Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 24th December 2020 Written Update: Gabby and Aajeedh is the worst performer of the week.

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 24th December 2020 Written Update on

At Day 81 at morning 8 am. Morning wake up song plays at the house. Housemates starts to dance for the song and greeted each other.

At 11.40 Bala, Aajeedh and Rio are talking about the task. Inbetween Bala is teasing Aajeedh and Rio.
At 1.40 Shivani reading the 4th round Ball catch rules. This time they will get golden ball. Its not an ordinary task. They can choose their option to change others point. Rio is at 1st rank so he will get 3 balls. Ramya get 2 and Somu one

At 1.55 Rio name comes. He loss his ball. They are saying he is shouting his name but he missed it. Next Ramya name comes. She catch it. She leaves to take the special power. She choose Rio to reduce his all points into zero. She replies to him that he has another two option that’s why.

At 2.15 Somu names comes and he catch the ball. He choose the option to freeze Ramya. She can’t able to increase or decrease her point. Somu says its to Gabby.

At 2.45 Bala names comes he catch the ball. He choose the option to increase his point to 100. Aajeedh comes and miss it. Anitha name comes and miss it. Gabby catch it and choose the option to reduce Bala point into zero.

At 3.20 Rio name comes he catch it. He choose an option to double Gabby point. Rio name comes again he catch it. He takes both Gabby and Somu points. Rio saying to Gabby that he will give point to her and takes it at last.

Ramya name comes she miss it. Aari name comes he catch it he choose an option to change his point to Anitha. Ramya saying to her that she is the richer one now.

At 3.40 Ramya name comes again but she lost it. Som name comes he catch it. He choose an option to take half of Anitha points. Rio name comes he catch it. He choose an option to take Anitha points. Shivani name comes and she miss it. Everyone consoling her to chill. Rio reasoned its an high pressure moment.

Bigg Boss announce the luxury budget task Ball task points are out. It will display on plasma tv.
Rio point 134 , Ramya 83, Somu 97, Bala 0, Aari 52 , Anitha 97, Aajeedh 42 , Shivani 32 and Gabby point is 0

Bigg Boss announce to Rio that he got the huge points so he got selected for captaincy task directly. Everyone applause him. Bigg Boss ask them to nominate two person whom didn’t participated well or boring in the game.

Ramya nominated Gabby for not responding for some question. And
Anitha nominated Shivani and Bala reasoning he is showing partiality. She added that he treated all like kids she felt very strict here.
Bala nominated Gabby reasoning less effort and Anitha reasoning unnecessary fight. she wasted dhaal. Shivani nominated Gabby and Anitha. Rio nominated Aajeedh and Anitha. Aari choose Bala and Gabby. They choose Aajeedh and Gabby as the boring performance of the week from majority vote.

Ramya choose Som and Aari. Anitha choose for best performance. Rio choose Somu and Bala reasoning he used many strategy for his team. Somu choose Ramya and Bala for playing well. Gabby choose Somu and Aari. Bala nominated Somu and Ramya reasoing she take care of kitchen. Aajeedh choose Somu and Aari. Aari choose Somu and Ramya. Anitha choose Somu and Ramya. He says to Rio that he pointed that he mentioned strategy its hurted him. He clears with him that he found Anitha and Aari took time for arguement that’s disturbed the task. Too many question and too many arguements. He mentioned groupism. Rio question him why did he mentioned groupism. He explain to him its in the rules book.

At 7.35 Bala counting votes for Somu he got majority votes. Ramya got 4 votes. Aari got votes 4. He ask them to give votes again.. Aari gets majority votes. Bala announce to Bigg Boss Aari Somu Rio selected as the best performance. Bigg Boss wished them and ask them to participate in the captaincy task. He ask Gabby and Aajeedh to go inside rest room.

At 9.15 Aari welcomed in to open the treaser of his new movie. Bhagavan treaser. Everyone appreciate him for his look. Rio clapps him. Plasma tv plays the treaser to them. They appreciate him and clapps for him. Aari is talking about his new filim. He explain to all that he tried his best to present well to all. He ask everyone to support it and thank Bigg Boss for telecasting it.

At 12.20 Rio reading new task. Try pannuga kandippa like pannuveenga task name. He is reading the features of it. Levista instant coffee tables are arranged in the garden area. Housemates wanna seperate as two two teams. They wanna prepare instant coffee. Santa will be there and helpers are there. They won’t get the needed items. If they need anything they wanna do the fun task given by the helpers.

Santa is Somu. Gabby and Anitha are one team and Ramya and Aari are another one team and rest all are helpers. Gabby and Anitha ask Knife to them. Helpers ask them to ask this loudly. They are shouting loudly. They ask Aari and Ramya to shout like puppy. They too done it. They are preparing the items. Santa going to taste the dishes. Choco vennilla cake. Bournvita cream and Coffee. Santa taste it and replies its tasting good. Then he tried Gabby and Anitha dish. He praise their work. Its tasting so good.

Gabby team won the task. Alaram rings at the store room. They collect the christmas gift from the store room. They wished happy christmas and New year to all. They cut the cake and feeds each other.

Episode end.

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