Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 29th December 2020 Written Update: Shivani mom lashing out at Shivani

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 29th December 2020 Written Update on

Today episode start with Day 86 at morning 8.05 Wake up song plays at the house and all starts dance for the song and greeted each other.

At 11.20 Rio reading new luxury budget task from Bigg Boss. He ask all to follow the rules. This time Bigg Boss to take the control of the house. They wanna follow it without strategy. If they ask together he will reveal what the task is. They ask together he ask them to be freeze and release.

Bigg Boss ask Rio to be freeze. Gabby laughs loudly so Bigg Boss ask Gabby to be freeze. Shivani is teasing Rio by touching his hair. Bigg Boss ask Shivani to loop. She is keep doing it. Bigg Boss ask Aajeedh to loop. He is continuous walking in loop.

Bigg Boss ask Shivani to be freeze. Bala asking to her what did she searching here? Aaararooo aaari raaro song plays at the house. Shivani is crying there. All housemates are watching her and waiting for the door should be open. Door opened her mom entered into the house. Shivani runs to her and hugs her tightly. She is crying while hugging her. She is consoling her. Housemates also tearing seeing it. She says to them that she wanna talk with her in private. They leaves them to talk in private.

Her mom question her what did she doing here? Why did she coming here? All are here to play the game. She ask her to open her mouth. She ask her did she came here to go behind one guy. She is questioning her what is she doing here? How dare she go behind him? How many times Aari said to her? Shivani keep asking her to lower her voice? Her mom keep questioning her that she is here to roam around without doing anything? Shivani is keep crying. She scold her that everyone are watching this show what did she done in this 85 days in this house. None is like this here but she is behind him always. If he didn’t gift to her on christmas why did she getting possessiveness on him? Did she ever ask to Bigg Boss how is her health? All relations are watching this show and questioning them. Its not jodi number one but Bigg Boss. Rio comes there to give water. She says to him she will come and talk with all. Gabby saying to Bala that if she ask anything to him please be calm. Shivani mom keep shouting on her and says to her she done everything and keep crying here. Who will vote for her in this house for her tears? She leaves from there to talk with the contestants.
She praise Aari for doing good in show and saying Hello to all in the house. She says to Gabby that she likes her a lot.

At 12.40 Shivani is crying alone. Ramya comes there and consoling her by saying she is her mother. Shivani saying to her that her mother is hating her. She is saying that she don’t know what she didn’t spoke here. Her mom saying to Aajeedh that she saw his pillow fight with her. Shivani is keep crying in outside Ramya is consoling her. Shivani mom scolding her that she talked this much and not even defending her. She didn’t even know to change her. Her mom scold her that she didn’t behave neatly. She ruined her prestige. When Aari said Kathal kan kattuthe. Didn’t he said he is here to play the game. If he love her he will say to her. Why did she said ok to him don’t she know to answer him back? She is also here to play.

At 1.06 Shivani mom saying to all that she is single child. She send her here to play well and shows her individuality. She can do anything apart from the game but she is not ready to show herself here. She ask her to wash her face. Her mom accompany her in.

At 1.10 Shivani mom scolding her that she is here to dance and silent. Why don’t she play well here. Everyone know to wake up alone there is no need to wake him up daily. Her duty is here to play her game.

At 1.30 Shivani mom hugs her and ask her play well smile well. Bala is there and listening all. Her mom ask her to be brave and play well.

At 2.10 Shivani explaining to her that all are different here. Shivani asking her what’s projecting outside. Many are playing this game with favouritism. She wish everyone Happy new year. She ask Shivani to play well and be brave. She ask her to take care of her health. Ramya console her.

At 2.25 Gabby saying to Aajeedh that where did Gabby and Bala got seperated. She is clearing to him that whenever

At 2.55 Ramya asking to Bala Is he ok? He replies as always. She is saying to him that her mother asked her why didn’t she played individual game and not giving her point.

At 4.35 Aari asking to Rio did he talked with her? Rio replies to him that she is not in the mood to talk. He

At 4.50 Bala is crying there alone thinking about Shivani. Aajeedh asking to him Is he ok? He didn’t replies to him. Shivani saying to Ramya she can’t able to sit like this here. Bala saying to Aajeedh that he is upset. He is replying to him that we can’t able to decide anything here. Leave it we are not doing anything pre planned everything happening in its flow. Bala saying to him that she may have dreams she didn’t show it out. He is upset because she got scold because of him. Shivani saying to Ramya that she is not influenced by anyone here. Ramya explaining to her that we have zero knowledge what’a happening outside. Ramya saying to her as a mother she wish to see her daughter win the title. Bala saying to Aajeedh that he didn’t think about her. Bala saying to Aajeedh that she is not enough matured enough to understand anything. Bala feeling bad that he breaks her trust it seems. Bala says that none nominated him.

At 5.30 Bigg Boss ask everyone to freeze. Bala cousing comes in he hugs him. He saying to him that he changed a lot. He is saying him that all are in task. They are saying that they both look alike. He is introducing all to him. They are discussing about the funny things. He is saying to him that everything going well outside. All are set keep going. He is sharing to them that show is going well. His face coming many times in promo. He is saying to them that none believed him as Bala’s brother. Because we didn’t even take a photo together. All are asking him to show the proof. All are laughing hearing it.

At 6.10 He is saying to him that he wanna play not hurting others. He is very serious here but he felt bored. He is very genuine here. His brother advising to him there is no negative advise here. He ask him to play well like before. He ask him to take decision and stand in it. He takes blessings from him. He thank all for treating him well. He wish them good luck. They wish him back that happy new year. They praise his brother

Bigg Boss ask Bala to loop it. Bala aaking to Ramya she is joking. Bigg Boss ask Rio to loop. He ask Bala to release. Then he ask Rio to release.

At 9.15 Bigg Boss ask Aari to fast forward. He is asking to Somu if he leaves he will kill him. Aari is talking to all that he is fast forward function. He is not allowing Somu to use bathroom.

At 10.30 Bigg Boss ask everyone to freeze. All lights turns to off. He ask all to release.

At 11.20 Shivani saying to Ramya that she is keep remembering her harsh words. She used to think about it. Ramya clearing to her that she bursted out in anger after she left she will feel sad for scolding her. Shivani saying to her its still hurting her. Ramya says to her that she didn’t talk with Bala even he didn’t talk with him.

Episode end.

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