Bigg Boss OTT 18th September 2021 Written Update: Divya Agarwal becomes the first ever winner of Bigg Boss OTT

Bigg Boss OTT 18th September 2021 Written Update on

Grand Finale

Karan Johar enters the stage sadly as the song Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum plays in the background. He says what will happen to him now. He says he is really going to miss each and every moment. He says he can’t believe that they are finally going to seperate. He says his eyes will rain a lot today. He will remember 24*7. He used to do Sunday Ka Vaar but now what he will do. He asks to go ahead and see what happened yesterday.

Day 41

08:00 AM

The inmates wake up to the song Dabhi dabhi si hasi. Divya and Nishant dance in the garden.

09:15 AM

Divya asks Raqesh why he is scolding her. She says he sleeps all day in Shamitha’s lap. She says he sees Shamitha everywhere.

01:00 PM

Divya reads the letter from Bigg Boss which says that they should play two skita today. One task is gluten bani sautan and gives a skit to them. Shamitha amd Raqesh are partner’s while Divya is behind Raqesh. Next skit is Nishant will be the broker. Divya and Pratik are the couple are Nishant makes them meet.

01:30 PM

The housemates discuss about the skit with each other.

05:00 PM

Bigg Boss says that the 24*7 live streaming ends today evening with a good thing. For that there will be two special guests. Bharti Singh comes with Harsh. The house mates gets excited seeing them. Bharti aaks Pratik to show his abs and he does. Harsh and Bharti praise them. He says she has watched OTT everywhere. Bharti says Gujaratis lie for money but then accepts. She says today is the last day. They will give them awards as well. Bharti says that none has saud that she has lost weight. Bharti says they leave taking someone with them. They praise Nishant. Bharti says the show Dance Deewane still a hit without him. They say they feel bad for Neha. Harsh says that he loved his connection of Neha and Pratik. Bharti says she loved Neha. Harsh claps for Divya for fighting alone. He says audience are happy but Varun Parents are not. Harsh says his love for Shamitha is over. She broke his heart. Bharti says she needs gluten free. He asks Raqesh how he is and he says he is fine. They both say that he has finally spoke. Harsh says they both patch up easily. Bharti says they both beat each other when they fight. Harsh asks them to say something negative on the face. He asks Raqesh to say to Nishant. He says what hurt him was he didn’t support him. Bharti calls Nishant Chugli Chachi. Nishant accepts Raqesh’s justification. He says they will sort out once they leave. They ask Divya and Raqesh says that when she fights she becomes arrogant. Next comes Shamith, he says she is strong witu her opinions which at times becomes negative for others. Even he gets scared at times. She places a kiss on his cheek. Next comes Pratik to which he says he never lets anyone talk and he raises his voice a lot and now he understand him better and he is a good person. Harsh asks him to say negative to himself to which he says he is escaper. They thank him. Harsh says they came to know that they have made a skit ready and asks them to start. He says they will start with gluten bani sautan. They start the skit. The skit starts with Shamitha and Raqesh. Next Divya joins them. The house mates claps for them. They laugh as the skit goes on. The house mates claps for them and praises them. They ask for next skit. The skit starts with Raqesh who introduces Nishant. Raqesh asks him whether his parents gave birth to him with agreement to which he says yes and gives a funny example. He says few days back they made a matrimony in the house. Then Divya joins them. She asks for a good looking and mannered Man. She asks for a husband who gives her everything she wants. He gives Pratik as a choice to her. Pratik joins the skit. Pratik and Divya act like fighting with each other where they say they don’t want to fight with each other. Divya asks for just a man. He patches up with Divya. Pratik comes there and beats him. Shamitha joins the skit and takes Nishant with her. The house mates clap and laugh. Bharti and Harsh praise them. They asks them to lift the curtain from the awards. Harsh says first awar gtg where they wants to avoid. He asks Nishant whom they wants to give. He says it’s Pratik. He says everyone used to be scared of him and then they got to know how good he is. He gives the award to him. Pratik gives a funny speech. Next award is AYMM and asks Divya to give. She gives the award to Shamitha. She calls her Mummy. Shamitha accepts it. Shamitha gives a speech. They then ask her to give award GSFL award. They asks her to give to the person who is bad for their mental health. She gives it to Pratik saying he keeps walking naked which is bad for their mind. He keeps on talking all day. She doesn’t understand as to why he talks soo much. She calls him cute. Pratik gives the speech thanking his abs. Next they ask Pratik GOI award to someone who fights over old things. He gives it to Shamitha. Shamitha thanks him for thinking about Raqesh. They then call Pratik and asks to give DND award. Raqesh gives it to Nishant. Nishant gives a funny speech making them laugh. They call Raqesh amd asks to GWS. He gives it to Pratik saying he takes a lot of footage. Pratik thanks. They ask for next game and asks Nishant to lift the curtain. They asks them to play a game where one will keep water in their mouth and the other should make them laugh. They ask Shamitha to keep water in her mouth and Nishant to talk. Nishant tries to make her laugh and she laughs. Next they call Raqesh and Divya. Divya tries to make him laugh by calling Shamitha Bhabhi and he laughs. They then call Pratik and Nishant. Pratik makes him laugh. They then call Pratik and call Nishant. Divya tries to make him laugh. Pratik pretends like sleeping. They fail to make him laugh. They ask to play next game. They say Raqesh is their favourite human being. They ask him to write a situation from their old memory. They ask him to draw as well. Raqesh starts drawing. They guess that it’s Nishant. They then call Pratik. Pratik reads the chit and starts drawing. Raqesh guesses it. They next call Nishant who starts drawing. Pratik guesses it. They ask to play another game. He says they will call one person which will be fill in the blanks. They have to take a dip if they agree with the answers. Pratjk changes his clothes. They call Nishant. Harsh asks Pratjk dash hain. He says Pratik rotlu hain. Except for Pratik everyone agree with him. Pratik asks him to take a dip. Nishant takes a dip in the pool. Shamitha asks to change her clothes. Divya changes her clothes as well. Harsh asks Raqesh Shamitha dressing sense dash hain to which he says mind-blowing. All of them disagree with hin and he takes a dip in the pool. He then calls Pratik. They ask Raqesh ka sense of humour to which he says great ahd they disagree with hin. He sits in the pool and stands up. They then call Shamitha and asks Divya ke saath baat karke dash hojata hain to which she says mind blasts. Everyone disagrees with her. She jumps into the pool. They then call Divya and asks dash will bevome the winner of BB OTT. She says Divya and they disagree. Shs jumps into the pool. They asks everyone to jump into the pool and says the love ends here. They all jump into the pool. Harsh says now Bharti will say who is going out with her. Bharti says she is taking Harsh with her. She says the live ends here and asks them to enjoy. They bid bye to them and leaves from there. Bigg Boss thanks Harsh and Bharti for making the evening special. The housemates share a group hug happily. Bigg Boss says that now the live streaming ends. The house mates say love you to all.

