Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 3rd January 2021 Written Update: Aajeedh evicted from the house

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 3rd January 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Kamal entered into the stage with baground music. He says he is thinking this year is to change everything. We wanna wake up and think clearly. Only two weeks are left in the house let see how can they survive here or leave it from middle. He ask us to start a conversation with contestants. They greeted him. He says to them its Indian handmade dress. He says to them as a tips that don’t confuse themself. They can play for themself. He informs to them that there is a chance for speak for themself. They can explain to audience how much they deserved to win the Title and ask voting from them. They can do it in confession room. He ask Bala to go to confession room. He says to him first he wanna clear with him that.

He mentioned to Anitha that previous season winners didn’t done anything but won the title. Actually he meant their calmness. He only remember that not the one he mentioned with Aajeedh. He says to them that he used to get angry always because he saw it from his childhood days. None is there to teach him what’s good or bad? When people point outing his mistakes he is trying his best to he change him. He will bounce back and stand in his own feet. Kamal appreciate it. Rio says that he trust he is genuine to his game if people trust him they will vote for him. Ramya says that she opened up her emotions out and played well in game so she deserved to be in. Somu says he used to avoide fights and spreading positive vibes. Gabby says she talk for her rights and argued when it needed. Shivani says that she is herself here nothinf much and doing task. Aari says that he wanna reflect himself in house and out too. Aajeedh says still he done his part well in this house and in task too. Kamal appreciate all for the good speech.

Kamal enter into the stage and speaking with Hamam caller of the week. Silambarasan calling from pollachi . He is asking to him that many are there to present this show but he liked his Tamil prounounciation and the way he mention Ungal naan. He ask him to talk with Ramya. He praise her game play. He is question her that she is pointing out her thoughts at back when she gonna do it on face.

Kamal ask them to bring pictures from store room. Whose picture coming they wanna talk about them and their strategy. Rio get Somu picture. He says that he may have anger on someone means he will never go and fight with them. He just clear with them and play his game. Somu get Aajeedh name. He says that he doubt whether he has any game plan or something. He is playing game well. Aari get Ramya name. Her strategy is entertainment. She use her comedy as strategy. When she is playing very brilliantly. Her demerits. She is not talking on face

Gabby gets Bala name. He is back to good. He is always protecting his team members. Shivani gets Gabrilla she is very fun. She is not arguing with anyone it may her strategy. Aajeedh get Shivani she is not using any strategy. He is close with in ball catch task she is playing well. Ramya get Rio name. He is using fun as strategy. He is having something in his heart and conveying something out may his intention not to hurt others. Bala got Aari. He is blaming others always. When we point out others mistake. He only felt that he used others weakness and putting it infront of others.

He says 4 members are left in nomination. He ask all to sit together. He saved Somu first. Rio and Gabby hugging Somu and appreciating him.

Kamal enters into stage and greet all. He promote kooda mathari book written by perumal. Its about untouchable people story. He disconnect the audience and starts talking with contestants. They greet him. He says that he gonna save one person. Remain two wanna go to store room there will be two bag with tag. If that name is same in this letter that person will come and meet him in stage. He saved Shivani. Ramya and Aajeedh takes bag and comes to hall. Kamal shows Aajeedh name to all. Everyone starts hugging him and wish them good luck. They praise him played well in-game. They clapps for him. He go to pack his things. Somu boost up Ramya. Gabby hugging Aajeedh. He takes pot and going to garden area to break it. He break it. He give coin to Bala, Ramya and Gabby. He starts to sing a song for them. He thank Bigg Boss. He praise his song and says he will miss him too. Bala hugs him and says missing him. Everyone hugs him and says bye to all. Gabby saying to Somu that she didn’t expect him to go out. She starts crying for him. Ramya and Bala are discussing about coins. Here Rio saying that Aajeedh have less hatred. Bala saying to Ramya that he wish to go out.

Kamal entered into stage and welcome Aajeedh on stage. He comes there and greet him. He says that he got evicted in 3rd week but got saved in the eviction card. But after that he stayed in the house for 90years. He says that he is a singer may its not a platform to him but he got what he expected how much glory he gained outside. Everyone craving recognition. He thanked him and says he is happy to contact with him. He played send of video to him. He thanks for the video. He talks with them he says to them that they looks nice. He ask Gabby to play well. Gabby ask him to keep going. He says that he got a brother in Bala. He says love you to him. He says that Ramya is soft hurt to all no worry. He got her as a sister. He ask Shivani to be bold. He says that he don’t like Aari advice but its useful now. He ask Somu to be positive always. He says that Rio playing good. He bids bye to all and leaves.

Day 91 at 10.35 Shivani asking to Ramya what did they mentioning about talking back. They are expecting her to talk straight on their face like Aari.

At 11.10 Gabby is counting in reverse all lights turn off.

At 12 Bala is crying and saying that he used to mention lazy its not good right. Shivani advising to him that he mentioned him as a fool. She advises to him that he got triggered they are expecting him to do a neat argument. She advises him to calm in front of him. She is saying to him that the way of asking is wrong. He did a better performance. He complaints that he used to overshadow others and ruining the Aajeedh game and playing a dirty game. He is not accepting his mistakes. He is saying everything as his thoughts. He is apologizing for his mistakes usually. Rio saying to Gabby that he doesn’t understand what a safe game in this house. Gabby advise to him that don’t take it to heart. Somu says that Kamal sir too mentioned don’t poke his head in all matters. Bala says to her that he can face more. Shivani saying to him that Kamal sir liked his way of change before he changes again its disappoint him.

Episode end.

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