Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 9th November 2020 Written Update: Diwali letter to dearest one

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 9th November 2020 Written Update on

Day 36 at 8am morning wake up song plays at the house. They starts to dance in the garden area and greeted each other

8.25 Sanam and Anitha is in kitchen and discussing what to cook there? Anitha asking how to cook for 16 people. Rio also saying he has no idea about it. Sanam says let’s cook pongal and Sambar. Rio says pongal and Vathakolambu is good. Sanam ask her to confirm it. Sanam take Moong dhal and decide to cook sambar? Anitha replies it won’t taste good. Rio also saying it. Sanam misunderstand and says Anitha is talking to her in this way because of Aari. Botb started their arguement. Somu is keep teasing Anitha there. Rio comes there and explain to them.

Meanwhile Nisha commenting great escape from kitchen team. In Samyuktha captaincy cooking team done a good job. Everything came on time. Anitha gets angry on Rio for not separating them from fighting each other before itself. Rio disappointed with her. Anitha goes from there. Rio complaint to Aari that Anitha taking small small things into a big problem. Rio go out taking his coffee and talking with Ramesh and Somu about Anitha matter. Rio convince Anitha. Anitha hugs him to solve it.

11.30 Biggboss announce to nominate a housemate to evict from the house with a valuable reason.

Jithan nominated Anitha for creating problem for small things and Suchi for dominating. Shivani nominated Sanam for not changing yet and Anitha for degrading all. Bala nominated Sanam for provoking him and Somu to play well. Archana nominated Sanam for creating problem and Suchi for talking double side. Rio nominated Suchi for making him uncomfortable here and Anitha for getting angry unnecessarily.Aajeedh nominated Anitha for sensitive and Sanam for creating problem always. Nisha nominated Suchitha for conveying fake thoughts about her and Sanam she is always crrating problem for attention. Ramya nominated suchi for domination and Anitha for sensitive.

Suchi nominated Gabbi to play well and Archana for domination , Sanam nominated Samyuktha for unfit captaincy and Balaji for getting angry. Gabbi nominated Suchi for her domination and Samyuktha for getting angry . Somu nominated Suchi for giving review and Bala for talking double . Biggboss announced Sanam don’t go to drink coffee they must sit there till nomination end. Samyuktha nominated Anitha and Sanam for groupism and supporting Aari . Anitha nominated Samyuktha for poor captaincy and Sanam for backstabbing. Aari nominated Gabbi to play well and Shivani for active more.

At 12.30 biggboss announcing the nominated list as Gabbi, Shivani, Somu, Archana, Balaji , Nisha , Ramya , Samyuktha, Rio , Ramesh, Sanam , Suchi , Anitha, Aari and Aajeedh its an first diwali to our house so this week nomination is rejected. He ask Aari to lighten the lamp. Deepawali song plays housemates dance for it and wished for diwali.

In garden Bala complaining to Suchi that Somu is not competiting in the house so he nominated him. Suchi staring the pictures placed in garden and praise the Anitha face.

1.10 Rio reading the information from biggboss. Its saying They used to celebrate Diwali with their family and friends but this time they are in Biggboss house so they are giving notes pad to each one they can write a letter to their dearest one. They will send this letter to them on diwali. They picked the notepad and starts to write for their dearest one. Archana wtites for her daughter Saaara she is crying. Samyuktha for her son she is also crying a lot. Jithan to his wife.

At 5.40 Archana reading new task. Task name Ippove kannu kattuthe. Housemates should devided into two group. Group name will be Pusbaanam and Kambi mathappu. Aari will be the judge. In activity area two wood will be placed. Contestant should place the head on it and take a 10 round around it and walk to the sticker after touching it they wanna come back to the starting point. Whom coming back on time will be the winner.

Bala and Jithan rolling at first Bala won the first round.Sam and Somu rolling next Sam won. Nisha and Suchi doing it Nisha won . Gabbi and Anitha Gabbi won. Aajeedh and Rio, Aajeedh won. Archana and Shivani rolled Shivani won.Ramya and Sanam rolled at last Sanam won it. Aari says to Biggboss that Kambimathappu won3 and Busvaanam 5 so the winner is Busvaanam team.

6.50 Archana and Nisha making fun of all how the way they run there. They says Sanam ran well. Archana commented good that she removed specs and ran orelse she go to another side. Archana immittating Somu running way. Nisha saying that Ramya fell down after rolling but Sanam done a scene there running if she walks also she can win it she lastly run like Athaaa. Archana starts to laugh when Nisha mentioned Athlet as Aathaa

At 8.30 Biggboss ask the contestant to read the letter to the dearest one. Samyuktha read her letter to Ryaan. She says she is missing him. She ask him to be very careful.Aajeedh to his mom. He is asking his mom to celebrate the diwali without him. Enjoy the day. Jithan to his wife. Aari to his wife. Balaji to his mom. He says that he never celebrated his diwali with his mom. Now he has everything but not his mom. He is missing her very much. He says nothing is comparable to his mom love none can love him like his mom. Suchi to her husband. Nisha to her mom. She says that she Archana to Saara. She says she missing her a lot. Somu to his dog.Like this all read their letters.

At third person says in biggboss celebration begins. Let’s see what will happen here?

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