06:45 PM

Pratik tells Nishaht that he hopes to see him again. Divya asks him whether she can call him brother. He apologises to her and they both hug each other. Divya tells him that when he didn’t spoke to her it hurted her.

07:30 PM

Shamitha tells them that she feels the cameras are off now. Divya and Nishant with Pratjk tease her. Shamitha asks them to stop. Divya tells Raqesh that the cameras are off and asks him to kiss Shamitha. He denies. She calls Shamitha and tells her that he us calling her. Raqesh comes to them. The house mates tease him as well. They pull Raqesh towards her. They force then to kiss. They both hug each other. They cover them and then they shout happily saying they kissed.

Part 03

Karan Johar comes on to the stage. All the old contestants are present in the show. Karan Johar welcomes the audience into the house. He says that the contestants have done a lot of entertainment. They made connection with the audience and now only one person will win the show. He introduces the top five finalists. Everyone claps. He says this is the grand finale night. The fourty days love story. Now there will be a happily ever after now. They will come to know whom they chose to be the winner. He says the winner will get trophy and twenty five lakhs as the prize. Karan Johar says that the friends are excited to see who had great connection. He asks who are those ex jealous contestants. Karan calls Neha and asks her about her thoughts. She says she has cried a lot. She shares how she felt. She says she misses her friends. She wahts to keep the connections forever. He then asks Akshara. She says her famous dialogue. She says her journey was beautiful as well. She has taken a lot of experience with her. Karan says this was the path breaking show on OTT. He asks to meet the top five and asks to see what they are doing. Shamitha dances. Raqesh enters dancing as well. Then comes Pratik followed by Divya. He meets with top five. Bigg Boss says thar now in few hours one of them will get the trophy and congratulates them. He sats that they have turned it into home from house. He says they have kept the house alive. They have seen all the colours in this house but in few hours they will leave this house and go back to their house. The home will become house again but this is Life. They should celebrate it for making it entertaining and popular. They have won the hearts of the audience. They also made their names record in the Bigg Boss history. They deserve congratulations. Only one of them will win the trophy but none of them loses because they have won the hearts and wishes the top five. He wishes for a successful Life. He asks to raise a toast. They share the drinks after cheers with Karan and rhe ex contestants. Divya says her dress become dirty and says she is nervous. Karan asks who has the maximum butterflies in their stomach. He tells Raqesh that he looks calm and says Pratik looks nervous. Karan tells Nishaht that he was behind the camera but now he is infront of the camera. Nishant says he tried to entertain the audience and everyone is deserving. Karan says he is not interested. He then says to Shamitha what is her emotions. She says she is nervous now. She says she has learnt a lot from the House. She will get to know whether she has done right or wrong onde he leaves. He then asks Raqesh. Raqesh says it is miracle that he is in top five. He says he will go with a good feeling now. Karan congratulates him. He says this is fruit Champagne. He says he wants to give this to someone because he is not interested. Karan tells Pratik that everyone thought he will be the most disliked but he proved them wrong. He asks how did he change the game. Pratik says he is extreme. He is extreme in everything. He says he can’t be more real than this. Karan congratulates him. He then tells Divya that she has done well. He asks her whether it was her advantage that she had no connection. Divya says whether the audience started appreciating her she got confidence. She says she has made connection with herself. Karan claps for the finalists. He says doesn’t matter who wins but they stayed for fourty two days. Their journey was like a top block buster and today they will get to see rhe climax. Karan says this season is a big hit and voot got lakhs of subscribers. They all made the show a block buster. He says one of them will sleep a peaceful sleep today. That person will be the winner. He tells them about the prize. They gets excited. He says that they will give a thankful speech before they win. But they will give thank you speech