Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 30th December 2020 Written Update: Ramya family enters into Bigg Boss house in freeze task

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 30th December 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Day 87 at morning 8.05 am. Wake up song plays at the house. Housemates starts dancing for the song ” en thendral vantha kaatru” then greeted each other.

At 9.45 Ramya and Gabby are cooking in the kitchen. Shivani bringing pan there Bigg Boss ask Shivani to freeze. Ramya feels pity and about to take it from her hand so she takes if from her hand. He ask Ramya to be freeze and release Shivani. Gabby is dancing. He ask her to do the loop. Then to Shivani. Both are dancing around her. Aajeedh staring them.

At 9.55 Bala is eating food. Ramya is in kitchen. Bigg Boss ask Bala to freeze. Ramya teasing him that he can’t able to eat. Aari comes there and tease Bala eat the uppuma and caressing his hair. Bigg Boss ask Aari to loop. Ramya teasing them that Bala and Aari are doing brommance. She don’t like it and ask them to fight.

Bigg Boss ask Somu to freeze All are laughing. He is freeze. Gabby is doing make up to him. Bala ask him to place dhrishti pottu to him. Bigg Boss ask Somu to release and Gabby to Freeze. They are doing make up to Gabby.

Day 87 at 2.10 Bigg Boss ask Ramya to freeze Shivani and Somu are teasing Ramya. Bigg Boss ask everyone to freeze. Ramya brother enters into the Bigg Boss. She goes and hug him. He is greeting everyone there. Ramya ask to him how comes he here from Dubai? He replies to her that he came here for her. He says to Aajeedh that he is her real brother he is reel. He greeted Bala. He is teasing all for her cooking. He is saying that Aari is his head. He is greeting him and enquiring about him. He praise his Bhagavan look. He is teasing all. Bigg Boss ask everyone to release. Ramya asking to him why did he mentioning him as Head? He ask to Somu did he eat the chocolate? Ramya saying to him that he really came for her from Dubai. He nods. He informs to them that semester going on he gonna write exams in online. He is studying game design.
At 2.25 Ramya asking to him which brother he likes a lot from them? He mentioned Aari and Bala. Then says that he likes Gabby here. Alaram rings. Ramya thinks its an Balttery. Ramya mom enters into Bigg Boss. She hugs her and says its her balttery. Ramya’s mom says that everyone looking good inside the house.

Ramya’s brother advising to her that she done everything well here and didn’t went to jail. Her captaincy also good. Ramya’s mom teasing Bala that he was hearing her conversation with him. All laughs hearing it.

Ramya asking to her Is it a positive or negative? She replies to her that she can’t able to inform anyone because they will change themself. So be themself. Ramya saying to all don’t share anything to anyone. Just talk with each other and finish it. After few minutes Bigg Boss ask everyone to be freeze. Bigg Boss ask her mom and Parasu to go out using outdoor. Bigg Boss ask Ramya to be release. She advise her to say her thoughts infront of them on their face. Don’t share anything behind anyone. Brother advise to her if she evicted from this house don’t feel bad. She get blessings from her. She feels happy for it. She runs from there to cook.

Rio saying to Somu that they are spending long time with him. That’s why its feeling very harsh to him. Its looks like genuine for outside. He used to suppress all. Ramya saying to Shivani that her brother shares to her that her brother advised her that she played her game well. She never went to jail anytime and doing task well. Captaincy is good but there is chances for her to evict from the house this week its not because of her. Shivani says to her there is no chance for that. After hearing her mom words she is damn sure she will evict in this week. When her mom scold her she was surprised.

At 5.45 Rio checking some items and Gabby bend down. Bigg Boss ask Rio and Gabby to freeze. Somu comes there and ask to them when did he came here? Bigg Boss ask Somu to freeze. He ask Rio to release. Bigg Boss ask Rio to Loop.

At 6 Bigg Boss ask Everyone to freeze. Kaadhale song plays at the house. Shruthi enters into the house. Rio hugs her and cries. He is apologising to her. She is asking to him why did he apologising to her? He is asking to her didn’t she hating him? She is replying to him that she likes him a lot now. He says to her that he wanna share more to her. Rio is introducing everyone to him. He says to Bala that he never follow rules at all. Gabby runs to her and hugs her. All are greeting her. Shruthi is teasing Rio that we are on national television.

At 6. 40 Shruthi explaining to him about Rithi starts to walk holding things and starts to talk little. She is dicto of her. Rithi video plays to Rio. His family wishing him good luck and ask him to win the title and ask him to play well. Rio friends are teasing him.

At 7 Shruthi saying to him that he was doing well don’t be upset and be energetic and do fun here. He is not energetic now a days. He nods. Both hugs each other. Bigg Boss ask her to go out using out door. He thank her for coming in.

At 9 15 All are in freeze position. Song plays at the house. Somu brother enters into the house. He hugs him. He hugs Aari and says he is Bhagavan. He mentioned Bala as his brother. Aajeedh music box.

At 9.20 He is teasing all by mentioning their nick name kumaru. All are doing fun with him in the name of Kumaru.

At 9.30 He is saying to him that his game is good. He is playing well but he wanna open up more here and talk straight on face.

At 9.35 Somu mother and sister video plays at the house. He feels happy to see his dog. His brother says to all that his mom said hi to all and her blessing is with them. Aajeedh is singing Somu is playing music. He is enjoying with all. Bigg Boss ask him to go out using out door and thank him for coming here. He ask everyone to give a group hug. He ask everyone to play well and wish them Happy new year.

At 11.05 Aajeedh saying to Shivani as a captain he wanna take a decision. His karuthu is what is i’m saying. He sings what a karuvad song with Shivani. Both are dancing in the garden. All lights turns to off.

Episode end.

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