Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 7th January 2021 Written Update: Somu win the 5th task

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 7th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Day 95 at morning wake up song plays at the house. Housemates starts wake up and dance for the song ” Aadatha kaalukalun aadumayya”

At 2.40 Rio reading Ticket to finale Task number 7. Each housemates wanna competite each other. They wanna roll on floor and place the ball on circle. Then repeat it. They can choose their partner. Bala got special power in task he can choose the partner when his turn comes.

Shivani takes Somu name. Somu win the task. They are appreciating them. Ramya and Aari rolling on the floor and placing the ball in the circle. Aari finished it first. Rio hugs him. Shivani question Ramya Is she ok? She is teasing her. Gabby and Rio rolling next. Gabby done it first. Bigg Boss announce Ramya as 7th place.

Bigg Boss announce now Rio and Shivani gonna fights each other for 5th and 6th place. Rio done it first so he got 5th place and Shivani at 6
Bala and Gabby starts doing it Gabby done it first. Aari and Somu doing next Somu comes first. Ramya appreciating him.

At 3.50 Bigg Boss Announce 4th and 3rd place gonna happen. Aari and Bala gonna play it. Bala finish it first. Bigg Boss announce Bala as 3rd place and Aari at 4th place. Somu and Gabby doing it next. Somu and Gabby finish at same time. Bigg Boss says third umpire checking it.

At 4.20 Bigg Boss announce to them they both finish it at same time so they wanna take another one round to finish it.

At 4.30 Bigg Boss announce Somu at 1st place and Gabby at 2place. Bigg Boss appreciate all contestant for playing well in all task. He announce Gabby and Somu takes less time to finish the task. 59sec.

At 6.35 Shivani reading Hersheys features and promoting it.

Somu saying that he met Aari first here and opens up with him always. He is having good bond with him. Rio saying that he got a good bonding with Gabby because she is resembling his sister. Ramya says that she got Shivani as friend but on that day she gave heart break to her. She is a sweet person. Bala saying that he likes Ramya funny things in diwali task. Shivani meet Ramya and she thinks she can’t go with her but it didn’t happen. She likes Ramya lot. Gabby says that she likes Rio and Somu a lot. She talks with Bala first. We fights a lot with him now its looks funny to him. Aari says that he likes Rio a lot. If he likes him he will stay far away from him. He is his jail partner. They didn’t get time to speak much. Bigg Boss played their happy moments

At 10 Aari reading Ticket to finale 5 part. Some words filled with notes were placed in table. Housemates face printed frame will be in activity area.

At 10.15 Rio takes Roobam semmai sei. He gives to Ramya. Reasoning she can friendly with all. Gabby to gives to him. Bala gives it to Aari reasoning he has many good thinking for that. Shivani gives to Bala. Somu gives to Bala.

At 10.40 Koodi piriyal. Bala says that Gabby is the one seperate from him so he is giving it to her. Somu too give it to her. Gabby giving it to Bala for the same reason. Ramya giving it to Gabby. Shivani giving to Gabby reasoning she seperate from her. Rio giving it to Aari reasoning we don’t need to go far away from our closed one whether its good or not. Aari mentioned Somu reasoning they used to search each other. Rio appreciate Aari for convey they things in fun way. Gabby mention about the reason and tag the words to her.

At 10.50 Gabby takes Kaalam azhiyen. Gabby gives it to Aari reasoning if they are not accepting his advise don’t waste his time. Ramya gives to Aari, Shivani gives to Rio. Rio gives to Shivani and Aari to Shivani. Somu gives to Shivani.

At 11.05 Sumayinaikku ilathide. Aari gives to Bala. Reasoning he has hardworking character. Gabby to Shivani reasoning her cooking team problem. Ramya to Shivani. Bala to Gabby. Somu to Shivani. Rio to Shivani.

At 11.40 Ramya takes Thunbathukku idai thudai. Ramya gives to Rio, Bala gives to Rio, Gabby to Rio. Rio to Aari, Shivani to Aari. Aari to Ramya.

At 11.45 Nanri maravel. Rio gives it to Somu, Gabby to Somu. Bala to Somu. Shivani to Bala. Ramya to Bala. Aari to Rio. Somu to Bala. He is narrating his family matters.

At 12 Thunbam maranthidu. Somu gives to Bala, Ramya to Bala, Aari to Bala reasoning it will help him to achieve a lot. Bala to Aari. Shivani to Ramya. Rio to Shivani reasoning she bounce back from all the incident.

At 12.20 Kothad thozhi. Rio to Bala. Bala to Aari. Ramya to Aari reasoning leave the unfair play. Aari to Bala. Somu to Bala. Gabby to Bala. Shivani to Aari. Bala accept it.
At 12.30 Thesathodu othu vazhu. Bala gives to Aari for not mingling with others. Gabby to Aari. Shivani and Rio to Aari. Ramya to Aari. Somu to Aari. Aari to Bala.
At 12.45 Oviyam pesu. Aari to Ramya. Bala to Aari. Gabby to Aari. Ramya to Aari. Rio to Aari. Shivani to Aari. Somu to Aari.

At 1 Theeyinal sutta pun ullarum arrathe naavinal sutta vadu. Aari to Bala. Bala to Aari. Gabby to Aari. Ramya to Aari. Rio to Bala. Shivani to Bala.

Bigg Boss announce that this task stopping temporarly. It will continue tomorrow after the announcement. Housemates thank him.

Episode end

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