from others side. He asks Nishaht. Nishant pretends like Shamitha and gives a speech like her in a calm and funny way. They claps for him. Shamitha says it’s the worst speech ever. She asks whether she is reallu that sofisticated. The house mates say yes. He then calls Pratik and asks to give Divya’s side of speech. Pratik pretends like Divya and gives a speech in a very funny way making everyone laugh. Divya makes a face and says she is ridiculous. Karan asks Divya to give Nishant’s speech. Divya pretends like Nishant and gives speech making everyone laugh and clap. Karan says it’s the best. Karan asks Shamitha to give Pratik’s speech. Shamitha pretends like Pratik and behaves like hyper active and gives his speech. Everyone laughs and claps. Karan then asks Raqesh to say his speech amd he says he can’t. He then gives his acceptance speech. Everyone claps for him. He asks them to thank their jealous ex contestants as well. Karan tells thrm that Karan is upset witu them. Karan Nath asks them to zoom on his underwear to which they say it is with Neha. Karan Johar asks Zeeshan what he wants to say to Pratjk. Zeeshan says he has nothing to say to him and says he wants Divya to pick the trophy. He appreciates everyone except Pratjk. Karan tells them that they are their supporters amd not against them. Neha supports Pratik and Divya. Akshara supports Nishant amd Divya. Moose only supports Nishant. Zeeshan supports Divya. Riddhima supports Raqesh. Karan says that he don’t know who will win but they have increases the subscribers of the house. Moose and Akshara give contribution to Nishant. Riddhima and Zeeshan along with Millind give to Divya. Neha gives contribution to Nishant and Pratik. She says she has heard from the internet that they are the reason. Karan says it’s time for title ceremony and he is the judge. He tells the ex contestants that they are the nominated as well. He says it’s best and worst drssed. They give their pics. Karan asks to give it to Zeeshan because he never drssed. Karan asks to look at best lines of the OTT season. They play the dialogues of the contestants. Karan says he announces Neha and Nishant as the winners. He then shows best wake up dance. They play the clips. Karan gives the credit to Millind. He then says best OTT lecturer. They play the clips. Karan gives the credit to Divya. He asks what lecture she wahts to give now. She says her intelligence is over. Karan hopes that they are happy with their titles but if they are not then he is not interested. He says he is excited to see their performance. He says there was one connection which got loved by the audience. He presents Nishant and Moose. Nishant and Moose dance to the song bachke zara and few other songs. Karan blesses them. He thanks everyone for watching grand finale. There is one more excited finale waiting for them. It’s MTV Splitsvilla. He says that in this house they never missed guests. And today there are guests as well. He calls Ritesh with Genelia. They both enter the Bigg Boss house. The house mates gets excited seeing them. Shamitha hugs Genelia. The house mates happily hug them. Genelia tells them that they are looking fabulous. Ritesh tells Pratik to bring something from the store room. Ritesh praises them. Pratjk brings Tea. Ritesh tells Pratik that he is girls favourite. Pratik shows his booty teling about the past event. Genelia tells Shamitha she never knew she was such a big volcano. Ritesh reincites how Shamitha fell in the task. He asks Nishant about three five dialouge of his. Nishant explains it. Genelia tells him that there was not even a day where he didn’t dance. They play a song and the house mates dance. Ritesh tells Raqesh that he is a gentleman. Before him a gentleman taken exist. Genelia tells him that she has observee him and he is romantic. Ritesh tells Divya that Bigg Boss has sent him for him. Genelia tells them that it had been a lot about connections. Ritesh tells Nishant to bring something from the store room. There were dolls and there is Shamitha and Pratik’s pic. Pratik asks her whther shd wahts to marry him to which she says no. Ritesh asks them to think if Raqesh anc Shamitha gets married and give birth to someone like Pratik then what will they do. Shamitha says Raqesh will run away. He gives the Pratik’s doll to them. Shamitha says his only problem is temper and he has a good side. She says he loves his Mother and she is okay ro have him as her son. Shamitha asks Raqesh to hold it with care because she has given birth with lot of difficulty. She asks Pratjk doll to not take things to heart. They