Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 3rd November 2020 Written Update: Bala strategy game

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 3rd November 2020 Written Update on

Day 29 Rio gives the love emoji to Archana and says he used his brain to made this. She hugs him and ask to him whose nail polish is this? He smiles and says Sanam.

Day 30 at 8.05 morning wake up song plays. Housemates dance for Hey vetrivela song. At 9 am Shivani saying her task is to teach 9 facial expression. She taught being happy. After her Aari comes he taught Anger and crying. Next Suresh comes he is showing happy, Anger, pity, love and excitement.

At 10 am. Samyuktha sharing to Bala that Suresh is angry on him for the contest. He sacrificed for Samyuktha. Bala replies to her if he is disappointed with him he can say it directly to him why should keep it with him. Sam replies to him he is not reacting on the spot but hiding it with him and bursting out on one day. She advise him to clear this with him directly.

At 11am Archana reading luxury budjet task. Its name judgement task. Housemate have many argument with each other the last one month in the house. Now they can clear the misunderstanding in this task through judgement. After argument they can call supporters to support them. Suchi will be the judge of the house.

At 1 pm in confession room. Bala complaint against Sanam. Archana saying to Somu he can clear about puppet matter. Sam complaint against Aari. Sanam complaint against Bala. Nisha, Such and Gabbi were talking about bigboss. Gabbi mentioned Bigboss as darling but nisha said she is his darling. Sanam ask to bigboss to take extra card he give permission to her. Bigboss informed to her this task is temporarly stopped. She informed it to housemates.

At 2 pm suchi entered into court as a judge and ask the contestant to sit. She read the case no 1. Bala to Sanam. He start to narrate the complaint on Sanam. He start with the lemon matter. In raja task Sanam praised Archana as she gives everything then why did she accused her not giving lemon. For this she accused him for revealing the secret. Then he mentioned her as Useless. She was quiet on that time and burst out after sometime and blamed him. She intentionally used yesterday conversation in kitchen and raised his temper and accused him. She provoke him to kick her the way she kicked him. Its like she intentionally provoking him to beat her and get sympathy on her.

Sanam says she forgot some points. Such replies its her mistake for not listening carefully. Bala gives q card to her. She argued from her side. Sanam saying to judge that she never use a word useless anywhere it was Bala whom mentioned her like that and created a problem. He point out the kick matter so she asked him to kick and go. That too he said to another housemate. Now we stopped talking with each other. Suchi ask to the housemates those who supporting Sanam stands beside her.

After listening both side suchi ask their supporters to start their arguement. Sam and Gabbi raised voice for Bala. Here Aari and Ramya supporting Sanam. Judge after listening both side ask to them whoever thinks Bala used the word useless intentionally? Aari raised his hand. As a joke rest all raised their hand. So Bala win the task

Day 30 at 3.30 Bala saying to Sam that Aajeedh shouting to keep quiet he stop talking but this Sanam kept talked there so he got frustrated. Sam to agree with the point. Here Anitha saying to Aari that Sam changed a lot nowadays she is getting too much angry. Aari replies she became a captain so she is thinking to be a powerful person. Anitha says just because of over confidence.

5.15 case no. 2 Suresh vs Sanam. Suresh greeted judge. Suresh gives an complaint that Sanam interrupting in others matters and not giving privacy to others. While discussing kitchen matter also she came there and we strictly says to her its kitchen team not hers. Sanam argued with them. For Suresh support Rio, Archana, Sam Shivani joined as Sanam support Bala, Ramya, Anitha and Aari joined. Both team argued each other and finally judge give an judgement favour to Anitha.

At 6.55 in dining table. Archana narrating to all Sanam accused Archana that she lied two times. She is clearing about it. Bala too agree with it that she whispered to him now she changed the topic here. Sanam got too hypered and shout on them she didn’t lied. She actd weird and ran outside of the house. Housemates followed her so she ask them to don’t follow her she needs space.

Then Rio speaking with Aari about it but he clearly says to him they didn’t misunderstand him but on that time he seem to be a influencer.

At 8.20 Sam asking Sanam to speak with Arachana in privacy. Sanam replies to her she is waiting for week end after that she will speak with everyone if she done something wrong then she is ready to fall on feet. Archana leaves from there.

At 9. Archana talking with Suresh he is narrating the incident to Archana. Suchi stops him and ask to him to leave it. She explain to Archana he was a lawyer inside the court now he is Balan he played an beautiful game there not only he won his case but win for Sanam too.

At 11. Announcer saying today justice task conducted in house. Housemates argued for their point and won the judgement. But they must understand final judgement is in people hand.

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