Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 2nd January 2021 Written Update: Kamal roasting Bala and Aari.

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 2nd January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Kamal entered into the stage with baground music. He wish everyone a happy new year. He says to them that last year was very tough to everyone. Many suffered without job and went to lockdown. Hope this year will be a great year to everyone. He is narrating the experience of his Aboorva sahotharan movie to all. His Dhasavatharam movie is also same many opposed it but someone will agree with it. He ask us to check the friday episode.

Day 89 at 1.15 Aari is saying to Ramya that Rio is not accepting the blame he given. Rio is often saying to him that he played well in freeze task and how could he blame him. Aari complained that Shivani was down for two days why didn’t he nominated her. Bala saying to Rio and Somu that he was talking about him inside. Somu says all the best to him. All gathered there. Aari complaining about Bala to Ramya. She says to him that she don’t accept the point but he wanna mingle with others too. He says that she is not nominating Aajeedh and Bala. She deny it and says that she nominated Bala. He ask her to say about before weeks. She question him how comes he know that she didn’t nominate him? He is sharing his thought to camera and peoples are trusting him. She nominated him as boring the past 90 days hereafter she also gonna follow his way to share her thoughts to everyone through camera. Aari wish her good luck.

At 2.15 Bala saying to Aari that please don’t blame others. Aari replying to him he will do what he want. He can’t able to controll him. He is going out this week. He can take cup and take home. He is repeating don’t play blaming others. He question him again that how did he played. Bala ask to him that love made him blind. Where did he find it. He ask him to stop it that Shivani mom came and ended it. He says that he didn’t giving respect him. If he had dare he could have talk with Shivani mom. Gabby and Ramya tries to stop them. He ask to him then why did he nominated Aajeedh as worst performer. He replies he fight for his rights. He is unfit as a captain. He blames him that he used to blame others. He will deal with him in other way if he leaves out. Ramya ask him to stop it. Aari ask her to take him away. Rio takes Bala away.

At 11am. Morning wake up song plays at the house. Housemates gets up and dance for the song ” vada poche song ” and greeted each other.

At 11.20 Aari asking to Shivani who placed this chappathi outside. She is in kitchen team. Shivani replies she don’t know because she came to take milk only. Aari saying to Somu that Chappathi should be place inside the hotbox.

At 3.40 Bala saying to Shivani and Aajeedh that all people are trusting him only. None seeing his true color.
At 5 pm. Aari apologise to Shivani for taking her name. He provoked him that’s why he talked in tension. He has no intention to take it. Then only he thinked about it and understand may it conveyed wrong infront of others. Shivani says that she felt hurt when he mentioned that everyone saw it outside.

At 5.50 Aari is reading Hersheys milk and Hersheys milk shake features. Captain of the house are allowed to take it from fridge.

Kamal enter into the stage and greeted all. He says Happy new year to all. He starts talking with the contestants. They greeted him as Happy new year. He praise them looking happy that everyone family came there to meet them. He says Aari smile is bigger then everything. His baby caught everyone eyes. Tamil peoples favourite is her. He then praised Shruthi and his love for each other. He thought that he missed this concept to write in cinema. He praised their brothers visit.

He calls to Shivani mom. He says to her mom that he is not Bigg Boss Kamal but Shivani’s lawyer. He says to her that its an show all are watching she might speak with her in honor. Didn’t she give respect to her so she wanna give back to her. She felt ashamed infront of others but she was humiliated infront of all audience. He talks with her privatel

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