Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 28th November 2020 Written Update: Aari and Bala got saved from eviction

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 28th November 2020 Written Update on

Kamal hasan entered into stage and greeted everyone. He shares about Nivar cyclone and thank everyone whoever helped them in need. He thank the police officers, electricity officers, muncipality officers too for doing their work well in this time. He says to audience lets check friday incident.

Day 54 at 9.30am. Aari saying to Jithan that Ramya take Jithan for call. She complaints that she has no question to ask to him. But Aari has because he was close with him but she didn’t give. She wanna project outside as a good player. Actually everyone blames Sam and Bala for the captaincy task but none take Ramya name she was the soul reason to stand there. She is playing a safe game. But she don’t like Aajeedh was questioned like that. She said there everyone asking to Aajeedh instead of Bala. Why did she bursting out for him. Doesn’t it favourism.

At 12.15 Shivani asking to Sam what is she thinking seriously? Sam says to Shivani that she was disappointed with Anitha and Sanam. Shivani ask about that upbringing topic. She deny it and says that pimple topic. She can nominate her directly why did she mentioned pimple matter. Because she called her first she knew well that she has problem with her. Sanam questioning her twistingly. Worst attittude.

At 1.30 Ramya and Sam are discussing that 5times jail opened and Aari went inside three time so he will be angry. He will shows it in Kamal sir show. Sanam sleeping there they are making fun of her by keeping silent.

At 11 pm Rio is cleaning in hall. Gabbi helping him to clean the kitchen area. Anitha question him why didn’t he ask her about it? Anitha says to him she is the captain then why did he take decision. Gabby says to her she is doing volunteer.

At 12 Rio saying to Somu that tomorrow they will take this topic against him infront of Kamal sir.
Bala saying to Anitha even captain going to jail so do the work properly. Jithan and Ramesh teasing Rio does he remember he was the captain here? Then says he will bear all accusation.

Kamal enters into the stage. He says welcome back to the season4. He starts talking with contestant. He says to them that they got new experience this time due to Nivar puyal. Ramya says to them they saw many vehicles. Gabbi complaints there is no clock too. Rio ask to Kamal about flood. He says to him its not worst like 2015 flood all are safe in their house. He ask them to explain the topple card. Because all gents give up the game.

Bala saying to him that he withdraw it first. Because he thought to face the nomination then escaping from it through this. He appreciate Anitha for got it. Jithan says to him that everyone questioning them like arguing in court so he thought its better to giving up. Kamal says to him its the game. Sanam says to him that Anitha already withdraw the game. So Nisha and she was remaining there so if Nisha deny to accept it then she was the one deserve to win it. They didn’t give it to her. Kamal says to her she might say it there instead of here. Sanam agree with the point. Sanam says to him that Whoever face the eviction only knew the fear. They waste it.

Kamal ask to Nisha why did she give up the topple card? She replies to him that everyone complaining her that she is supporting Rio always and not playing her own game. But she wanna prove to all she is playing her game only but none accepting it so she give up in frustration. Kamal ask to Nisha she gave knife and gloves to whom? She replies as Rio. He trying to explain her that its the matter. She mention Bala name and complaint he blames her act on court section was drama that’s what hurting her? Bala clears to him that the reason they argued was look like artificial. But when he ask her did she come here to win the title? She said as yes so he kept quiet.

Sanam says to Kamal that Nisha nominate Sanam as the worst performer pointing her words hurted her. She don’t think its the reason to nominate her for worst performer? Because she must calculate the weekly performance and the fighting spirit but she nominated for her personal reason. Kamal says to them that nomination should be in game rules but not for personal reasons.

He ask to Aari. He says to him that he done the morning task and topple card game well but she nominated him as the worst performer. Rio set a rule and he break it? She is not seeing such things and commented her personal things. Its unfair he point out many examples. Kamal ask him to don’t carry the backage. He agrees to it. Kamal mention again they should nominate for their thorough performance not for personal reasons. Kamal ask to Nisha did she understand? She nods. He ask to Archana does she believe love will win? She nods. He takes a break.  In garden area Nisha standing alone Bala console her. Archana advise her to play her own game.

Kamal enters the stage and talk with Contestants. He start a conversation with Call centre. He appreciate Bala for his cool nature he managed well. He done it first and set it well rest all follow him. Everyone clapping for him. Archana the one whom talked with him. He ask to her why did she choose him? She says to him that he nominated her in that topple card section by pointing she is playing backing three peoples.

She wanna know the name that’s why she ask him to clear it? Always he is keep blaming them as groupism groupism she needs a clear explanation for it. Bala clears to him that its not three but 5 more. When he take 3names that fight goes for 3hours. He mentioned Rio,Nisha, Jithan, Somu, Gabby is the members she is backing. He makes him understand there is totally little strength here they are majority so they don’t nominate each other for eviction and nominate for best performers only its really affecting the deserving candidates in the house. Some may be evicted and some lossing the captaincy task.

At last only 20 days will be last on that time there is no choice then voting each other why should we fight on that time lossing deserving contestants. He wanna avoide it. Kamal agree with this point. They should not nominate by groupism. Archana says to him while nominating none discussing about it here. Bala says even he is not doing it. He complaints that he has arguements with Rio from that week he was in continuous nomination list.

If no one affected he will keep quiet. Anitha and Sanam raise their hands for it. Gabby complaints that Bala is not nominating Sam or Shivani. He says none nominating her then why should he? He don’t find a reason to do it. Bala makes it clear that he came here to play alone he don’t need the love which affecting his game. Kamal remind them they should play their own game. He takes a break.

Kamal enters into the stage. Then talks with contestants.Practice what you preach explain Bala. Bala saying to him that this arguement started after the captaincy task. Aari says to him that he give up for Rio. His arguement is he can give up to Rio but why shouldn’t he give up for Sam? He blamed him for this reason through out the week. He opened this topic in hall he argued with him but didn’t give a apt answer to it. He heard his name in a conversation so he poke his head in it so he ask him to lower his finger he didn’t done it so he replies he will show something else actually he meant his leg. For that he asking him if he has dare or a man do it.

 He was pretty calm there but he kept provoked him mentioning man. So he lost his cool and shows his leg to him. Then only he realized his mistakes and apologise to him. He replies to him that he fell on his feet its an drama. So he mentioned he apologise to Sam after 7days that too infront of Kamal sir that was also drama.

Kamal ask him to clear it? Aari says to him that Rio didn’t follow the rules so he got angry and walked fast from there it fell down. Kamal ask him to show his sportmanship. If he talked about with Rio may it ended there. Kamal agree with his point. He ask them to throw the baggage and move on and concentrate on game.He saved both Aari and Bala from eviction. They thank him. He bids bye to all.

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