circular for the captaincy task. She is reading the rules of Captaincy task.

At 6 pm. They wanna tie the stick one by one together and wanna take the captain letters one by one using it. Rio done it first. Bigg Boss announced congratulation to him and ask him to release Aari and Bala from jail. Bala says that he feels better. Aari complaint to Rio that he don’t like the way to play the game here. Aari complain to him that he don’t like it. Bala interrupts him so both starts to argue each other. Ramya said that he can’t able to point this as complaint in the house. Aari says he will nominate in his wish. Bala says that he don’t like hear him often mentioning lazy there. If he do like this again he won’t give respect to him.

At 7.40 Rio saying to Aari that he is accepting his words then why did he not accepting his? Aari questioning him that he nominated him as worst performer apart from this didn’t he find another one as worst performer? Rio saying to him that he didn’t involved in the game. He question him did he break. He replies as nope. Rio says to him that he decided to point him as wrong one in saturday episode that’s why he is doing this all. Aari says to him as yes.

At 8.40 Aari is reading greeting from Hersheys. New year counting going in the house. Crackers cracked in sky. Bigg Boss wish them Happy new year. He is advising to them and wish them good luck. Song plays at the house. Enna vena nadakkattum song plays all house mates dancing there. All lights turns to off. They cuts the cake and shouting Happy new year. They are feeding to each other

Episode end.

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