Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 9th January 2021 Written Update: Somu wins Ticket to finale

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 9th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Kamal Hasan entering into the stage and greeting all. Kamal saying to audience that many are questioning what’s good happening inside the house? What good thing is there. Many are fighting and creating scene. They are not only fighting but clearing their misunderstanding too. They are learning from mistakes and doing great. They are teaching how to support. If we watch friday episode we can understand that.

Day 96 at 2.10 Bigg Boss announcing to Ramya and Shivani to hold the rope with one hand and throw the ball on her opposite person to divert her. They start to throw each other ball. Shivani starts to cry. They are encouraging them. Shivani says to them that her position is different. She has no comfortable to beat her.

At 4.14. Bigg Boss ask Shivani and Ramya to sit in air position. They both are sigh in pain. Ramya give up and fall down. Housemates are helping her out. After her Shivani leaves the rope. They are helping her too. Ramya and Shivani are crying in pain. Bala carrying Shivani inside. He helps her to lay in bed. Next Somu carried Ramya into bed. They clapps for them. All lights turns to off.

Day 97 at 7.35 Aari asking to Somu whom placed this score here. Somu says he placed it here. Aari cried and says to Bala that he shouldn’t question him orelse he would have stand here. He knew well that he will never get it but he acted like provoke him so he quiet it. He lost it. Bala says to him its ok lets play fair game.

At 8.10 Rio takes E five star do nothing from store room.

At 8.20 Aari saying to Bala that he felt guilt for behaving like that. Bala says to him that he played an fair game. Their numbers are not matter here. Aari complaints to him that he takes his hand so Rio claim it. Rio informs to camera time to time but he too takes his hand. He shows Gabby and Somu favouritsm if he stand there he would have stand till end. Bala apologise to him for throwing harsh words on him in anger. He is still learning. He felt very guilt for everything. Apart from game he respect him a lot. He used to see only negative things in his life he will contact him even after he go out of the house.

Kamal appreciate Balaji learning process. Seeing only negative things is not life but positive one too. Aari learned not to blame all its his learning. Its a good result of the show.

Kamal enter into the stage and congratulate Somu for won the Ticket to finale task. He ask the housemates to bring the ticket to him. They applause for him and open the curtain. His cut out is there. Housemates shares some positive notes about Somu. Somu mom comes on video call. He talks with her and thank Kamal sir for it. He appreciate him and takes a break.

Kamal entered into the stage and starts talking with the contestants. Kamal says still praising sections are not over. He appreciate Shivani for doing great this time. She proved that if she get a chance she can prove herself. He appreciate Rio for standing 4 hours. Ramya too give up after 2 minutes. He question them why did they cried?
She replies to him that she felt emotional hearing the song. He says to her he never saw her crying used to smile like this. Shivani says that she can’t able to hurt her like that that’s why she started crying.
He praise three girls for proving themself in the task. He mentioned karakatta kaari Ramya done well in the task. He appreciate Bala for not breaking any rules this time. Its an good learning process. He says to Bala that he mentioned that he got three days to bounce back. He informs to them that peoples are questioning him why didn’t he shouting on contestants like other language Bigg Boss. But he is not like that. His way of approaching all is different. He says to them that he ask Aari to go calm and Bala to think before act. Its an good thoughts. Kamal says that they are gonna bring out good strength. Aari saying to Kamal that he said to Camera that he will help Bala to change himself. Kamal asking to Ramya did she trust it? Ramya replies to him that she don’t trust them because they used to fight and talk always. Kamal takes a break.

Ramya saying to all that she already mentioned to them. They fights each other and joins hand but we are fools to support them. Housemates agree with her. Bala and Aari leaves from there discussing about the video. Bala hugs Aari. Ramya teasing them that their love start with fight and end up love. Bala saying to Aari that he left the rope intentionally because he wish to meet audience before entering into finale. He mentioned it in topple card too. Its self evaluation that people like him or not? He has no intention to win the ticket its like escaping from eviction. Its not like he is winning the title or not but happy to reach final.

Kamal enter into the stage and start talking with the contestant. Somu informs to Kamal that Ramya got hurt in task. He ask about her health. He ask them to share about Aathichudi. Ramya says that she don’t remember the kural but know the meaning of it. She likes the green card and one red card. Its gives it to her reasoning she is talking back. Bala says to him that he got 5 negative all related on his anger he learn to controll it. Positive cards are learning one and not forgetting the help. Shivani says she get one red and one green card. Gabby says that she has two positive and one negative reasoning she went far away from friendship. Aari says to him that he knew well that he will come last in this task somehow because he used to question all. Everyone thinks it a negative. They give jealous card to him its unacceptable. Whom advising others to come up will never jelous on others. He get two positive card too. Somu says its very interesting task. Its help them to understand each other. He gets two positive and one negative. Kamal appreciate him for giving up on task. Rio says that he likes it a lot because he shared his opinion on their straigh face. They gives groupism as his strength. He appreciate him for hugging his own cut out. Kamal shares one kural to them. Kamal takes a break.

Kamal enter into the stage and talks with contestants. He ask them to sit. He says to them that he got the chance to select the 2nd finalist in the show. This time all 7 got nominated. Somu already got ticket. He saved Aari from eviction. He congratulate Aari as second finalist. He bids bye to all. Housemates appreciate them.

Aari saying to Bala that he worked a lot but none will give appreciate here. Aari saying to Bala thae he swear on his daughter that he has no jealous on anyone here. He helped all to increase their strength.
Somu saying to Gabby that his mom may informed to all that she will come on tv today. Gabby mentioned it as cute. Somu says to her that he may happy if Rio or Gabby comes there. Aari comes there he ask them to tease him too.

Episode end.

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