both pretend like they are taking to Pratik baby. Divya asks them to give the baby and she will take care. Nishant then takes and pretends like dropping. Ritesh then tells Nishant and Divya they have daughter like Shamitha. Divya tells the doll not to wear designer clothes and they are not rich. They are middle class people. She advices not to fall for Raqesh. Shamitha says there is nothing left. Ritesh tells them that they have brough movie titles and they have to do the casting. They remove the curtain. They then keep the title. Pratik casts Divya, Shamitha and Raqesh. They then keep another title and call Divya. She casts Pratik and herself. She says when they entered the bombabom happened. They then keep another title and Nishant casts Raqesh, Pratik, himself, Divya and Shamitha. He says that he had three five with everyone when he entered. Everyone had did malab with him. They then keep another title and call Raqesh. He casts Divya. He then casts Shamitha and explains a situation. Riteish then keeps the title and calls Pratik. He casts Shamitha, Raqesh and Divya. He says Shamitha gave kiss when she didn’t wanted and Divya saved her. Ritesh tells them that they entertainee a lot. Genelia tells Divya that she has fed everyone tasty food. Raqesh asks Nishant and Raqesh to brinh something from store room. Ritesh tells them that he has started a protein company where they make plant based things. He says they definitely taste like chicken. The housemates congratulate them. He tells them to try them as they give them his products. They asks them to give their best and leaves from there. Karan says that Riteish and Genelia has done a lot of enjoyment. The lights suddenly goes off where the Bigg Boss season fifteen promo plays. Karan says from second October the show is coming on their screens. He asks Raqesh to bring something from store room. He brings a box. He says this has a toofan and he knows what they are thinking. He says there is something unique in the box. He tells them that once he counts five whoever lifts it first will be out of the race. No matter whether they got high votes. He will directly go to Bigg Boss Season fifteen. He repeats. He says it is equally stress full. He asks them to do it with their mind. He counts. Pratik lifts the box shocking everyone. Karan tells him that he is no longer the winner but he is directly in the Bigg Boss fifteen. The house mates hug him. Karan tells him that he is sure that he has taken it thinking. Pratik says he wants to give a reason and was asking Universe to give hint and asked to show Parrot. He owns up to his shit. Karan calls him onto the stage. Divya says she feels bad for the next season. Pratik thanks them. Pratik tells Nishant that he loves him. Pratik says he is goimg where he is meant to go. Nishant tells him that he is proud of him. Karan says Pratik has decided to be in season fifteen and opted out. He welcomes Pratik. They both hug each other. They open the box. Pratik says his aim was to go to season fifteen. He can’t deviate. He says he supports Nishant. Karan appreciates him. Karan asks him to sit. Karan says that he wants to call those two guests Genelia amd Ritesh. He calls them. They both hug him. Ritesh tells Karan that he has been out standing. Karan asks them how does they feel about the house. Ritesh says it was brilliant. Karan tells them about Pratik’s decision. They both congratulate him. He says about the top four contestants. He tests their compatibility and appreciates them. Ritesh tells him that now he wants to take his class. He asks him to say his own dialouges in both Hindi and Marathi. Karan says the dialogue in Marathi and they laugh. They appreciate his skills. Three of them dances on the floor. Genelia and Ritesh do the promotions of their products. Karan tastes the food. Karan says the food tastes same. He says it is five minutes foods. They promise to send the hampers to all of them. Karan bids them bye after hugging them. They leave from there. He asks that she were injured when she entered the show but she never made it an issue and used it. Neha says her journey was beautiful and thanks everyone for being with her. She says she missee herself in the OTT House. Karan says now they will show her journey. Neha thanks Shamitha and Pratik and says she loves them. She performers on the stage as she sings. She then dedicates her next song to Pratjk. She thanks him for taking care of her as a family. She tells Nishant that she misses him. She tells them that she hopes to be friends with each other. Pratik hugs her. Karan hugs her.

