Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 8th October 2020 Written Update: Suresh and Anitha clash each other

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 8th October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Suresh asking cleaning team to clean the kitchen Sanam misunderstand his proverb so he walked out.

Day 3 at 7pm other housemates were playing in garden. Suresh ask to Rio how many members were in his team and ask him to add him in it. Because whom having self respect won’t continue in that group. Rio ask to Nisha what’s going on here? Nisha narrated to him he ask the team to clean the kitchen but none did it and not listening his instructions. Suresh talking with Captain about his problem dealing with cooking team so he wanna shift into toilet cleaning. She assures to him that she will talk with them and give an answer to him.

In living area BiggBoss ask to the housemates to choose 4 contestant for nomination process whom already shared their life experiment. They are discussing each other and says Aari, Rio, Velmurugan and Nisha story is really inspiring one comparing to othere so they choose Gabrilla, Rekha, Sanam shetty and Samyuktha for nomination process.

At 7.30 pm Captain talking with cooking team and informing to them Suresh wish to shift into cleaning team. Rekha explaining to her the reason for delay of break fast. Shanamshetty says she will go to cleaning team. Suresh replies to her that he is not only have problem with her but also with Anitha. Rekha declared she don’t like him leaving the team. Anitha says to him that she has no problem with him if he thinking like that its his problem. Suresh replies to her that she voluntarily shook hand with him and fights with him at night its unfair. Sanam again said she will shift to cleaning team he refuce it.

At 9.15pm Sanam shetty saying to Suresh that he is not going to cleaning team because she gonna shift there. Bala also ask to change him into cleaning team reasoning he can’t able to cut the vegetables morning itself. Suresh informing to Captain he has problem with Anitha so he can’t be there. Anitha replies to him but she has no problem with him. Suresh says she is big problem to him he wanna show kurumpadam for her to know her mistake.

At 10.15 pm Gabrilla dancing in kitchen Somu teasing Anitha. She talking to camera and asking to it whether its an task from bigboss to trigger her and make her angry using Suresh. Bala just supporting her. Anitha confessing to the camera that she don’t know to please anyone she will talk back to everyone there.

Suresh , Rekha were discussing about Anitha in bathroom. Sanam trying to explain her that everyone has their own point of view to see the problem so we can’t judge them. Anitha crying to Nisha and narrates to her how did Suresh said he has problem with Anitha. She says to her Sanam and Suresh fights a lot though he said he has no problem with her. Why did he targetting her. Somu apologize to her. Nisha explains to him she talked in anger don’t take tension. Rio advise her to stop this matter here don’t dragg it much it will spoil her name. She too say the same her image will be portrayed badly outside.

Day 4 at 8am Everyone wakeup and dancing for a wake up song in the garden area. Rekha is busy in cooking. Samyuktha dancing in bedroom.

Bala singina a oliver beauty song for Nisha along with Gabrilla. At 11 Rekha cutting the vegetables, Suresh teaching her to cut the veggies and saying the measure of rice and dhaal for cooking. Rekha cleared with Sanam she is confusing her more with the chatting. She informs to Suresh 4glass rice and 2 glass dhaal. 6 cup water. Rekha immittating Sanam to Aari

At Bigboss ask Anitha to share her experiment. She starts with don’t think she is saying this all to get sympathy. She narrates her painful school days how much she suffered to study and take tuntion for kids walking kilometers. She says to them that she has no permanant address yet she wish to have a house then she met her husband whom suffered like her and she is here behalf of her husband and mom.

Next Shivani sharing her experiment from childhood days she wish to live in chennai. After her fifth std she migrated to chennai her excitement is over. When she is in her 12th grade she got a chance to act in vijat tv from there her carrier started and she is here now.

Nisha teased Shivani that her experiment also like Biggboss promo.

Housemates making fun with Rekha and requesting biggboss to give dog barking sound. Rekha teaching to them how to bark.

Jithan shares his life experiment with them his family is a joint family nearly 40 members. His father has big production company he got arrier in college suddenly he got offer to act in Jithan movie he got huge fame from that. So he chose the worst scripts in excitement he met many ignored him people ignores him. He felt his all fames were over.his daughter fall down from stairs he got an worst experience in his life. For god grace she is doing good

Suresh shares his born with silver life but suddenly everything gone from his hand. He suffered a lot done all production and small small works to achieve something he went to Australia settled there his son got blood cancer 4th stage he cured it somehow. He got love and married her , he converted into veg for her and left him now his daughter in law is pregnant.

Rekha is cooking there her words misunderstood by Sanam and shows her anger to Bala. He says to them he won’t be in cooking team. Sanam and Bala arguing each other.

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