Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 5th January 2021 Written Update: Bala won the 3rd Task

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 5th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Day 93 at 8am. Morning wake up song plays at the house. Housemates wakes up and starts dance for the song ” varuthu vatuthu” and greeted each other

At 11 .25 am Housemates are sitting in hall. Ramya reading Ticket to Finale task next part rules and regulation. They will give velcro jacket to all and their picture printed coin. It will fixed on their jacket. They wanna wear it and take other housemates coins after buzzer plays. Whom protecting their coin till end will be the winner.

At 11.30 Ramya runs buzzer plays. Rio is standing beside Ramya. Bala comes there he ask him to go. Gabby trying to take Shivani. Bala goes there so they gets seperated. Bala asking to Aari why did he not moving from that place or trying to take someone badge. Is his strategy. Bala takes Rio coin. They again starts to run from there. He go and sit there. At 12 .05 Somu going straight to Ramya and trying to take her coin but he couldn’t. He touched Gabby eyes. Ramya takes Somu coins. He got angry because they divert them

At 12.15 Bala checking everyone point. Ramya ask water to him.
Bala talking with Aari. They are trying to take the coin of him.
At 12.30 Ramya saying that he can take coin in his height. He says that he will take according to the point. Bala goes and sit in sofa. Aari says if he gonna take badge he can. He says he can run in ground but he is sitting here. He says he will play after the buzzer plays. He takes Aari badge. Aari says that he can take coin by running too. Doesn’t he man. Bala says he is throwing words uselessly. He says he played his game well.

At 12.40 Shivani and Ramya trying to take each other coin. He takes Ramya coin and Shivani coin next. He is saying to Aari that if he tries to run there he will fall down. Aari deny his points. Bala explain it to Gabby. Aari again triggering him.

Bala saying to camera how many times he called him to play the fair game but he didn’t came. He tried many time not to put properties there. Kamal sir says he done mistakes here he accept it but for that always complaining him doing mistakes is not fair. He is questioning him is he man? No one questioned him its wrong. Then how will he tolerate his anger. He is trying his best to control his anger. He tried his best to call him to centre to play his game but he didn’t came.

Aari saying to Somu that Bala trying to help Shivani there. He can understand it.

At 1.20 Rio placing Points to everyone. Bala gets 7 point, Shivani at 6. Ramya at 5, Aari 4, Somu 3 Gabby 2 and Rio 1

At 4.55 Rio is sleeping. Bigg Boss whispering in mike and ask him to come Confession room. Housemates laughing.

At 5.10 Rio Reading Tickey to finale part 4. He is explaining all rules to them.

At 5.15 BGM plays. Shivani touch the buzzer and sing the song.

At 5.35 Next bgm plays. Bala touch the buzzer he sing the song. Gabby fall down. Bala keep singing. Rio says that she is crying he is singing. She is asking to him that why did he touched it. Bigg Boss announce him 7 points. Again song plays Bala touch it. They are arguing to each other whom touch the song. Gabby sing a song. Bala says that its unfair. All are waiting here. Gabby says that she felt she played fair game. He says to her that he waited to listen the result. She sing it. Gabby says that he will never allow her to sing because he will claim the chance.

At 7.20 Music plays Bala touched the buzzer. Bala forget the song. Next music plays. Somu sing a song but he sang long lyrics. He wasted his chance. Next time Rio touched it. He sings the song. Next Bala touch the ball but fails to sing a song. Aari asking everyone to listen the song.

At 8 10 Bala touch the ball and sings the song what a karuvad song. Shivani and Ramya doing chorus.

At 9 pm. Rio reading Ticket to finale part 4. This time 10 more song will be played. If they touch the wrong one they will get minus point to them including their points. Bala says then he will loss his points more so he says he won’t play. Ramya says lorry won’t come so she can get the point. Bala says if he know the song then he will touch it in super fast speed.

At 9.5 Shivani touch the buzzer and sings the song Kozhi peda kozhi song. Bigg Boss gives 7 points to her. Rio touch the buzzer but time up but he didn’t sing. He feel frustrated. Somu touch the buzzer he sings Naangai nilavin nangai. Bigg Boss announce Somu 7 points. Rio touch the buzzer he sings Mukkala mukkapla song. Bigg boss gives 7 points to him. Next Gabby touch it she sings danga danga song. She fails to sing the pallavi. Bigg Boss says time up. She sang wrong lyrics.

Bigg Boss announce one bonus song will play its the 14th point song. Somu touch it. He sing the song enna mattum love you pannu bujju. They clapps for him.

Bigg Boss announce that Aari, Somu and Ramya having 0 points. Its an tie breaker task. Whom touching it will get first song. Somu touch it Bigg Boss says his time is up. Ramya touch it. She sings let me tell you. Bigg Boss announce her point is 7.

7th Bala, 6th Gabby, 5th Somu , 4th Aari 3th Ramya, 2 Rio and 1Shivani.

Rio praising Ramya for getting points without doing anything. She is very lucky because the same way she got captaincy and points too. Bala sitting there lowly. Ramya boosting him up and says so many task are remaining. He can take the point. He congratulated him as good.

Episode end.

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