Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 7th November 2020 Written Update: Vikram Title release

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 7th November 2020 Written Update on

Kamal hasan giving grand entry into stage. Biggboss wishing for his birthday and ask treat to him. Kamal replies to him he will treat everyone equally and respectfully and expect the same its his treat. He thanked him. Housemates wishing for his birthday. Kamal thank them and says he love them all. Biggboss announce to him there is a surprise for him by saying they send a cake to him. He thanked the contestant for the handmade cake. He dedicate that cake to them.

Rio ask treat to him. He replies they will get it soon. He says to them that he used to don’t celebrate birthday because his father passed away on that day. Housemates gives an tribute to him with his cinema songs. He thanked them and said love them all. He shared with them he is missing SPB at this moment because he never miss a chance to celebrate his birthday with him. Last year he send a voice message to him but its an memory to him now. Kamal cried silently for him. He ask audience to check friday episode

Day 34 at 10am morning wake up song plays. Housemates wake up and starts dancing for ” Tananaaa tananaa” song and greeted each other.

At 2 pm Rio saying to Suresh that he was matured enough to understand the situation and its just a game. Suresh replies to him he knew it but what to do sometimes its coming out without his control. Gabbi says to him its just a small matter she didn’t mean it. Suresh ask to her then why did she taking this as a big problem.

In evening housemates preparing cake for Kamal hasan birthday and place it inside the store room. Sanam and Gaabi wishing to Kamal hasan for his birthday.

At 1.20 am Aari shouting on Shivani for not cleaning the room before lights turns to off. Shivani replies to him he didn’t inform to her at all. He added that she refuse to clean this place so he cleaned kitchen area. Gabbi says to him she cleaned kitchen why did he raising his voice now ? He blames everyone for not doing the work properly including him.

Kamal hasan saying to audience that he informed to all how to being patience in this pandemic period and start our job. As per his words he is begining his work in this stage he gonna realease his first Raj filims international film Title release in this stage. Director Logesh and music director Anirudh comes to the stage and gives an bouque to him and wished him for his birthday. They explained to all how much hardwork they put it in this trailer to release it on his birthday. Kamal hasan played the trailer to housemates with Biggboss permission.

Just then Nagarjuna comes to video call from Telugu biggboss set. He wished him for his birthday Kamal thanked him. Both asked about each other in telugu. They talked with the contestant. As per Nagarjuna request he saved one of the telugu biggboss contestant from eviction. Harika saved from eviction. That girl thanked him. After this Kamal family members talk to him in video call he was happy with it. He continue talking with the contestants.

He ask to them in which mood they are in fighting or peace? Sanam replies to him let’s leave this problem. Kamal ask to her why did she provoke him to kick her? He thanked Bala for not kicking her he smiles to him. He ask him to stop smiling and says to him did he forgot the word he used to her? He request to them to stop using such words inside the house because many babies are watching it. They will learn from them.

Bala apologise to him because he normally use that words with his friends so he don’t know the actual meaning of it. He was calm there if she ask to him to explain it to her he will do it but what she done to him was provoking him to lashes out on her. Kamal strictly told them to avoide such words in the house. Sanam complaint to him that Bala use that words to sing infront of her in bathroom. Bala deny it by saying Jithan is witness there he casually sang there she is misunderstanding it all.

Next Kamal ask to Samyuktha how was her captaincy position. She replies to him she regretting. Kamal says to her many complaints that she shows favourism to Bala in the house. Because he helped her being a captain. She replies to him that she was not like that she used same tone to all. Suresh too agree with it even Rio supported it. Aari says to him that she personally attacks him. She says to him that she apologise to him for that. Aari keeps arguing there Kama tries to explain them. He takes a short break.

After a break his daughters Surthi and Akshara wished him through video call from their shooting place. They says love you papa and sing a birthday song there. He talked with contestants and postpone the saving cards to sunday. He thanked all. Mohan lal video plays he wished him for his birthday and his future projects. Kamal thanked everyone those who made his birthday special and wide up the show.

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