Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 6th January 2021 Written Update: Ticket to finale 5th part winner Rio

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 6th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Day 94 at 8 am. Morning wake up song plays at the house. Housemates starts dance for the song ” Arambame ” and greeted each other. Ramya saying to camera that her 1st jasmin flower blossomed in plant.

At 10.20 Rio saying to Somu that he is feeling that his image portayed bad outside. Somu saying that he changed a lot. He realized his mistakes and calm. He says that many person said to him that he is changed and different. Its gave pressure to him and made him think like he wanna back to form. What’s they are thinking he wanna fight here always? Apart from his anger he is a good player in this house. He played his game well. Rio says that he starts playing well after few weeks.

At 3.45 Somu saying rhyming words to Ramya. Bala, Aari, Shivani join with them. Bigg Boss praised it and appreciate it. Ramya thank Bigg Boss and give hi fi to Somu.

At 4 . Aari reading Ticket to finale part 4. Each housemates will get one round and ball. They wanna roate it continuously and listen to Bigg Boss orders too. Whom lossing it first will out of the game they whom rotating it till final will be the winner.

At 4.55 All housemates starts rotating the round. Shivani loss the ball first. After few minutes Aari missed his ball. Ramya missed her ball at 3rd. Bigg Boss ask the active players to get down. Gabby lost her ball at 4th. Bigg Boss ask Bala, Rio and Somu to get up. Somu ball stops. He is asking the doubt to Ramya she is explaining it to him. Bala and Rio keep rounding it. Bigg Boss ask Bala and Rio to get down and get up. He ask them to get down and stop there. He ask them to continue and get on.

At 5.25 Bala and Rio keep doing it. Bigg Boss ask them to get down and get on. Bala lossed his ball. They appreciate their works. Bigg Boss announce they rotate it for 30 minutes.

At 5.30 Somu saying that its second difference. Bala saying to himself that he need 3 more points. He wanna play well. Bala saying to Rio that he was counting to not distract his mind. Gabby says she even heard his sound. Shivani says to Aari that she felt regret for lossing few second before Aari. He says that he too felt the same with Ramya. She says she didn’t regreted in ballone task only because that’s very tough to her.

At 7.45 Ramya reading Ticket to finale task part 5. 93 days they travelled together in this house. All are wearing mask here so its their task to tear their mask and point out their mistake. Use this chance to say it to them.

At 7.50 Aari says about Somu. Many problems happened in this house. He didn’t poke his head in it so its safe game. Then Gabby for not showing her potential. About Rio he can’t able to find out his real one. He decided first to show his one side in this house. He is disappointed with it. In court to he addressed about Somu only. It made him feel like he is biased. Rio giving explaining his side to all.

At 8.35 Aari saying about Shivani. Bigg Boss often said they wanna play alone. After few weeks he don’t find her playing alone. Her self confidence is also lacking here. Ramya, When Kamal sir mentioned safe game still she is searching about it. She didn’t self validate her. She is supporting Bala not advising him. Bala, In his age he was roaming around in road. He won the mr. India title was appreciate one. But he is not listening to others. He is breaking others talking freedom. His anger hurted many persons. He wanna respect the elders.

At 9.15 Shivani saying about Rio. He is not showing out his anger it may his strategy, game. Its wrong. He is fail to show out his friends mistake. Gabby has dominating nature but she masked it with fun and entertainment. Same goes with Somu. Aari is blaming others he wanna listen to others. She likes it. Bala played well in all game and change his nature it may his strategy. His demerits his anger. Ramya used to soft hurt others and has sarcastic smile with her but she finds her wearing mask after the caller.

At 9.20 Gabby says about Rio. He thinks a lot but he hesitate to share about. Somu gets angry lot but she is deny it. He can’t able to control it. Aari used to talk about game 90% and 10% general. Bala don’t like Aari’s blaming game but he is al

Somu saying that he can’t find happy Rio here. Gabby name didn’t come to nomination it looks like safe game. He felt she was in comfort zone. Somu seeing active Shivani now but he fails to see it in first week. She is listening to all but she fails to do it. Somu says that he like this Bala he don’t like him changing. Aari played many blaming game here. Here we have 70 cameras here extra camera is Aari.

At 9.50 Rio says about Shivani he likes her motivating herself. But he wish to see her cleaning her surroundings too. Bala he can hold his anger and caught his aim. Gabby is not trying it and thinking about the result. He advise her to try. Ramya she wanna hear about both side. Without hearing it she can’t deny it. Aari. He used to advise all many people don’t like to listen others. If he say his point shortly he can win it.
Somu searching his confidence in others.

Ramya saying about Rio. He has confusion, resoning he wish to share but hesitate. Emotional too. Shivani is in comfort zone. Gabby is doing the same thing in anger. Bala is having anger. He is taking revenge. Aari is playing his game well. He is playing his own game but he can’t expect others to play like him. He is blaming others using others weakness. Everyone having own point of view. He is having lots of baggage here.

At 10.20 Bala talking about Aari. He says to Aari that he wanna point out his mistakes short. Gabby. She didn’t reveal her true face anywhere Rio is a confuse entertainment. He is very clear not to hurt others.
Somu is very competitive now he wish him to continue it. Shivani is self doubt person. Ramya is not pointing out her closed one mistakes.

At 11 Rio saying to Bala that he said correct about him. He thinks a lot to say something out not to hurt others. He is very clear to entertainment.

At 12.05 Ramya reading the task. According to the discussion they wanna give position to the debate.

At 12.15 Aari get 1 point, Bala 2, Rio 3, Ramya 4, Gabby 5, Shivani 6 and Somu 7

Episode end.

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