Karan tells them now one of them will be out of the race. Because the audience didn’t give rhem those many votes. He asks Nishant to bring something from the house. He asks them to lift the envelope with theie name. It is their fate letter. Someone else will open it. He asks Nishant to lift it. He counts and Nishant opens it. Shamitha is safe. He then aaks Divya to open and Nishant is safe. He then asks Shamitha to open and Raqesh gets evicted. Divya is safe. Karan appreciates him. Raqesh leaves rhe house. Raqesh hugs Shamitha and kisses her on her cheek. He hugs everyone and leaves. Karan Johar welcomes Raqesh on to the stage. Raqesh says his journey was like a good accident for him. Karan and Rithwik come onto the stage. Karan Johar presents Raqesh and Shamitha’s performance. They do a romantic dance. Karan tells them that they have become one big family ajd there must be something in their hearts. He asks them to say what thet have in their hearts. Nishant says that he wahts ro apologise to Shamitha genuinely because he has said many things about her. He says she has always been there. He apologises to her. They both hug each other. He says he wants to apologise to Neha. He says without her the entertainment from his side wouldn’t have been this hit. He apologises to her and thanks her for having humanity in her. He then apologises to Raqesh for not standing with him and for saying mean things to him. Karan asks Shamitha who says she regrets for letting negativity taking over her mind. She misunderstood Divya’s friendship with Raqesh. She reconciles with Shamitha. Karan asks Divya who says she was misunderstood a lot and with whoever she made friendship, it was with her heart. She wanted to enjoy but when she saw fun videos she understood that she hasn’t done good amd hasn’t understood anybody. Divya says whatever she has done or did was to protect herself. She apologises to everyone for hurting them. Karan says now it’s time for one of them to come out of the house. He says one of them will be out of the race. He says who got less votes is Shamitha. He says Shamitha made it ro the top three. He calls her on the stage. She leaves from there after bidding bye to everyone. Shamitha hugs Karan. Karan asks her about her feeling to which she says she didn’t feel that bad because she never expected to come till here. Shamitha says she got used to seeing Raqesh. She will miss that. She says that she learnt that she should trust a little more. Karan wishes her the best. Karan asks to take enjoyment in Divya and Pratik’s performance. Divya performers on the song Nagin. Pratik performs on the song Tashn Mein. They both together dance on the song Jashn E Ishq. Karan says the show is at final stage. Everyone will have a mixed feeling. Bigg Boss tells that Divya and Nishant are the two finalists of the house. He says Divya was alone all the way. While Nishaht had a great connection with Moose. Divya was disliked while Nishaht was liked. They both have equality because their journey was OTT as well. They never got scared from telling their mind. He says one of them will be winner but that doesn’t mean the other is the loser because they have won hearts. He wishes them the best. Bigg Boss asks them to leave holding each other’s hands. They both thank him. They both leave together holding hands after saying Love You and Miss You to Bigg Boss House. Karan calls both Nishaht and Divya onto the stage. They both hug him. He asks them how they are feeling. He says one of them will get the trophy. He says he can feel their tension. He wishes them both Love. Divya says she never thought she will be here. Nishant says he thought Pratik to be here but he has jumped. Divya says she thought Shamitha to be here. He asks Nishant who should win to which he says he should win because he played with heart. He has given hundred and ten percent justice. He asks Divya who says she wants her to win because she has struggled a lot. The journey was very hard for her. He says now it’s time. He looks at their faces. He says now this is the exciting and suspense time. He holds their hands. He raises both their hands making everyone laugh. Karan says this is huge moment for everyone. He says the winner of first ever season of Bigg Boss OTT is none other than and raises the hand of Divya. Divya breaks down into tears and hugs Karan. Divya takes the trophy happily. Karan says Divya has made history by winning Bigg Boss OTT. He promotes Bigg Boss Season Fifteen. Pratik says he is Lion to which Karan says Salman is Tiger. Pratjk says they will get along then to which Karan says he can’t wait for it. He bids Bye to the Audience.

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